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village extension officer grade 2 kasaragod short list 2016

Kerala PSC VEO short list kasaragod 2016


Thefollowing are the Register Numbers of candidates who are found provisionally eligible to be included  in the Ranked list, subject to the verification of the Original documents, for selection to the post of  VILLAGEEXTENSION OFFICER GRADE II on `9940-16580(PR)in Kasaragod District. (Category No. 504/2012)in RURALDEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT onthe basis of the  Objective Type Test  (OMR)held on 21/06/2014.The Register Numbers are arranged on numerical sequence and the arrangementdoes not in any way, indicate respective rank of the candidates on the basis of marks secured in the OMR Test. Alphabet 'B' shall be prefixed to all register numbers to indicate Kasaragod District. The original documents to prove the Date of Birth, Community,Qualification etc. in respect of the candidates will be verified before the Ranked List is finalised and published. The date, time and venue fixed for verification of original documents will be intimated later. 

Main List

100116 100130 100256 100263 100302 100307 100313 100314 100327 100348 100417 100451

100454 100505 DA-O   100549 100563 100651 100652 100654 100664 100692 100767 100787 

100828 100866 100870 100884 100890 100894 100907 100918 100941 101057 101069 101109 

101119 101168 101264 101277 101280 101287 101323 101334 101406 101427 101452 101458 

101461 101514 101593 101659 101702 101710 101934 101939 101955 101996 102048 102127 

102169 102235 102248 102359 102429 102439 102455 102586 102594 102695 102852 102896 

102956 103052 103119 103123 103128 103181 103350 103529 103540 103557 103764 103841 

103849 103855 103873 103916 103938 103959 103972 104038 104065 104136 104147 104157 

104222 104289 104301 104309 104317 104326 104329 104470 104484 104486 104548 104629 

104724 104756 104842 104869 104975 104986 104987 105077 105164 105173 105189 105206 

105221 105292 105296 105382 105404 105600 105607 105617 105640 105660 105746 105764 

105948 106052 106231 106257 106261 106266 106372 106449 106503 106509 106557 106563 

106750 106772 106776 106832 106851 106875 106900 106908 107003 107036 107082 107089 

107092 107098 107152 107167 107175 107189 107196 107206 107246 107450 107481 107549 

107552 107582 107584 107622 107730 107737 107750 107755 107761 107777 107905 107993 

108015 108034 108044 108056 108072 108098 108128 108130 108144 108146 108173 108181 

108185 108202 108259 108363 108365 108419 108465 108564 108620 108634 108638 108643 

108652 108661 108663 108703 108715 108792 108801 108952 108957 108977 108990 108995 

109016 109037 109076 109089 109194 109230 109243 109270 109296 109314 109316 109350 

109357 109358 109385 109444 109445 109476 109479 109499 109577 109656 109712 109746 

109847 109857 109875 109879 109889 109891 109928 109943 109948 109952 109953 109990 

110011 110029 110035 110052 110058 110086 110108 110121 110132 110194 110206 110220 

110248 110280 110378 110433 110439 110456 110459 110465 110466 110468 110478 110514 

110544 110550 110554 110571 110575 110595 110619 110620 110645 110647 110653 110665 

110680 110689 110711 110728 111006 111043 111066 111088 111110 111131 111159 111166 

111184 111207 111259 111299 111335 111346 111386 111472 111485 111631 111653 111675 

111693 111700 111708 111765 111799 111809 111832 111833 111842 111846 111873 111992 

112037 112127 112224 112227 112236 112243 112266 112281 112330 112364 112370 112384 

112385 112399 112409 112418 112454 112468 112508 112531 112563 112564 112607 112632 

112663 112695 112697 112748 112789 112795 112807 112824 112849 112861 112864 112871 

112896 112921 112924 112934 112935 112992 113027 113117 113139 113151 113199 113213 

113223 113224 113271 113276 113292 113365 113399 113409 113521 113543 113563 113739 

113768 113872 113911 113980 113991 114116 114181 114191 114200 114262 114278 114279 

114291 114357 114375 114667 114721 114733 114764 114776 114818 114821 115009 115080 

115093 115094

Supplementary Lists


100272 100358 100410 100630 101025 101088 101185 101270 101297 101298 101665 101978

102104 102226 102578 104142 104477 104523 104553 105108 105145 105163 105414 105521
105529 105552 105622 105658 105663 106053 106068 106166 106313 106451 106599 106785

106819 107057 107063 107099 107100 107176 107185 107205 107260 107327 107328 107340

107452 107467 107706 107746 107879 107996 108025 108083 108102 108134 108176 108179
108190 108350 108381 108429 108437 108649 108719 108764 108772 108775 108893 108901

108972 109022 109172 109342 109389 109395 109399 109861 109886 109937 109998 110147

110160 110226 110239 110542 110569 110573 110577 110604 110611 110664 110746 110775

110967 111181 111585 111629 111641 111663 111703 111725 111786 111787 111855 111889

111894 111989 112192 112218 112221 112223 112253 112262 112276 112305 112356 112406

112478 112879 112892 113035 113190 113194 113230 113295 113632 113702 113785 113802

114292 114362 114520 114705 115003

Scheduled Caste

100334 100374 100472 100578 100768 100889 101044 101099 101130 101235 101477 101498

101501 101675 101747 101854 101882 102022 102107 102290 102307 102571 102643 102867

102992 103398 103477 103686 103819 103954 103999 104314 104319 104322 104964 105297

105385 105452 105686 105982 106064 106376 106479 106495 106672 106783 106803 107265

107351 107428 107654 108218 108570 109390 109792 110106 110198 110212 110241 110443

110718 111164 111310 111720 111815 112336 112349 112442 112712 112775 113124 113135

113389 113983 114093 114109 114722 114842

Scheduled Tribe

100791 102502 104240 104250 104848 105104 106254 107179 107353 107521 107646 107650

108334 108760 109193 110652 111220 112145 112983 113143


100015 100197 100209 100508 100891 101462 101602 101896 101898 101937 102075 102112

102296 102342 102358 102375 102491 102525 102562 102625 102661 102696 102736 102748

102823 102837 102846 102913 102980 103023 103025 103049 103135 103177 103182 103255

103308 103328 103329 103341 103548 103583103587 103590 103667 103765 103810 103843

103910 103974 104075 104194 104218 104243104320 104393 104401 104414 104450 104721

104772 104834 105044 105047 105053 105699105862 105933 106111 106253 106260 106702

106721 106723 106751 106757 106807 106817 106865 106920 106934 106947 106951 106952

107136 107163 107169 107182 107183 107244 107288 107445 108352 108485 108879 109396

109446 109535 109765 109850 110006 110494 110589 110900 111047 111753 111795 111929

111968 112206 112290 113755 113770 113871 113996 114236 114460 114880

Latin Catholics/A.I.

