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Kerala PSC Junior Public Health Nurse grade 2 solved question paper

Kerala PSC Junior Public Health Nurse grade 2 solved paper
Question Paper Code: 65/2019/OL
Category Code: 055/2018
Exam: Jr Public Health Nurse Gr II
Medium of Question: English
Date of Test 20-12-2019
Department Health Services
Alphacode A

76:-Menopause belongs to which type of amenorrhoea

A:-Primary amenorrhoea


C:-Secondary amenorrhoea


 Correct Answer:- Option-C


77:-When umbilical cord inserted to membrane some distance from placental edge is called

A:-Battledore placenta

B:-Circumvillate placenta

C:-Bipirate placenta

D:-Valementous placenta

Correct Answer:- Option-D


78:-Pregnant endometrium is called



C:-Secreatory endometrium

D:-Proliferative endometrium

Correct Answer:- Option-A


79:-How many vertebras are fused to form Cocyx





Correct Answer:- Option-C


80:-The narrow space of uterus between the cavity and cervix which forms the lower uterine segment during pregnancy is

A:-Neck of uterus

B:-Corpus of uterus



Correct Answer:- Option-D


81:-Anti D vaccines given at which weeks of gestation

A:-24 weeks

B:-30 weeks

C:-36 weeks

D:-28 weeks

Correct Answer:- Option-D


82:-Golden colour amniotic fluid is an indication of

A:-Fetal distress

B:-Obstructed labour

C:-Rh incompatability

D:-Large baby

Correct Answer:- Option-C


83:-All of the following conditions may cause cord prolapse except one


B:-Engagement of head

C:-Breech presentation


Correct Answer:- Option-B


84:-A neonate should void at birth or within ................. hours following birth

A:-48 hours

B:-72 hours

C:-12 hours

D:-24 hours

Correct Answer:- Option-A


85:-Bluish black skin present on skin of new born usually over the sacral area is



C:-Navy spots

D:-Mongolian spots

Correct Answer:- Option-D


86:-Which one is not an indication of fetal well being

A:-Increase in maternal weight and uterine size according to gestational age

B:-Fetal movements appreciated by mother follows a regular pattern throughout pregnancy

C:-Increase in fetal kicks with increase in gestational ageD:-Fetal heart rate between 110-160 beats per minute

Correct Answer:- Option-C


87:-Hard, swollen and painful breast with stasis of milk is an indication of

A:-Breast Engorgement


C:-Breast abscess

D:-Breast infection

Correct Answer:- Option-A


88:-Name the condition when uterus fails to contract in order to compress blood vessals and control bleeding.

A:-Inversion of uterus

B:-Cricket ball uterus

C:-Atonic uterus

D:-Hypotonic uterus

Correct Answer:- Option-C


89:-Swelling due to collection of fluid in the layers beneath the scalp is called

A:-Cephal heamatoma

B:-caput succedaneum

C:-subgaleal hematoma

D:-subdural hamatoma

Correct Answer:- Option-B


90:-The largest antero-posterior diameter in a fetal skull is

A:-Biparietal diameter

B:-Occipito mental diameter

C:-Suboccipito bregmatic diameter

D:-mento vertical diameter

Correct Answer:- Option-D


91:-normal pregnancy period in human being is

A:-250 days

B:-270 days

C:-280 days

D:-300 days

Correct Answer:- Option-C


92:-Signs of placental separation are the following except

A:-Rise of temperature

B:-Lengthening of umbilical cord at vulva


D:-Gush of blood

Correct Answer:- Option-A


93:-The first pill of oral contraceptives starts on which day after starting of menstruation

A:-1st day

B:-3rd day

C:-5th day

D:-7th day

Correct Answer:- Option-C


94:-Which one is not a natural method of contraception

A:-Basal body temperature monitoring

B:-Safe period

C:-Rhythm method

D:-Foam tablets

Correct Answer:- Option-D


95:-The institution provides primary health care at grass root level in the community





Correct Answer:- Option-B


96:-Pulse Polio Immunization Programme was launched in India..





Correct Answer:- Option-D


97:-The theme of World Health Day 2019

A:-Health for All

B:-Blood save lives

C:-Universal health coverage, everyone, everywhere

D:-Make hospitals safe in emergencies

Correct Answer:- Option-C


98:-The organizer for activities of PHC.

A:-Medical officer

B:-Health Superviser

C:-Public health nurse

D:-Health inspector

Correct Answer:- Option-A


99:-A note book carried by a health worker during home visit and the information written in the proper record on return to health centre.

A:-Incidental report

B:-Family folder

C:-Village record

D:-Daily diary

Correct Answer:- Option-D


100:-A new initiative for child health screening and early intervention for birth defects, disease, deficiency and developmental delays.





Correct Answer:- Option-B


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