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Kerala PSC HSST Zoology Previous solved Paper 2018

Kerala PSC HSST Zoology solved Previous question Paper
Question Code: 051/2018
Higher Secondary School Teacher (Zoology)-Kerala Higher Secondary Education
Date of Test : 19/04/2018

26. Bioinformatics as a tool in biological science is the contribution of

A) Richard Stallman

B) Margaret Oakley Dayhoff

C) Stephen Hawking

D) Pearson

27. Most widely used program for comparing the amino acid sequences of different proteins or nucleotide sequences of DNA.



C) ORF Finder 


28. The most suitable and efficient language used in bioinformatics


B) Perl and Python



29. The active swimming organisms living in surface and deeper waters

A) Zooplankton 

B) Benthos 

C) Nektons 

D) Neuston

30. The true and complete metamorphosis occurs in

A) Silver fishes 

B) Moths and mosquitos

C) Bed bugs 

D) Cockroach

31. Wrinkles in old age is due to

A) Collagen fibres 

B) Actin fibres

C) Myosin fibres 

D) Mucin

32. Muscle glycogen cannot be converted into glucose due to the absence of an enzyme

A) Arginase

B) Glucose-6-phosphatase

C) Glucose phosphatase

D) Fructase

33. Minimum turnover number of an enzyme is, for

A) Lysozyme 

B) Carbonic anhydrase

C) DNA polymerase 

D) Sucrase

34. The direct cleavage of covalent bonds and removal of groups without addition of H20 is a characteristic of

A) Lyases 

B) Ligases

C) Amylase 

D) Lactase

35. The technique used for opening partially blocked coronary vessels before they become totally occluded

A) Angiogram 


C) Angioplasty 


36. Thrombosis in which coronary artery is related most frequently in myocardial infraction

A) Left coronary artery

B) Right coronary artery

C) Left pulmonary artery

D) Right pulmonary artery

37. Glands of swammerdams is associated with

A) Reproductive system 

B) Nervous system

C) Circulatory system 

D) Muscular system

38. Leydig cells are meant for the production of

A) Testosterone 

B) Progesterone

C) Oestrogen 

D) Aldosteron

39. During polymerization the mismatched residues at the primer terminus is removed and the accuracy of DNA replication is done by

A) Exonuclease

B) DNA polymerase II

C) DNA polymerase III

D) DNA polymerase I

40. A hormone which stimulate the activity of adenyl cyclase and increases the cAMP level

A) Adrenocorticoid 

B) Steroid

C) Cataecholamines 

D) Pituitary

41. Deficiency of thyroid hormone in adults causes the disease

A) Grave’s disease 

B) Gull’s disease

C) Basidow’s disease 

D) Addison’s disease

42. The activated adenyl cyclase serves as a biochemical amplifier and catalyses the hydrolysis of ATP to cAMP, in the presence of

A) Na+ and Cl+

B) K+ and Cl+

C) Ca++ K++

D) Ca++ and Mg++

43. The ruptured follicle in mammalian ovary after the release of ovum which later gets fertilized to form

A) Corpus luteum

B) Graafian follicle

C) Corpus callosum

D) Corpus albican

44. The Nobel prize in physiology in 1995 for their discovery concerned with the genetic control of early embryonic development was for

A) Nusslein and Wieschaus

B) Wolpert

C) Jacob and Monord

D) Lewies

45. Homeotic genes of Drosophila include a 180-nucleotide sequence called the

A) Torpido 

B) Homoeodomine

C) Spatzal 

D) Homeobox

46. Oxygen is directly used during

A) Fermentation 

B) Krebs citric acid cycle

C) Biomethanisation 

D) Glycolysis

47. Dissolved oxygen needed for microbes is measured by



C) DO 


48. A mutant strain of neurospora which falls to grow on a minimal medium unless supplemented with a nutrient is called

A) Auxotrop 

B) Mixotrop

C) Paratop 

D) Holotrop

49. First Indian Scientist who got Nobel prize for deciphering the genetic code

A) Amartyasen

B) Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

C) C. V. Raman

D) Khorana

50. The part of an antigen that is recognised by the immune system, specifically by antibodies, B cells or T cells

A) Antigens 

B) Epitopes

C) Haptens 

D) None of the above

26 B 
27 A 
28 B 
29 C 
30 B 
31 A 
32 B 
33 A 
34 A 
35 C 
36 B 
37 B 
38 A 
39 D
40 C 
41 B 
42 D 
43 C 
44 A 
45 D
46 A 
47 B 
48 A 
49 D
50 B


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