100113 100230 100320 100527 100599 100691 101548 101901 102300 102442 102461 102472

102593 102974 103275 103696 105650 105896 105984 106218 106219 106502 106504 106518

106525 106543 106573 106574 106584 106930 106950 108447 110590 111326 111647 111945

112726 113152 115015


100951 101250 101313 101534 102435 102894 104105 104284 104982 107466 108036 108191

108354 108930 108991 109110 109174 109498 109576 110145 110809 111034 112465 112510

112761 113585 113844 114507 114530


100021 101825 102034 103003 103551 103644 103650 104521 105482 106861 107047 107424

107653 107786 108148 108385 108726 109896 109965 110042 110150 111133 111285 112217

112242 113572 113764 114294 114890

SIUC Nadar

101087 102995 106246 106510 106519 106528 106571 106613 106684 106697


100551 104092 104750 105473 106793 106797 108596 114186 114628 115162


100394 107073 109038 110414 110782 111112 111394 112601 112784 113074

Hindu Nadar

100324 106243 106247 106529 106579 106585 106597 106643 107262 115059

Note:-(1) Inclusion of Register Numbers in this list is purely provisional subject to absolute scrutiny of  applications.Inclusion of Register numbers in the Probability list does not confer any right on 
the candidate for inclusion in the Ranked List.

(2)The Probability list is prepared based on the details furnished by the candidate in the application and subsequent claims made will not be entertained at any stage.

(3)The candidates who have secured  59 (Fiftynine)marks and above are included in the Main List 
of the Probability list. The requisite marks have been lowered to the extent necessary in respect of the Supplementary lists.

(4)Candidates belonging to Other Backward Classes included in this list who are required to produce 
Non–CreamyLayer Certificate as per G.O  (P)  No:  81/09/SC/ST/DD dated  26.09.2009 and those 
belonging to SC/ST communities are required to produce Community Certificate in duplicate obtained from Revenue Authorities not below the Rank of Tahsildar to prove community..  They 
shall produce the same along with other documents mentioned above at the time of verification 
of original documents.

(7)Copy of answer scripts of the OMR Test held on  21/06/2014will be issued to those candidates 
who,apply for the same remitting the prescribed fee after publication of the Ranked List.  Candidate swhose Register Numbers are invalidated are advised to refer to Invalidation Notification No : ER VII (2) 4901/15/EW dated 12/11/2015 and22/01/2016


Kerala PSC Assistant Dental Surgeon solved paper

Kerala PSC  Assistant Dental Surgeon old question paper  part 4

(76) Surgical emphysema may be caused by
A) Use of high speed air turbine handpieces with the exhaust facing the surgical side
B) Increased intraoral pressure
C) Use of hydrogen peroxide in the surgical wound
D) All the above options

Answer: D

(77) Which is the most efficient fixation technique in fracture mandible central crossing the midline region ?
A) Mono cortical compression plating
B) Bi cortical compression plating
C) Lag screw
D) Use of 3 D plates

Answer: B

(78) Which of the following is NOT a function of Zygoma ?

A) Protection of globe and associated structures

B) Origination of masseter muscle

C) Transmission of part of the masticatory forces to the cranial base

D) Insertion of the temporalis muscle

Answer: D

(79) Port wine stain is

A) Capillary hemangioma

B) Capillary malformation

C) Congenital dermal vascular ectasia

D) Option 2 and 3

Answer: D

(80) Lincoln s highway is associated with

A) Head and neck infections

B) Spread of oral malignancy

C) Options 1 and 2

D) None of the above.

Answer: A

(81) mercury intoxication in dental office mainly results from

A) old amalgam scraps

B) ingestion of mercury

C) inhalation of mercury vapours

D) direct contact with mercury

Answer: C

(82) cold test can be best performed using

A) dichlorodifluoro methane

B) ethylchloride spray

C) carbon dioxide snow

D) ice stick

Answer: C

(83) guttapercha is best sterilized by

A) immersion in 5.25 % sodium hypochlorite

B) immersion in alcohol

C) dry heat

D) glass bead sterilizer

Answer: A

(84) dental cement that adhere chemically to tooth structure is

A) zinc phosphate

B) resin cements

C) calcium hydroxide

D) glass ionomer cements

Answer: D

(85) the proponent of acid etching was

A) dennis smith

B) michael buonocore

C) nakabayashi

D) fusayama

Answer: B

(86) bleaching in vital teeth is done using

A) walking bleach

B) sodium perborate

C) carbamyl peroxide

D) sodium hypochlorite

Answer: C

(87) affected dentin is

A) contaminated with bacteria

B) not invaded by bacteria

C) to be removed before restoration

D) known as secondary dentin

Answer: B

(88) dental composites can be light cured by



C) plasma arc

D) all of the above

Answer: D

(89) apex locators are used to

A) locate calcified canals

B) determine working length

C) to test pulp vitality

D) to locate peri apical lesions

Answer: B

(90) infected symptomatic root canals contain great numbers of

A) streptococci

B) actinomyces

C) lactobacilli

D) bacteriodes

Answer: C

(91) 18-8 Stainless steel alloy contains

A) 18% cobalt and 8% nickel

B) 18% nickel and 8% chromium

C) 18% chromium and 8% nickel

D) 18% cobalt and 8% chromium

Answer: C

(92) Glass Ionomer Cement used for luting is

A) Type I

B) Type II

C) Type III

D) None of the above

Answer: A

(93) Superelasticity in certain NiTi alloys is due to phase transition from

A) Ferrite to Austenite

B) Austenite to Martensite

C) Martensite to Austenite

D) Austenite to Ferrite

Answer: B

(94) Orthodontic pliers may corrode due to

A) Steam under Pressure Sterilization

B) Dry Heat Sterilization

C) Chemical Vapour Sterilization

D) None of the above

Answer: A

(95) Titanium brackets are used in patients allergic to

A) Chromium

B) Cobalt

C) Manganese

D) Nickel

Answer: D

(96) In Glass Bead Srerilization, the heat range should not exceed:

A) 150°C

B) 200°C

C) 250°C

D) 300°C

Answer: C

(97) Ideal Sterilization method for instruments that may be prone to corrosion or heat damage is

