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Kerala PSC HSST Zoology solved Previous question Paper

Kerala PSC HSST Zoology solved Previous question Paper 
Question Code: 051/2018
Higher Secondary School Teacher (Zoology)-Kerala Higher Secondary Education
Date of Test : 19/04/2018

 1. The term “molecular stitcher” refers to

A) DNA polymerases 

B) DNA ligase

C) DNA glycosylases 

D) DNA methylation

2. A DNA strand having the base sequences ATTGCCAATAC is mutated to ATTGCCAAGAC, the mutation that occurs is termed as

A) Transduction 

B) Translocation

C) Transition 

D) Transversion

3. When the temperature and pressure remains constant the rate of diffusion of a gas will be inversely proportional to the square root of the density states is the

A) Graham’s Law of diffusion 

B) Max Planck theory

C) Bohr theory 

D) Avagadro’s law

4. Glutamate is the precursor of aminoacids

A) Proline and arginine 

B) Proline and cysteine

C) Glycine and cysteine 

D) Arginine and glycine

5. Sensory hair cells in the cristae ampullaries contact

A) Striavascularis 

B) Gelatinous cupola

C) Basilar membrane 

D) Associated hairs

6. The fight, flight and fright hormone is

A) Adrenalin 

B) Pituitary


D) Aldosterone

7. Severe combined immune deficiency is a genetic defect due to deficiency of

A) Adenosine triphosphatase

B) Maleyl acetoacetic acid

C) Transaminase

D) Adenosine deaminase

8. An inborn error in the metabolism of the amino acid tyrosine is associated with

A) Alkaptonuria 

B) Phenylketonuria

C) Albinism 

D) Cretinism

9. Which one of the following is not an extraembryonic membrane?

A) Amnion 

B) Albumin

C) Chorion 

D) Allantois

10. Egg of petromyzoneis

A) Isolecithal 

B) Macrolecithal

C) Mesolecithal 

D) Microlecithal

11. Galactosaemia is a congenital disease when normal metabolism of galactose is lacking an enzyme

A) Galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase

B) Galactose-1-phosphatase

C) Galactose-1-2-phosphatase

D) Galactose-1-phosphate transferase

12. The physiologically active form of pantothenic acid essential for metabolism

A) Acetylcholine 

B) Choline

C) Coenzyme A 

D) None of the above

13. Bitot’s spots is caused by the deficiency of

A) Vitamin A 

B) Vitamin D

C) Vitamin K 

D) Vitamin B

14. Erythrocytes do not transport the enzyme

A) Choline esterase

B) Carbonic anhydrase

C) Permease

D) Methaemoglobin reductase

15. Composite molecule of DNA in which a foreign DNA has been inserted into a vector molecule are called

A) Foreign DNA 

B) DNA chimaeras

C) Target DNA 

D) Passenger DNA

16. In 1970, an enzyme for cutting the DNA was discovered from the bacterium

A) Haemophilous influenzae 

B) Escherichia coli

C) Methanosarcina 

D) Helicobacter pylori

17. Bidder’s canal is present in kidney of

A) Frog 

B) Crocodile

C) Tortoise 

D) Snake

18. First test tube baby of the world was born on

A) 26th July 1978 

B) 26th May 1987

C) 25th July 1978 

D) 25th May 1987

19. An instrument used to scan a patients body, by a narrow X-ray beams guided by computer and thin sections of organs are photographed from several angles





20. Deficiency of an enzyme beta-D-N-acetyl-hexosaminidase causes

A) Beta-thalassemia

B) Tay Sachs disease

C) Galactosemia

D) Alkaptonuria

21. 45 + XX in human indicates

A) Patau’s syndrome 

B) Jacob’s syndrome

C) Klinefelter’s syndrome 

D) Down’s syndrome

22. Warm blooded animals are larger in size in the colder region when compared to hotter regions

A) Bergman’s law 

B) Cope’s law

C) Allen’s law 

D) Dollow’s law

23. During glycolysis glucose is phosphorylated into

A) Glucose 6 phosphate

B) Glucose 1-6-diphosphate

C) Fructose 1, 6-diphosphate

D) Fructose 6 phosphate

24. A method used for sequencing whole genomes by breaking the DNA is

A) Shotgun sequencing

B) Western blotting

C) Southern blotting

D) Northern blotting

25. Chemical degradation of DNA protocol was developed by

A) Sanger 

B) Miller

C) Gilbert 

D) Maxam-Gilbert


1 B 

2 D 

3 A 

4 A 

5 B 

6 A 

7 D 

8 C 

9 B 

10 C

11 A

12 C

13 A

14 C

15 B

16 A

17 A

18 C

19 B

20 B

21 D

22 A

23 C

24 A

25 D


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