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Kerala psc LD clerk Kozhikode short list 2021

Kerala psc LD clerk Kozhikode short list 2021
Tenth level preliminary examination results)
Category number: 207/2019

Kerala psc published short list of lower division clerk Kozhikode district from tenth level preliminary exam conducted this year. The following is the eligibility list containing the register number of  candidates who are found Provisionally eligible to appear for the Category wise Common Main Examination (Tenth Level).


Department : VARIOUS

Scale of Pay : Rs.19000-43600/-

The list is finalised on the basis of the Common Preliminary Examination held on 20/02/2021, 25/02/2021, 06/03/2021, 13/03/2021 and 03/07/2021.

The register number of Candidates who attended the OMR Test on the above dates are prefixed with the following alphabets for identification.

The register numbers in the following list are arranged in the numerical sequence with alphabets prefixed and the arrangement does not in anyway, indicate their respective score in the said test.

A100613 A100930 A101814 A101850 A101860 A101959 A102013 A102317 A102698 A103357 A103794 A103977 A104849 A104984 A105079 A105312 A105820 A105822 A106404 A106491 A106771 A107042 A107526 A107963 A108254 A108838 A109553 A109679 A110044 A110092 A110123 A110374 A111980 A112400 A112450 A112508 A112610 A112920 A113425 A113580 A113850 A113983 A114513 A115255 A115416 A116096 A116310 A116617 A116758 A116824 A117083 A117110 A117528 A117836 A117991 A118092 A118181 A118429 A118770 A118791 A118876 A119185 A119864 A121146 A121595 A121608 A122136 A122177 A122583 A122969 A123104 A123206 

Click here for the complete list pdf 

Note 1.   Inclusion of register numbers in this list is purely provisional. This inclusion does not confer any right on the candidate for inclusion in the Ranked list to be prepared on the basis of the Main Examination. 

Note 2.   The register number of candidates who have secured top mark in the OMR Test (Common preliminary Exam Tenth Level) are included in the list. Since identical Register Numbers were allotted in more than one phase of the examination, the candidates should take particular care to ascertain their result by ensuring the alphabet indicating the phase of examination, prefixed to their Register Numbers, as in the table above.

Note 3.    The candidates who have secured 47.7461 ( forty seven (point) seven four six one ) Marks and above after standardisation in the Preliminary OMR test are included in the eligibility list. The minimum marks for various reservation communities have been lowered to ensure their adequate representation in the eligibility list. Candidates whose inclusion is due to the benefit of reservation to ensure adequate representation, shall have to prove their claim by producing Community  certificate /Non Creamy Layer Certificate at the time of One Time Registration Verification if they are included in the list to be published after the final examinations. If they fail to prove their claim, their application will be summarily rejected. The marks of Differently abled candidates have also been lowered where ever necessary to ensure adequate representation. Such inclusion of Differently Abled candidates will also be subject to the production of valid documents in proof of their claim


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