A) Dry Heat Sterilization

B) Chemical Vapour Sterilization

C) Glass Bead Sterilization

D) Ethylene oxide Sterilization

Answer: D

(98) Seperators used in fixed orthodontic appliances are

A) Passive components

B) Active components

C) Both active and passive component

D) None of the above

Answer: B

(99) During orthodontic treatment, there is proliferation of the interdental papillae.To increase the circulation and to prevent formation of pendulous fibrous areas, it is recommended to use :

A) a hard rubber interdental stimulator

B) a soft rubber interdental stimulator

C) a soft multitufted tooth brush

D) a hard multitufted tooth brush

Answer: B

(100) Elgiloy orthodontic wires are also called as

A) Cobalt Chromium

B) Beta-titanium

C) Nitinol

D) Coaxial archwires

Answer: A


Kerala psc staff nurse old question papers 2015

Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 in Health Services solved question paper 
Date of Test 23-04-2015

Kerala psc staff nurse previous questions part 1 general knowledge

(1) In which district the famous Mathikettan Shola National Park is situated ?
(A) Wayanad
(B) Idukki
(C) Palakkad
(D) Pathanamthitta


(2) Who is the present Prime Minister of Bhuttan?
(A) Tshering Tobgay
(B) Jigme Thinley
(C) Sangay Ngedup
(D) Khandu Wangchak


(3) Name the organization that Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi set up at Nilakkamukku in 1918
(A) Muslim Taluk Samajam
(B) Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangam
(C) Hadiyyul Islam Sangam
(D) Vakkom Taluk Samajam


(4) Manan Chandra is related with which game ?
(A) Chess
(B) Snooker
(C) Shooting
(D) Swimming


(5) The social reformer who got Padma Bhushan in 1966 ?
(A) Sahodaran Ayyappan
(B) Poikayil Yohannan
(C) Mannathu Padmanabhan
(D) V.T.Bhattathiripad


(6) Julian Assange is a national of ___
(A) America
(B) Swedan
(C) Australia
(D) England


(7) Who was the first General Secretary of SNDP Yogam ?
(A) Kumaranasan
(B) Sri Narayana Guru
(C) Dr.Palpu
(D) Sahodaran Ayyappan


(8) Who among the following wrote Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhidin ?
(A) Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan
(B) Iswara Chandra Vidhyasagar
(C) Moulana Abul Kalam Azad
(D) Raja Ram Mohan Roy


(9) Who founded the Servants of India Society in 1905?
(A) M.G.Ranade
(B) Bal Gangadar Tilak
(C) Dadabai Navroji
(D) Gopala Krishna Gokhale


(10) The person who is known as 'Deshabandhu'?
(A) C.F.Andrews
(B) C.R.Das
(C) Motilal Nehru
(D) W.C.Banerjee


(11) Name the waterbody that separates Andaman from Nicobar
(A) Palk Strait
(B) Ram Sethu
(C) Ten Degree Channel
(D) Nine Degree Channel


(12) All India Soil and Land Use Survey (SLUSI) was established in __
(A) 1955
(B) 1952
(C) 1949
(D) 1958


(13) ITCZ refers to which one of the following ?
(A) Internal Tropical Coverage Zone
(B) Inter Tropical Circulation Zone
(C) Internal Tropical Cyclone Zone
(D) Inter Tropical Convergence Zone


(14) In which state the Industrial District Jalpaiguri situated ?
(A) Bihar
(B) Jharkhand
(C) West Bengal
(D) Uttar Pradesh


(15) The river which is known as Tsangpo in Southern Tibet ?
(A) Brahmaputra
(B) Indus
(C) Yangtze
(D) Mekong


(16) Who was the founder of Dhaka Anushilan Samithi ?
(A) Lala Hardayal
(B) Pulin Das
(C) Vanchi Iyar
(D) Bhupendra Dutta


(17) Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangam was established in the year
(A) 1903
(B) 1905
(C) 1909
(D) 1907


(18) Who wrote the book 'Mokshapradeepam' ?
(A) Chattambi Swamikal
(B) Vaikunda Swamikal
(C) Brahmananda Sivayogi
(D) Kumara Guru


(19) Who won 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics ?
(A) Jean Tirole
(B) Patric Modiano
(C) Eric Betzig
(D) Alvin E. Roth


(20) Name the innovation from India that has been listed among the 25 best innovations of 2014 by the Time Magazine
(A) Mangalyaan
(B) Tata Ace
(C) Brahmos
(D) Telegram App.


(21) The electric field inside a uniformly charged thin spherical shell is

(A) 1
(B) 0
(C) infinity
(D) 10


(22) Which is more elastic?
(A) Glass
(B) Concrete
(C) Steel
(D) Rubber


(23) A liquid drop is spherical in shape due to
(A) Viscosity
(B) Capillarity
(C) Buoyancy
(D) Surface Tension


(24) When a stone is thrown vertically above,the acceleration at the top is

(A) g
(B) 0
(C) -g
(D) 0.5g

(25) When temperature increases,the electrical conductivity of a semiconductor
(A) Increases
(B) Decreases
(C) First increases and then decreases
(D) No change



kerala psc assistant dental surgeon exam model questions 2016

Kerala PSC assistant dental surgeon Previous questions part 3 2016

(51) Activator in developer solution is
A) Potassium Bromide
B) Sodium Sulfite
C) Sodium Carbonate
D) Hydroquinone

Answer: C

(52) In an X-ray tube, X-rays originate from
A) Tungsten Filament
B) Tungsten target
C) Focusing cup
D) Copper stem

Answer: B

(53) According to position and distance rule to reduce the occupational radiation exposure, operator should be away from source by a distance of
A) 6 feet
B) 4 feet
C) 5 feet
D) 8 feet

Answer: A

(54) X -ray beam can be restricted in size by using
A) Filter
B) Collimator
C) Intensifying screen
D) Grids

Answer: B

(55) The transformer used to heat the tungsten filament of an X-ray tube is
A) Step -up transformer
B) Auto transformer
C) Transducer
D) Step down transformer

Answer: D

(56) Standard intraoral periapical film size for adults is
A) Size 0
B) Size 1
C) Size 2
D) Size 4

Answer: C

(57) The SI unit of Radiation absorbed dose is
A) Rad
B) Rem
C) Sievert
D) Gray

Answer: D

(58) X -ray filters are most commonly made up of
A) Aluminium
B) Zinc
C) Lead
D) Tungsten

Answer: A

(59) Which of the following is most susceptible to radiation
A) Nerve
B) Blood forming tissue
C) Muscle
D) Brain

