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Kerala PSC staff nurse question paper and answer key 2021 Part 4

Kerala PSC staff nurse grade 2 answer key part 3
Name of Post: Staff Nurse Grade II (SR for SC/ST & ST only)
Department: Health Services
Cat.No: 250/2020
Question Code: 038/2021
Medium of Question- English
Date of Test: 09/07/2021

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76. Oval shaped brim is characteristic of which pelvis ?
A) Android pelvis
B) Anthropoid pelvis
C) Platypelloid pelvis
D) Gynaecoid pelvis
Correct Answer: B

77. Which of the following statement is false regarding assisted breech delivery?
A) Keep baby’s back always posterior
B) Baby should be held only by femoropelvic grip
C) Avoid traction to deliver breech
D) A loop of cord should be drawn down
Correct Answer: A

78. During uterine contraction, the upper pole contracts and retracts while lower pole contracts and dilates. This co-ordination between the upper and lower pole of the uterus is termed as
A) Vis-a-tergo
B) Retraction
C) Fundal dominance
D) Polarity
Correct Answer: D

79. Moulding of foetal skull ++ and vertex at +2 station in a partogram indicates
A) Overlapping of skull bones, but reducible and vertex 2 cm above the ischial spines
B) Overlapping of skull bones, but reducible and vertex 2 cm below the ischial spines
C) Overlapping of skull bones but not reducible and vertex 2 cm below the ischial spines
D) Overlapping of skull bones but not reducible and vertex 2 cm above the ischial Spines
Correct Answer: B

80. Fundus of the uterus is palpated at the level of umbilicus at which weeks of pregnancy ?
A) 12th
B) 24th
C) 36th
D) 40th
Correct Answer: B

81. The most important goal for conducting nursing research
A) Provide accountability for nursing practice
B) Promote evidence based nursing practice
C) Promote cost efficiency of nursing care
D) Procure higher academic qualification in nursing
Correct Answer: B

82. Which form of reasoning proceeds from general to specific?
A) Deductive reasoning
B) Inductive reasoning
C) Positive reasoning
D) Objective reasoning
Correct Answer: A

83. “By education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit.” These are the words of
A) Swami Vivekananda
B) Pestalozzi
C) Rabindranath Tagore
D) Mahatma Gandhi
Correct Answer: D

84. Which among the following is the best example for self-paced learning method?
A) Microteaching
B) Simulation
C) Programmed instruction
D) Role play
Correct Answer: C

85. Which among the following is not a measure of dispersion?
A) Mode
B) Range
C) Mean deviation
D) Standard deviation
Correct Answer: A

86. Sampling error can be minimised by
A) Selecting large sample based on convenience sampling
B) Selecting small sample based on convenience sampling
C) Selecting large sample based on random sampling
D) Selecting sample by snowball sampling
Correct Answer: C

87. ____________ technique uses several rounds of questions to seek consensus on a particular topic from a group of experts.
A) Semantic differential scaling technique
B) Q sort technique
C) Projective technique
D) Delphi technique
Correct Answer: D

88. ____________ is the plan of how the research study will be conducted.
A) Research process
B) Research design
C) Pilot study
D) Data analysis
Correct Answer: B

89. __________ occurs when study participants respond in a certain manner because they are aware that they are being observed.
A) Maturation
B) Instrumentation
C) Hawthorne effect
D) Mortality
Correct Answer: C

90. The type of reliability which addresses the extent to which all the items in an instrument measures the same variable
A) Internal consistency
B) Interrater reliability
C) Stability
D) Equivalence
Correct Answer: A

91. Example of a single use plan
A) Policy
B) Programme
C) Tactical plan
D) Strategic plan
Correct Answer: B

92. Civil wrong committed by one person against another
A) Felony
B) Misdemeanor
C) Veracity
D) Tort
Correct Answer: D

93. Select an ‘on the job’ training method.
A) Job rotation
B) Workshop
C) Vestibule training
D) Seminar
Correct Answer: A

94. Most preferred leadership style in recent times
A) Autocratic
B) Democratic
C) Transformational
D) Transactional
Correct Answer: C

95. Fidelity means
A) Accountability
B) Striving to keep promises
C) Falsehood
D) Immorality
Correct Answer: B

96. The number of sub-ordinates, a supervisor can effectively supervise is referred to as
A) Unity of command
B) Hierarchy
C) Gang plank
D) Span of control
Correct Answer: D

97. Statement of organisation’s long term aspiration
A) Vision
B) Mission
C) Ethics
D) Philosophy
Correct Answer: A

98. Consumable items are generally termed as
A) Disposables
B) Supplies
C) Surgical goods
D) Stationery
Correct Answer: B

99. An inventory management technique based on criticality of item
A) ABC analysis
B) HML analysis
C) VED analysis
D) FSN analysis
Correct Answer: C

100. Primary health centres were developed in India under the recommendation of
A) Mudaliar Committee
B) Bhore Committee
C) Mukherjee Committee
D) Chadah Committee
Correct Answer: B


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