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Kerala PSC degree level common preliminary exam solved paper 2021

Kerala PSC degree level common preliminary examination solved paper 2021
Name of Post: Common Preliminary Examination (Degree Level)- Stage II
Department: Various
Question Code:096/21
Date of Test: 30/10/2021

 26. The Guahati High Court has jurisdiction over which of the following State or States?

(i) Assam

(ii) Nagaland

(iii) Arunachal Pradesh

(iv) mizoram

A) (i) only 

B) (i) and (iii) only

C) (i), (ii) and (iii) only 

D) All the above

Correct Answer: D

27. Consider the following and identify the incorrect statement/statements.

(i) The Upper Chamber of Indian Parliament is a permanent house.

(ii) All the members of Rajya Sabha are elected on the basis of proportional representation.

(iii) Its Chairman is elected from among its members.

A) (i) and (ii) only 

B) (i) and (iii) only

C) (ii) and (iii) only 

D) None of these

Correct Answer: C

28. Fundamental Rights are

(i) Justiciable.

(ii) Absolute.

(iii) Negative as well as positive.

(iv) Amendable.

A) All are correct 

B) Only (ii) is incorrect

C) Only (ii) and (iv) are incorrect 

D) Only (i) is correct

Correct Answer: B

29. The first Chairperson of the Lokpal

A) Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose 

B) Justice Pradip Kumar mohanty

C) Dr. Indrajeet Prasad Gautam 

D) Smt. Justice Abhilasha Kumari

Correct Answer: A

30. Part IX A to the Constitution of India was inserted through

A) 73rd Constitutional Amendment 

B) 74th Constitutional Amendment

C) 72nd Constitutional Amendment 

D) None of these

Correct Answer: B

31. Which of the following statement is/are correct about POSCO?

(i) A special law to protect children from offences of sexual harassment.

(ii) POSCO is gender neutral.

(iii) In-camera trial of cases.

A) Only (i) and (ii) 

B) Only (i) and (iii)

C) Only (ii) and (iii) 

D) All the above (i, ii and iii)

Correct Answer: D

32. Who wrote the memoirs ‘ Solomante Thenichakal’ ?

A) Benyamin 

B) Justice K.T. Thomas

C) Zacharia 

D) Justice Cyriac Joseph

Correct Answer: B

33. In which State of India do you find Dabu printing, which is a mud resistant hand block printing ?

A) Tamil Nadu 

B) Karnataka 

C) Rajasthan 

D) Gujarat

Correct Answer: C

34. Which is the second Kerala Art form being included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage of humanity ?

A) mudiyettu 

B) Kathakali 

C) Koodiyattam 

D) Ramanattam

Correct Answer: A

35. Which of the following does not form the Right of the Election Commission of India?

A) Right to allow symbols to political parties

B) Right to set limits on poll expenses

C) Right to decide the schedule of elections

d) Right to decide how many parties can contest in an election

Correct Answer: D

36. Which of the following film won the award for the best film on National Integration in 2021 ?

A) maharshi 

B) Tajmahal 

C) Asuran 

D) Pingara

Correct Answer: B

37. Which of the following statements is/are correct of Covaxin?

(i) Covaxin is India’s indigenous Covid 19 Vaccine.

(ii) It is an Intranasal Vaccine.

(iii) It is developed by Serum Institute.

A) Only (i) 

B) Only (i) and (ii)

C) Only (i) and (iii) 

D) All the above (i, ii and iii)

Correct Answer: A

38. ‘manika Batra’ is associated with which of the following ?

A) Squash 

B) Billiards 

C) Table tennis 

D) Cricket

Correct Answer: C

39. Asura : The Tale of the Vanquished is written by

A) Sashi Tharoor 

B) Aravind Adiga

C) Anees Salim 

D) Anand Neelakandan

Correct Answer: D

40. Who started Vala Samudaya Parishkarani Sabha ?

A) Vaghbadanandhan 

B) Brahmananda Sivayogi

C) Pandit K. P. Karuppan 

D) Vaikunda Swamikal

Correct Answer: C

41. The access time refers to the

A) Time required to locate and retrieve stored data

B) Time required to locate the lost data

C) Time required to delete specific data on a certain memory location

D) None of these

Correct Answer: A

42. An example of non-preemptive scheduling is

A) First Come First Served 

B) Round Robin

C) Last in First Out 

D) Shortest Job First

Correct Answer: A

43. The network topology in which devices are not linked to each other and where hub acts as a central controller is

A) Mesh 

B) Star 

C) Ring 

D) Tree

Correct Answer: B

44. Roman number system is a

A) Positional number system 

B) Non positional number system

C) Both (A) and (B) 

D) None of these

Correct Answer: B

45. A flow chart is a kind of

A) One dimensional graphics 

B) Two dimensional graphics

C) Three dimensional graphics 

D) None of these

Correct Answer: B

46. Indian Space Research Organization, formed in the year

A) 1962 

B) 1960 

C) 1969 

D) 1966

Correct Answer: C

47. World Water day is on

A) March 24 

B) August 8 

C) June 7 

D) march 22

Correct Answer: D

48. Section 66 A of IT Act 2008 is related with

A) Sending offensive messages 

B) Hacking Computer System

C) Failure to maintain records 

D) Using password of another person

Correct Answer: A

49. Serology test is related with

A) Malaria test 

B) COVId-19 Antibody test

C) Headache 

D) None of the above

Correct Answer: B

50. Louis Pasteur created the first vaccines for

A) Rabies 

B) Cholera

C) Anthrax 

D) All of the above

Correct Answer: D

Kerala PSC Degree level preliminary examination questions part 1 (questions 1 to 25) 


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