Answer: B

(60) Reflecting layer in an intensifying screen is made up of
A) Titanium Dioxide
B) Calcium Tungstate
C) Lithium Bromide
D) Lanthanum Oxybromide

Answer: A

(61) The four principal components of periodontium consists of ?
A) Gingiva, cementum , alveolar bone & oral mucosa
B) Gingiva , cementum , alveolar bone & periodontal ligament
C) Gingiva , cementum , periodontal ligament & connective tissue
D) Gingiva , alveolar bone , cementum & keratinizing mucosa

Answer: B

(62) The tooth surface which least accumulation of plaque is seen in ?
A) Facial
B) Mesial
C) Distal
D) Lingual

Answer: D

(63) 'Periodontal disease results from the elaboration of noxious products by the entire plaque flora' is the basic principle of ?
A) Non specific plaque hypothesis
B) Specific plaque hypothesis
C) Ecological plaque hypothesis
D) Socransky's hypothesis

Answer: A

(64) Organ systems & conditions possibly influenced by periodontal infection are all except
A) Reproductive system
B) Musculo- skeletal system
C) Cardiovascular system
D) Endocrine system

Answer: B

(65) Gingivitis confined to one or more inter dental spaces in a limited area is termed as?
A) Localized marginal gingivitis
B) Localized papillary gingivitis
C) Localized diffuse gingivitis
D) Diffuse gingivitis

Answer: B

(66) The functional unit referred to as dento-gingival unit consists of ?
A) Periodontal ligament fibers & gingival fibers
B) Sharpy's fibers & cementum
C) Junctional epithelium & gingival fibers
D) Cementum & gingival fibers

Answer: C

(67) The ingredient in tartar control tooth paste which has shown toreduce deposition of new calculus on teeth is ?
A) Pyrophosphates
B) Flourides
C) Polyvinyl chlorides
D) Silicones

Answer: A

(68) The interdental aid recommended for the area with no interdental papillae is ?
A) Dental floss
B) Super floss
C) Interproximal brush
D) Single tufted brush

Answer: D

(69) The protective inflammatory & immune process in response to plaque biofilm , resulting in tissue damage of the host is termed as ?
A) Autologous damage
B) Immune complex damage
C) Bystander damage
D) Reciprocal damage

Answer: C
(70) For patients with periodontal disease, the term 'target hygiene'refers to ?
A) teaching a sulcular brushing using vibratory motion
B) attaining an oral hygiene level with no plaque
C) attaining optimal gingival health with no bleeding
D) attaining optimal periodontal health with no disease

Answer: A

(71) Cutting through tissues and separating tissue planes is called
A) Curettage
B) Resection
C) Dissection
D) Secondary repair

Answer: C

(72) Transplantation of tissues or organs between different species is called
A) Xenogenic
B) Alloplastic
C) Autogenous
D) Allogenic

Answer: A

(73) Causes of Oro Antral communication
A) Maxillary Pre prosthetic surgery
B) Mandibular Pre Prosthetic surgery
C) Implant placement in Mandible
D) Option 2 and 3

Answer: A

(74) Stobie s technique is
A) Extraction of Mandibular incisors
B) Zygomatic arch elevation
C) Inferior Alveolar nerve block technique
D) Answer not in options

Answer: A

(75) Which of the following is a common component of dental forceps and elevators ?
A) Handle
B) Hinge
C) Shank
D) Blade

Answer: A


Kerala PSC Assistant Dental Surgeon Previous question paper

KPSC Assistant Dental Surgeon Health Services previous solved paper 

(26) The accelerator solution for Zinc oxide eugenol impression paste contains,
A) Silica
B) Borax
C) Potassium sulphate
D) Calcium chloride

Answer: D

(27) The fluid resin technique is for;
A) Fabrication of denture bases
B) Pouring of casts
C) Manipulation of alginate
D) Manipulation of addition silicone

Answer: A

(28) The most popular implant material is
A) Stainless Steel
B) Nickel Chromium alloy
C) Cobalt Chromium alloy
D) Titanium

Answer: D

(29) The retarder present in alginate is
A) Sodium phosphate
B) Calcium sulphate
C) Potassium titanium fluoride
D) Zinc oxide

Answer: A

(30) The component in inlay wax which improve its smoothness in molding and make it more resistant to cracking and flaking is

A) Paraffin wax
B) Gum dammar
C) Carnauba wax
D) Candelilla wax

Answer: B

(31) Lipschutz bodies are a common pathological feature of
A) Sarcoidosis
B) Primary Herpetic Stomatitis
C) Syphilis
D) Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis

Answer: B

(32) A sharp bend in the crown or root of a tooth results in
A) Dilaceration
B) Gemination
C) Turner’s hypoplasia
D) Concrescence

Answer: A

(33) Antoni Type A tissue and Antoni Type B tissue are characteristic features of

A) Osteosarcoma
B) Neurofibroma
C) Schwannoma
D) Neurofibrosarcoma

Answer: C

(34) . Characteristic lesions of Erythema multiforme are called
A) Tzanck cells
B) Nikolsky’s sign
C) Wickham’s striae
D) Bull’s eye

Answer: D

(35) . Liesegang’s rings and driven snow appearance are characteristic features of

A) Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor
B) Squamous odontogenic tumor
C) Odontome
D) Ameloblastoma

Answer: A

(36) . Most common malignancy of the oral cavity is
A) Adenocarcinoma
B) Basal cell carcinoma
C) Malignant melanoma
D) Squamous cell carcinoma

Answer: D

(37) Eburnation of Dentin is seen in
A) Radiation caries
B) Rampant caries
C) Arrested caries
D) Pit and fissure caries

Answer: C

(38) . Mucocele commonly occurs on the

A) Upper lip
B) Lower lip
C) Bucccal mucosa
D) Palate

Answer: B

(39) Most common malignant salivary gland tumor in children
A) Acinic cell carcinoma
B) Polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma
C) Adenoid cystic carcinoma
D) Mucoepidermoid carcinoma

Answer: D

(40) The virus group that is associated with Squamous Papilloma is
A) Human Papova virus
B) Human Immunodeficiency virus
C) Herpes simplex virus
D) Paramyxovirus

Answer: A

(41) Disclosing agent is used to detect

A) Dental caries
B) Plaque
C) Malocclusion
D) Tooth vitality

Answer: B

(42) Most commonly used mouth wash

A) Hydrogen peroxide
B) Saline
C) Chlorhexidine
D) Sodium fluoride

Answer: C

(43) Safely tolerated dose of Fluoride is
A) 8-16mg/kg body wt
B) 16-32 mg/kg body wt
C) 32-64mg/kg body wt
D) 1-8mg/kg body wt

