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Kerala PSC staff nurse grade 2 questions and answers 2021

Kerala PSC staff nurse grade 2 recent solved paper 2021
Name of Post: Staff Nurse Grade II (SR for SC/ST & ST only)
Department: Health Services
Cat.No: 250/2020
Question Code: 038/2021
Medium of Question- English
Date of Test: 09/07/2021

Questions 1 to 25 : Click here 

26. Paralysis of the ocular muscles, diplopia, ataxia, somnolence and stupor are characteristic features of

A) Van Gogh syndrome

B) Opioid withdrawal

C) Dhat syndrome

D) Wernicke’s encephalopathy

Correct Answer: D


27. Criteria for Substance Dependence include all, except

A) Evidence of tolerance

B) Evidence of withdrawal symptoms

C) Strong desire to take the substance

D) Development of motivation to quit the behaviour

Correct Answer: D


28. A delusion of misidentification, characterized by a person’s delusional belief that an acquaintance, usually a spouse or other close family member, has been replaced by an identical looking impostor or several doubles

A) Fregoli syndrome

B) Capgras syndrome

C) Cotard syndrome

D) Todd syndrome

Correct Answer: B


29. Which of the following concept is related to Peplau’s conceptual model ?

A) The supportive-educative nursing system is a system in which the client is able to perform or can and should learn to perform required measures of therapeutic self-care.

B) Nursing can intervene in the client’s response to stress at three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

C) A therapeutic or “helping” relationship is established through use of these interpersonal techniques and is based on a knowledge of theories of personality development and human behavior.

D) Nursing practice is directed toward restoring, maintaining, or attaining behavioral system balance at the highest possible level.

Correct Answer: C


30. Which of the following drug is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor?

A) Tranylcypromine

B) Fluvoxamine

C) Escitalopram

D) Bupropion

Correct Answer: A


31. A low pitched rattling sound resembling snoring, heard on auscultation over bronchus is termed as

A) Rales

B) Rhonchi

C) Wheeze

D) Stridor

Correct Answer: B


32. Hypoventilation can lead to

A) Metabolic alkalosis

B) Metabolic acidosis

C) Respiratory acidosis

D) Respiratory alkalosis

Correct Answer: C


33. Normal pH range of blood is

A) 7.35 – 7.45

B) 7.10 – 7.20

C) 7.40 – 7.50

D) 7.5 – 7.9

Correct Answer: A


34. The most preferred site for Intramuscular injection in infants

A) Deltoid

B) Vastus lateralis

C) Dorso gluteal

D) Ventro gluteal

Correct Answer: B


35. Exercises that strengthen muscles and do not require joint movement are called

A) Isotonic

B) Isometric


D) Isokinetic

Correct Answer: B


36. Protecting the rights of client by doing no harm or preventing harm is called

A) Beneficence

B) Autonomy

C) Non-maleficence

D) Justice

Correct Answer: C


37. Hyper resonance during percussion of the lung fields indicate

A) Bronchial asthma

B) Pneumonia

C) Pneumothorax

D) Normal lung

Correct Answer: C


38. The compression ventilation ratio while performing single rescuer adult CPR is

A) 15 : 2

B) 15 : 1

C) 30 : 1

D) 30 : 2

Correct Answer: D


39. First aid measure for sprain

A) Hot compress for 15 minutes

B) Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation

C) Massage and ROM exercise

D) Washing in running water

Correct Answer: B


40. Which colour coded container should be used to discard cytotoxic waste ?

A) Yellow

B) Red

C) White

D) Black

Correct Answer: A


41. Diet that promotes healing of gastric mucosa is called

A) DASH diet

B) Bland diet

C) Ketogenic diet

D) TLC diet

Correct Answer: B


42. A patient with Buck’s traction for a fractured hip has an order for low molecular weight heparin subcutaneously. This is indicated for

A) Preventing osteomyelitis

B) Maintaining Hb level

C) Preventing DVT

D) Preventing contractures

Correct Answer: C


43. The most potential danger of agranulocytosis that occur due to side effects of medications is

A) Generalized ecchymosis

B) Susceptibility to infection

C) Excessive bleeding

D) Extreme fatigue

Correct Answer: B


44. Romberg’s test is used to assess

A) Ataxia

B) Anosmia

C) Apraxia

D) Agnosia

Correct Answer: A


45. Temporary period of normality in a patient’s neurological status following head injury is called

A) Stupor

B) Delirium

C) Lucid interval

D) Obtundation

Correct Answer: C


46. Cardiac glycosides are drugs used to

A) Lower blood cholesterol level

B) Dilate blood vessels

C) Maintain normal heart rate and rhythm

D) Lower blood pressure

Correct Answer: C


47. While caring a patient suspected for DVT, the nurse should not

A) Administer anticoagulant therapy

B) Maintain strict bed rest

C) Massage or exercise affected limits

D) Elevate foot end of bed

Correct Answer: C


48. The collapse of the alveoli due to obstruction or hypoventilation is called

A) Emphysema

B) Empyema

C) Atelectasis

D) Bronchiectasis

Correct Answer: C


49. Which among the following breathing exercise is most beneficial for a patient with COPD ?

A) Deep breathing

B) Incentive spirometry

C) Pursed lip breathing

D) Cough exercise

Correct Answer: C


50. A contagious disease caused by Treponema pallidum by intimate contact or in utero transmission is

A) Gonorrhea

B) Pemphigus

C) Psoriasis

D) Syphilis

Correct Answer: D


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