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Kerala PSC HSST Zoology solved Paper 2018

Kerala PSC HSST Zoology solved Previous question Paper
Question Code: 051/2018
Higher Secondary School Teacher (Zoology)-Kerala Higher Secondary Education
Date of Test : 19/04/2018

 51. TH cells generally recognise antigen combined with

A) Class I MHC molecules

B) Immunosuppressant

C) Class II MHC molecules

D) None of the above

52. Which one of the following is considered as a third generation vaccines?

A) Recombinant microbial vaccines

B) DNA vaccines

C) Conjugate vaccines

D) Killed vaccines

53. Addition of microbes to enhance health benefits is

A) Probiotics 

B) Humulin

C) Prebiotics 

D) None of the above

54. The square root of the average will be equal to the squares of the individual observation from their arithmetic mean

A) Standard error

B) Chi-square test

C) Standard deviation

D) Variance

55. A group of distinct organism classified and assigned to a definite category.

A) Species 

B) Taxon

C) Category 

D) Genus

56. The marginal zone of a pond merging with the surrounding land is an example of

A) Biome 

B) Edge effect

C) Biota 

D) Ecotone

57. Gulf of mannar is a

A) Protected area 

B) Biosphere reserve

C) National park 

D) Sanctuaries

58. Lion-tailed macaque is considered as

A) Endangered species

B) Vulnerable species

C) Rare species

D) Extinct species

59. Populations reproductively isolated and live in different habitat but occupy same territory are known as

A) Ethological isolation

B) Temporal isolation

C) Ecological isolation

D) Morphological isolation

60. The animals tend to develop huge size and birds lose the power of flight and bright colour in those Islands

A) Galapagos Islands

B) Oceanic Islands

C) Ancient Islands

D) Continental Islands

61. If, DNA is found to have the base composition of A = 40, T = 22, C = 17 and G = 21 then the DNA will be

A) Double stranded

B) Single stranded

C) Linear duplex

D) Circular duplex

62. Methylation of DNA most commonly occurs in the sequence of

A) Cp T 

B) Cp C

C) Cp A 

D) Cp G

63. The example of inducible operon is

A) lac-operon 

B) try-operon

C) arginine operon 

D) TRP operon

64. In 2017, the discovery of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm, won Nobel prize for

A) Rainer, Barry and Kip

B) Jacques, Joachim and Richard

C) Jeffrey, Michael and Michael

D) None of the above

65. Sickle cell anaemia is caused by the substitution of

A) Glutamic acid at the 5th position in β Chain of Hb by valine 

B) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β Chain of Hb by arginine

C) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β Chain of Hb by alanine

D) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β Chain of Hb by valine

66. The RNA polymerase recognize a seven-base sequence on the promoter region called

A) Pribnow box 

B) Operons

C) TATA box 

D) Enhancers

67. During pregnancy intake of certain medicines causes foetal toxicity like hyperkalemia and hypertension.

A) Thalidomide 


C) Valproic acid 

D) 13-cis Accutane

68. Amnion is the foetal membrane developed from

A) Somatopleure

B) Chorionic cavity

C) Chorionic villi

D) Amniotic cavity

69. Automicticdiplosis occurs in

A) Hymenoptera and Coleoptera

B) Thysanoptera and Rotifers

C) Rotifers and Coleoptera

D) Lepidopterans and Hymenopterans

70. The correct series of events representing the development of vertebrate

A) Cleavage, Blastula, Gastrulation, Organogenesis, Neurulation, Growth

B) Cleavage, Blastula, Gastrulation, Neurulation, Organogenesis, Growth

C) Blastula, Gastrulation, Cell migration, Organogenesis, Growth

D) Blastula, Cell migration, Gastrulation, Neurulation, Growth

71. Dependent variable in the process of teaching is

A) Teacher 

B) Student

C) Learning experiences 

D) Learning aids

72. Optacon is a technical aid for

A) Mentally challenged pupils 

B) Physically challenged pupils

C) Slow learners 

D) Visually challenged pupils

73. Which among the new type of test items have premises and responses?

A) Multiple choice test item

B) Matching type test items

C) Alternate response type test items

D) Completion type test items

74. Epi-position of the epidiascope is used to project the

A) Flat opaque objects 

B) Lantern slides

C) Large slides 

D) Transparent slides

75. A group technique popularised by A.F. Osborn to develop creative thinking is

A) Panel discussion 

B) Brain storming

C) Role playing 

D) Group discussion


51 C

52 B

53 A

54 C

55 B

56 D

57 B

58 A

59 C

60 B

61 B

62 D

63 A

64 C

65 D

66 C

67 B

68 A

69 D

70 B

71 B

72 D

73 B

74 A

75 B


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