Answer: A

(44) 'Trench mouth' is the alternative name for
A) Plaque induced gingivitis
B) Herpetic gingivitis
C) Acute necritizing ulcerative gingivitis
D) Eruption gingivitis

Answer: C

(45) First deciduous tooth to erupt into oral cavity
A) Mandibular first molar
B) Maxillary canine
C) Maxillary central incisor
D) Mandibular central incisor

Answer: D

(46) All are permanent restorative materials EXCEPT

A) Glass ionomer
B) Composite
C) Amalgam
D) Zinc oxide eugenol

Answer: D

(47) Brushing technique used in children

A) Fones method
B) Stillmanns metod
C) Charters method
D) Wilsons method

Answer: A

(48) Advantages of Glass ionomer cement are all EXCEPT

A) Fluoride release
B) Aesthetics
C) Chemical bond
D) Mechanical bond

Answer: D

(49) Normal Eruption sequence of deciduous teeth

Answer: C

(50) Brudevold technique is used with

A) Stannous fluoride
C) Sodium Fluoride
D) Fluoride varnish

Answer: B


Kerala PSC dental Hygienist grade 2 Solved paper 2015

Kerala PSC Dental Hygienist grade 2 Solved paper PART I

Examination date: 28/09/2015

Category code:010/2012

(1) Where does Edakkal Caves situate?

A) Pulpally
B) Sultanbattery
C) Manathavadi
D) Ambukuthi

Answer: D

(2) The period of 12th Five year plan is...
A) 2012-2017
B) 1997-2002
C) 2007-2012
D) 2002-2007

Answer: A

(3) When was the Ouit India resolution passed?
A) 9 October 1942
B) 8 August 1942
C) 15 September 1942
D) 15 August 1942

Answer: B

(4) In which state does Somanath temple locate?
A) Maharashtra
B) Rajastan
C) Gujarat
D) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: C

(5) Who raised the slogan 'Inquilab Sindabad'?
A) Subash Chandra Bose
B) B.R Ambedkar
C) E M S Namboothiripad
D) Bhagat Singh

Answer: D

(6) Which is the second most populous state in India?
A) West Bengal
B) Uther Pradesh
C) Rajastan
D) Maharashtra

Answer: D

(7) Poona Pact was signed between two great leaders of Indian national Monement.Who were they?
A) Gandhi-Ambedkar
B) Nehru-patel
C) Gandhi-Jinnah
D) Nehru-Subash Chandra Bose

Answer: A

(8) Who authored the book 'Jathikummi'?
A) Jyothiba Phule
B) Sahodaran Ayyappan
C) Pandit Karuppan
D) E V Ramaswami Naikkar

Answer: C

(9) Who had been the first leader of opposition in Kerala Assembly?
A) T V Thomas
B) P T Chacko
C) E M S
D) Rossamma Punnose

Answer: B

(10) Which film won the national award for the best feature film in 2014?
A) Ship of Theseus
C) Court
D) Queen

Answer: A

(11) A new project is introduced by the central government topromote easy accessability to bank lo

Answer: D

(12) Who is the Election commissioner of India?
A) Y S Khureshi
B) S H Brahma
C) Nazim Saidi
D) Naveen Chawla

Answer: C

(13) Which is the capital city of Yeman?
A) Aden
B) Sana'a
C) Tehran
D) Jibuthi

Answer: B

(14) Which malayalam novel secured the Vayalar Award in 2014?
A) Delhi Gathakal
B) Manushyanu Oru Amukham
C) Paper Loadge
D) Aarachar

Answer: D

(15) In which year N S S was formed?
A) 1912
B) 1914
C) 1910
D) 1913

Answer: B

(16) Who was the first General Secretary of SNDP Yogam?
A) Kumaran Asan
B) G K Pillai
C) DR.Palpu
D) Sri Narayana Guru

Answer: A

(17) Who is the Spiritual leader of PRDS?
A) Ayyankali
B) Pambadi John Joseph
C) Poikayil Yohannan
D) Kallara Sukumaran

Answer: C

(18) Where was the Kayyal Sammelanam conducted under the leadership of Ayyankali?
A) Changanacherry
B) Marthandam
C) Alappuzha
D) Kochi

Answer: D

(19) Admavidya Sangaham was founded by...

A) Thycaud Ayya
B) Vagbhadanada
C) Viakunda Swami
D) Brahmanada Sivayogi

Answer: B

(20) Which of the following state that does not share western Ghat?
A) Goa
B) Karnataka
C) Telungana
D) Tamilnadu

Answer: C

(21) Which of the following is not an impression material for dentulous condition

A) Alginate
B) Agar
C) Impression compound
D) Addition silicone

Answer: C

(22) Which of the following is a reversible impression material

A) Agar
B) Gypsum
C) Alginate
D) Zinc oxide eugenol impression paste

Answer: A

(23) Which of the following is an elastomeric impression material
A) Impression compound
B) Alginate
C) Polyether
D) Zinc oxide eugenol impression paste

Answer: C

(24) For the manipulation of acrylic, the polymer:monomer ratio by volume is,

A) 1:3
B) 3:1
C) 2:1
D) 1:2

Answer: B

(25) Type III Gypsum product is
A) Impression plaster
B) Dental stone
C) Dental stone , High strength
D) Dental stone, High strength , High expansion

Answer: B

Kerala PSC assistant dental surgeon health services syllabus 2016


Lecturer in law kerala psc job notifications 2016

Gazette Date: 29/12/2015

Last Date: 03/02/2016
Category No: 541/2015 


Applications are invited from qualified Scheduled Tribe candidates of Kerala State  for selection to the following post. Applications must be submitted online through the  official website of the Commission after One Time Registration. Candidates who have  already registered can apply through their profile. The photo uploaded through One Time  Registration should be the one taken after 31.12.2010 and also bear the name of candidate  and the date of photo taken should be recorded in the bottom of the photograph. The  uploaded photo will be having a validity of ten years from the date of photograph taken. 

1 Name of Department : Collegiate Education (Law Colleges)

2 Name of post : Lecturer in Law
(Special Recruitment for Scheduled Tribes Only)

3 Scale of pay : UGC

4 No. of vacancy : 1 (One)
Note: The above Vacancy is now in existence. The Ranked list of selected candidates published by the Commission shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of three years provided that the said list will not continue to be in force if a new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year is published. Recruitment will be made for the above vacancy and also for the vacancies reported for Special Recruitment from Scheduled Tribe only during the currency of the list.

