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Kerala PSC staff nurse grade 2 solved paper 2021 part 3

Kerala PSC staff nurse grade 2 solved paper part 3
Name of Post: Staff Nurse Grade II (SR for SC/ST & ST only)
Department: Health Services
Cat.No: 250/2020
Question Code: 038/2021
Medium of Question- English
Date of Test: 09/07/2021

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51. The mode of transmission of Japanese encephalitis is

A) Droplet Infection

B) Bite of infected mosquitoes

C) Bite of an infected animal

D) Consumption of contaminated water

Correct Answer: B


52. The open vial policy is applied to all vaccines except

A) Measles vaccine

B) DPT vaccine

C) Hepatitis B vaccine

D) TT vaccine

Correct Answer: A


53. The classic triad of congenital rubella syndrome includes except

A) Deafness

B) Cardiac malformations

C) Cataract

D) Polydactyly

Correct Answer: D


54. The number of new cases occurring in a defined population during a specified period of time is

A) Prevalence

B) Epidemic

C) Incidence

D) Pandemic

Correct Answer: C


55. The natural family planning methods include except

A) Menstrual regulation method

B) Billings ovulation method

C) Basal body temperature method

D) Symptothermic method

Correct Answer: A


56. Visual inspection with 5% acetic acid (VIA) is a screening test for

A) Breast cancer

B) Oral cancer

C) Cervical cancer

D) Stomach cancer

Correct Answer: C


57. The continuous scrutiny of the factors that determine the occurrence and distribution of disease is

A) Eradication

B) Surveillance

C) Elimination

D) Evaluation

Correct Answer: B


58. Haemorrhagic diseases in new borns is prevented by the administration of

A) Vitamin K

B) Vitamin A

C) Vitamin D

D) Vitamin B2

Correct Answer: A


59. The Body Mass Index is measured by

A) Weight Kg/Height cm square

B) Height msquare/ Weight Kg

C) Height cm square/Weight Kg

D) Weight Kg/ Height m square

Correct Answer: D


60. Egg contains all the nutrients except

A) Zinc

B) Iron

C) Vitamin B6

D) Vitamin C

Correct Answer: D


61. The clinical types of protein energy malnutrition according to Wellcome trust classification is

A) Underweight, Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, Marasmic kwashiorkor

B) Mild malnutrition, Moderate malnutrition, Severe malnutrition

C) Wasting, Stunting, Underweight

D) Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV

Correct Answer: A


62. Progressive non-bilious vomiting, after feeding in the neonatal period is a classical finding in

A) Malrotation of the gut

B) Meckel’s diverticulum

C) Biliary atresia

D) Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

Correct Answer: D


63. The major complication that may develop during the acute phase of Glomerulonephritis

A) Chronic renal failure

B) Hypertensive encephalopathy

C) Cardiac failure

D) Hepatic failure

Correct Answer: B


64. A congenital heart defect in which, the blood pressure in the legs is much lower than the blood pressure in the right arm

A) Aortic stenosis

B) Coarctation of aorta

C) Truncus arteriosus

D) Pulmonary stenosis

Correct Answer: B


65. If a child with sickle cell disease present with reticulocytopenia, the first consideration should be given to, infection with

A) Human parvo virus B – 19

B) Parainfluenza virus – 3

C) Respiratory syncytial virus

D) Human papilloma virus

Correct Answer: A


66. According to Jean Piaget, the cognitive developmental stage of a pre-schooler is

A) Pre-operational

B) Formal operational

C) Concrete operational

D) Pre-conventional

Correct Answer: A


67. The blood studies of a child with maple syrup urine disease shows

A) Elevated level of galactose

B) Reduced level of galactose

C) Elevated level of valine

D) Reduced level of valine

Correct Answer: C


68. Scoliosis is a condition characterized by

A) Outward curvature of spine

B) Lateral curvature of spine

C) Inward curvature of spine

D) Fracture of spine

Correct Answer: B


69. A disorder in which there is problem with reading despite normal intelligence is

A) Dysarthria

B) Dysgraphia

C) Dyscalculia

D) Dyslexia

Correct Answer: D


70. Which of the following statements is/are correct about Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative?

i. Hospital should have a written breast feeding policy.

ii. Initiate breast feeding within four hours of birth.

iii. Encourage breast feeding on demand.

A) Only ii and iii

B) Only i and iii

C) Only i and ii

D) All the above i, ii and iii

Correct Answer: B


71. Presence of gas in the foetal large vessels is known as

A) Robert’s sign

B) Spalding’s sign

C) Ball sign

D) Palmersign

Correct Answer: A


72. Which of the following foetal factor is a cause for Oligohydramnios ?

A) Oesophageal atresia

B) Anencephaly

C) Renal agenesis

D) Gastroschisis

Correct Answer: C


73. Which of the Antituberculous drug is contraindicated in pregnancy?

A) Ethambutol

B) Streptomycin

C) Pyrazinamide

D) Rifampicin

Correct Answer: B


74. In pelvic organ prolapse laxity of lower third of anterior vaginal wall results in

A) Urethrocele

B) Cystocele

C) Rectocele

D) Enterocele

Correct Answer: A


75. In Assisted Reproductive Technology, which drug is used for ovulation induction?

A) Cyclophosphamide

B) Methotrexate

C) Clomiphine citrate

D) Mesoprosol

Correct Answer: C

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