5 Method of Appointment : Direct Recruitment (Special Recruitment from among

Scheduled Tribes only).

Note: Applications received from candidates other than Scheduled Tribe candidates will be rejected. Individual communications regarding the rejection of their applications for the above reason will not be issued.

6 Age : 22 ­ 45 .  
Only Candidates born between 02.01.1970 and 01.01.1993 (both dates included) are eligible to apply for this post. No other age relaxation will be allowed.

Note: In the absence of qualified candidates within the age limit the upper age limit shall be relaxed up to 50 years. But in no case the maximum age limit shall exceed 50 (Fifty) years.

7 Qualifications:

1) Degree of Master of Law with at least 50% marks.

2) Experience at the Bar for a period not less than three years.

3) Must have passed a comprehensive test specifically conducted for the purpose by UGC or any agency duly constituted by the State government in this behalf.

When qualifications are equal preference shall be given to candidates who possess adequate knowledge in Malayalam. In the absence of candidates with sufficient Bar experience candidates without bar experience will also be considered

Note: (1) Candidates who have obtained Ph.D degree in the concerned subject or have passed M.Phil in the concerned subject by 31.12.1993 are exempted from passing NET examination.

(2) For recruitment to this post degree awarded by the Universities recognized by UGC alone shall be considered.

(3) Rule 10(1)(ii) of Part II KS&SSR is applicable for this selection.

8 Mode of Submitting application:

Candidates must register as per 'One Time Registration' with the official website of Kerala Public Service Commission www.keralapsc.gov.in before applying for the post. Candidates who have already registered can apply by logging on to their profile using their User­ ID and password. Candidates must click on the 'Apply Now' button of the respective posts in the Notification Link while applying for a post. No application fee is required. Candidates can view and have a printout of the details in the profile by clicking the link Registeration Card. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password. Before the final submission of each application, the candidates must ensure correctness of the information on their profile. They must quote the User­ID for further communication with the Commission. Application submitted is provisional and cannot be deleted or altered after submission. The application will be summarily rejected if noncompliance with the notification is found in due course of processing. Documents to prove qualification, experience, community, age etc. have to be produced as and when called for.

9 Last Date for receipt of applications : 03.02.2016 Wednesday up to 12 Midnight.
10 Website Address : www.keralapsc. gov.in

11 Paragraphs two, three and twenty five (except the conditions laid down in the Rule 3 (C) of Part II of the kerala State and Subordinate Service Rules) are not applicable to this selection.

12 Appointment are made on the basis of the rank secured in the ranked list of candidates prepared in pursuance of this notification subject to the conditions laid down in G.O.(P) No. 21/76/PD dated, 17.01.1976 and G.O.(P) No.25/94/GAD dated, 22.01.1994 allowing special reservations to Scheduled Tribes in accordance with the procedures made for this purpose from time to time and subject to the rules under sections 3(c), 17(a), 17(b) of Part II of Kerala State and Subordinate Service Rules, 1958.

13 If a written Test/OMR Test is conducted as part of the selection, Admission Ticket of eligible candidates will be made available in the website of Kerala Public Service Commission. Candidates are instructed to download their Admission Ticket as per the instructions in the Website.
(For details including photo and ID card etc. refer to the General Conditions at the end of the notification).


HSST Mathematics detailed syllabus 2016


History of Development of Mathematics.

Mensuration, length of arcs, area of sectors of circles, tangents to circles, circumcircle and incircle of polygons, area of polygons, solids-volume and surface area.

Fundamentals of mumber theory. Continued fractions.

Boolean Algebra

Fundamentals of graph theory.


Sets and binary operations, groups, Sylon's Theorems, Rings and ideals, Fields, extension fields, rings of polynomials, finite fields, Galois Theory, constructible numbers.

System of Linear Equations -Vector spaces, linear transformations, characteristic values, characteristic polynomial, Minimal polynomial, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, triangulation and diagonalization of matrics.

Hyperspaces and linear functionals.


Normed spaces, Banach spaces and related theorems, Linear Maps, inner product spaces, Hilbert spaces and related theorems, finite dimensional and infinite dimensional normed spaces, bounded operators, spectrum, duals and transposes. Adjoints, normal, unitary and self adjoint operators.

Polynomial Equations, Trigonometry, Analytical geometry of two dimension and three dimension, similarity of triangles, vectors, matrices.

Calculus, applications of differentiation and integration, elemetary functions (logarithms, exponential, hyperbolic, trigonometric etc), Fundamental theorem of calculus, mean value theorems, maxima and minima-functions of more than one independent variables, derivatives, partial derivatives, saddle point, critical point.


Real numbers, rational, irrational numbers, algebraic and order properties of Real numbers, supremum property, countable and uncountable sets, completeness property, sequences and series of red numbers, relations and functions, limits and continuity of functions, uniform continuity, differentiability and integrability of functions, Riemann integral, Riemann-Stieltges integral, sequences and series of functions. Term by term differentiation and integration of series of functions.

Lebesgue measure, lebesgue integral, convergence theorems and applications

Complex numbers, De Moirre's Theorem, Algebraic properties of complex numbers, regions in the complex plane.

Complex functions, analytic functions, harmonic functions, conformal mapping, elemetary functions, derivatives and integrals of complex functions and related theorems, sigularities, residue theorem and its applications, Power series, Taylor series, Laurent series.

Metric spaces, topological spaces, basis, subbasis, closed set, closure, interior, boundary, neighbourhood. Connectedness and compactness, locally connected, path connected, locally compact spaces.

Functions, continuous functions, homeomorphism, quotient space.

Separation axioms and related theorems.

First order ordinary differential equations-formation, properties and various methods of solving.

Picards method of approximation.

Numerical methods

Second order ordinary differential equations – formaiton, properties and various methods of solving. Equidimensional equations.

Existence and uniqueness of solutions.

Systems of first order equations.

Series solutions of first order and second order ordinary differential equation at ordinary and regular singular points.

Hypergeometric functions and equations, legendre equations and polynomials. Chebyshev's Equations and polynomials. Bessels equations and Functions.

Laplace transform, fourier series, beta and Gamma functions.

Formation and solution of first order partial differential equation in two independent variables.

Functional dependence, analytic functions. Second order partial differential equation, formation, classification.

Wave equation, heat diffusion equation, laplace equation.

Numerical solutions of algebraic equations, finite differences, interpolation.


Fundamentals of Theory of Wavelets, Fuzzy set theory, Fractal geometry, Modular functions Jordan forms, elliptic functions, Riemann Zets Function, Automate and formal languages, Block Designs.

Monodromy theorem, Reimann mapping theorem, product topology and Tychnoff theorem.

Solutions at infinity of Differential Equations, Integral Equations, calculus of Variations.

Fundamentals of differential geometry, contractions, inverse function theorem, implicit function theorem.

Fundamentals of Mechanics and Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics.

  • Teaching: Nature, objectives, characteristics and basic requirements;
  • Learner's characteristics;
  • Factors affecting teaching;
  • Methods of teaching;
  • Teaching aids;
  • Evaluation systems.


  • Research: Meaning, Characteristics and types; 
  • Steps of research;
  • Methods of research;
  • Research Ethics;
  • Paper, article, workshop, seminar, conference and symposium;
  • Thesis writing: its characteristics and format.


Salient features of the Constitution - Preamble- Its significance and its place in the interpretation of the Constitution.

Fundamental Rights - Directive Principles of State Policy - Relation between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles - Fundamental Duties.

Executive - Legislature - Judiciary - Both at Union and State Level. - Other Constitutional Authorities.

Centre-State Relations - Legislative - Administrative and Financial.

Services under the Union and the States.

Emergency Provisions.

Amendment Provisions of the Constitution.


Social Service Legislations like Right to Information Act, Prevention of atrocities against Women & Children,

Food Security Act, Environmental Acts etc. and Social Welfare Programmes like Employment Guarantee

Programme, Organ and Blood Donation etc.

Introduction to English education - various missionary organisations and their functioning-founding of educational institutions, factories, printing press etc.


(A) Socio-Religious reform Movements

SNDP Yogam, Nair Service Society, Yogakshema Sabha, Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham, Vaala Samudaya Parishkarani Sabha, Samathwa Samajam, Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham, Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha, Sahodara Prasthanam etc.

(B) Struggles and Social Revolts
Upper cloth revolts.Channar agitation, Vaikom Sathyagraha, Guruvayoor Sathyagraha, Paliyam Sathyagraha. Kuttamkulam Sathyagraha, Temple Entry Proclamation, Temple Entry Act .Malyalee Memorial, Ezhava Memorial etc. Malabar riots, Civil Disobedience Movement, Abstention movement etc.

Malayalee, Swadeshabhimani, Vivekodayam, Mithavadi, Swaraj, Malayala Manorama, Bhashaposhini, Mathnubhoomi, Kerala Kaumudi, Samadarsi, Kesari, AI-Ameen, Prabhatham, Yukthivadi, etc

Novel, Drama, Poetry, Purogamana Sahithya Prasthanam, Nataka Prashtanam, Library movement etc


Parvathi Nenmenimangalam, Arya Pallam, A V Kuttimalu Amma, Lalitha Prabhu.Akkamma Cheriyan, Anna Chandi, Lalithambika Antharjanam and others


Thycaud Ayya Vaikundar, Sree Narayana Guru, Ayyan Kali.Chattampi Swamikal, Brahmananda Sivayogi, Vagbhadananda, Poikayil Yohannan(Kumara Guru) Dr Palpu, Palakkunnath Abraham Malpan, Mampuram Thangal, Sahodaran Ayyappan, Pandit K P Karuppan, Pampadi John Joseph,Mannathu Padmanabhan, V T Bhattathirippad, Vakkom Abdul Khadar Maulavi, Makthi Thangal, Blessed Elias Kuriakose Chaavra, Barrister G P Pillai, TK Madhavan, Moorkoth Kumaran, C. Krishnan, K P Kesava Menon, Dr.Ayyathan Gopalan, C V Kunjuraman, Kuroor Neelakantan Namboothiripad, Velukkutty Arayan, K P Vellon, P K Chathan Master, K Kelappan, P. Krishna Pillai, A K Gopalan, T R Krishnaswami Iyer, C Kesavan. Swami Ananda Theerthan , M C Joseph, Kuttippuzha Krishnapillai and others

Kodungallur Kunhikkuttan Thampuran, KeralaVarma Valiyakoyi Thampuran, Kandathil Varghesc Mappila. Kumaran Asan, Vallathol Narayana Menon, Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer, G Sankara Kurup, Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, Chandu Menon, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Kesav Dev, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, Ponkunnam Varky, S K Pottakkad and others

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

NOTE: - It may be noted that apart from the topics detailed above, questions from other topics prescribed for the educational qualification of the post may also appear in the question paper. There is no undertaking that all the topics above may be covered in the question paper..


Pharmacist grade 2 in Insurance Medical Services kerala psc notifications 2016

Gazette Date: 29/12/2015
Last Date: 03/02/2016
Category No: 515/2015 

Applications are invited online only by One Time Registration system exclusively for the under mentioned post. Candidates shall apply only through the online facility provided in the Website of Kerala Public Service Commission. Candidates who have already registered can apply through the profile.

1. Department : Insurance Medical Services.

2. Name of post : Pharmacist Gr.II
3. Scale of pay : ` 11,620-20,240/-

4 Number of vacancies : District wise
Thiruvananthapuram -01 (One)

Kollam -03 (Three)

Ernakulam -01 (One)

Thrissur -01 (One)

Kozhikkode -01 (One)

Note:-(i) Conventional type applications for the post will be summarily rejected. Candidates shall apply only through the online facility available at the Kerala Public Service Commission
website viz www.keralapsc.gov.in .

(ii) Separate Ranked Lists will be prepared for the above Districts in pursuance of this notification.The ranked lists thus prepared and published by the Commission shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year, subject to the condition that the said list will continue to be in force till the publication of a new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year or till the expiry of 3 years whichever is earlier. Candidates will be advised for appointment against the aforesaid vacancies and also against the vacancies if any, reported during the currency of the list. In case no candidate is advised from the ranked list till the expiry of the period of three years, the duration of the Ranked List shall be extended for a further period of one year or till at least one candidate is advised from the list whichever is earlier.

(iii) Candidates should apply only to any one of the above mentioned Districts and should note the name of that District against the relevant column in the online application. Application should not be submitted to more than one District in response to this notification. If applications are submitted contrary to the above direction, and if he/she is selected, his/her name will be removed from the Ranked list and disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

(iv) The selection in pursuance of this notification will be made on a Revenue District basis, subject to the special conditions laid down in G O (MS) No. 154/71/PD dated 27.05.1971. A candidate advised for appointment in one Revenue District from the Ranked List prepared is not eligible for transfer to another district unless he/she completes five years continuous service from the date of commencement of service in the former district. Even if transfer is allowed after five years, it will be subject to the rules in G O (MS)  No.4/61/PD, dated 2.1.1961. Candidates already in Government Service holding the same post in any one district are prohibited from applying again for this post, but they can apply to higher posts when notified.

(v) 3% vacancies of this post are reserved for eligible differently abled candidates belonging  to Locomotor disability/ Cerebral palsycategory vide GO (P) No. 1/99 /P & ARD dtd.  1.1.1999 & G O (P) No. 1/13/SJD dtd 3.01.2013.

5. Method of appointment :- Direct Recruitment.

6. Age Limit 18-36.
Only Candidates born between 02.01.1979 and 01.01.1997 (both dates included) are eligible to apply for this post. (Usual age relaxation will be given to SC/ST & Other Backward Communities)

Note :- For concessions allowed in upper age limit, subject to the condition that the maximum age limit shall in no case exceed 50 years, please see para (2) of the General Conditions under Part II of this Notification .

7. Qualifications:-General:- Pass in S.S.L.C or its equivalent

Technical:-(i) Diploma in Pharmacy or its equivalent.

(ii) Registration with the Kerala State Pharmacy Council.

Note: KS&SSR Part II Rule 10 a (ii) is applicable for selection to this post.

8. Mode of submitting Applications :-Candidates must register as per “ ONE TIME REGISTRATION” with the Official Website of Kerala Public Service Commission 'www.keralapsc.gov.in' before applying for the post. Candidates who have registered can apply by logging in to their profile using their User-ID and password. Candidates must click on the `Apply Now' button of the respective posts in the Notification Link to apply for a post. The photograph uploaded should be one taken on or after 31/12/2010. Name of the candidate and the date of taking photograph should be printed at the bottom portion. The photograph once uploaded meeting all requirements shall be valid for 10 years from the date of uploading. There is no change in other instructions regarding the uploading of photographs. No application fee is required. Candidates shall take a printout of the application by clicking the link Registration Card in their profile. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password. Before the final submission of the application on the profile, candidates must ensure the correctness of the information on their profile. They must quote their User-ID for further communication with the Commission. Application submitted is provisional and cannot be deleted or altered after submission. The Application will be summarily rejected if noncompliance with the notification is found in due course of processing. Documents to prove Qualification, experience, Community, age etc. have to be produced as and when called for. 

9. Last date of receipt of applications :03.02.2016 Wednesday up to 12 Midnight.
10. Address to which applications are to be sent : www.keralapsc.gov.in .

11. If Written Test/OMR Test is conducted as a part of the selection Admission Tickets of eligible candidates will be made available in the website of Kerala Public Service Commission. Candidates are instructed to download their Admission tickets as per the instructions given in the website.


Village oil inspector Kerala PSC notifications 2016

Gazette Date: 29/12/2015
Last Date: 03/02/2016
Category No: 498/2015 

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for selection to thefollowing post. Applications shall be submitted online only on the official website of the Commission after "ONE TIME REGISTRATION". Candidates who have already registered can apply through their profile. The photographs uploaded should taken after 31.12.2010 and must indicate clearly the name of the candidate along with the date of taking the photograph. The photograph thus uploaded will be valid for 10 years. There is no change in other instructions regarding the uploading of photograph.

1 Name of the firm : Kerala Khadi & Village Industries Board
2 Name of Post : Village Oil Inspector
3 Scale of Pay : F13900-24040/-

4 Number of vacancies : 1 (One)
Note:- (i) The number of candidates to be included in the ShortList/Probability List of the above post will be decided as per the availability of admitted applications.

(ii) The above vacancy is now in existence. The list of selected candidates published by the Commission in pursuance to this Notification shall remain in force for a minimum period of One yearand a maximum period of three years provided that list will not continue to be in force if a new Ranked List after the minimum period of expiry one year is published. Candidates will be advised against the vacancy shown above and for all the vacancies reported during the period of pendency of the Ranked list.

(iii) The Kerala Public Service Commission shall have the power to cancel the advice for appointment of any candidate to the above post, if it is subsequently found that such advise was made under some mistake. On such cancellation the appointing authority shall terminate the service of candidate, provided that, the cancellation of advice for appointment by the Commission and subsequent termination of service of the candidate by the appointing authority shall be made within the period of probation or 240 days from the date of joining duty whichever is earlier.

5 Method of Appointment : Direct Recruitment
6 Age : 18-36 Only candidates born between 02.01.1979 and 01.01.1997 (both dates included) are eligible to apply for this post. Other Backward Communities and SC/ST candidates are eligible for usual age relaxation.

Note:- The provisional hands working in the above concern will be given age relaxation to the extent of their provisional service put in subject to a maximum of Five years from the upper age limit provided they are within the prescribed age limit on the date of their first appointment in the above concern. But the regular employees of the concern are not eligible for the above concession for further appointment. The provisional hands should obtain a certificate showing the period of their provisional service in the concern and shall produce the same as and when required by the Commission. It would also be clearly specified in the certificate that they were not working in the regular service of the concern.

[for other conditions regarding the age relaxation please see Para 2(i),(ii), (iii),(iv) and (xii) of the General Conditions]

7 Qualifications: 1) Degree in any Science subject of a recognized University.

2) Certificate showing successful completion of Supervisory Training in Village Oil Industry recognized by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

Note:- Rule 10(a) ii Part II of KS &SSR is applicable.

8 Mode of submitting applications: 
Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION ' system on the Official Website of Kerala Public Service Commission 'www.keralapsc.gov.in' for applying for the post. Candidates who have registered shall apply by logging on to their profile using their User- ID and password. Candidates shall click on the 'Apply Now' button of the respective posts in the Notification link for applying for a post. No application fee is required. Candidates can view and have a print-out of the details in the profile by clicking the link Registration Card, if required. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password. Before applying for a post, candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile. They must quote the User- ID for further communication with the Commission. Applications once submitted will be received as provisional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered after submission. Applications submitted not in accordance with the conditions of the notification will be summarily rejected if non compliance with the notification is found in due course of processing. Documents to prove qualification, community,experience, age etc., have to be produced as and when called for .

9 Last date of receipt of applications: 03.02.2016 Wednesday up to 12 midnight
10 Address of which applications are to be sent: www.keralapsc.gov.in
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