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Kerala PSC LD Clerk Kollam Short list 2021

 Kerala PSC LD clerk kollam short list 2021

(Tenth level preliminary exam short list 2021)

Cat. No. 207/2019

Date : 18/09/2021

Kerala PSC has published the short list of LD Clerk kollam district on 18/09/2021. The following is the eligibility list containing the register number of candidates who are found Provisionally eligible to appear for the Category wise Common Main Examination (Tenth Level).



Scale of Pay   : 19000-43600

The list is finalised on the basis of the Common Preliminary Examination held on 20/02/2021, 25/02/2021, 06/03/2021, 13/03/2021 and 03/07/2021. The register numbers in the following list are arranged in the numerical sequence with alphabets prefixed and the arrangement does not in anyway, indicate their respective score in the said test.

A100201 A100315 A100345 A100397 A100485 A100540 A100670 A100789 A101425 A101438 A101720 A101747 A101820 A101884 A101957 A101978 A102083 A102119 A102221 A102273 A102433 A102607 A102967 A103004 A103154 A103396 A103479 A103493 A103503 A103793 A103959 A103961 A103974 A104258 A104281 A104495 A104961 A105119 A105161 A105672 A105714 A105981 A106339 A106420 A106527 A106823 A107112 A108024 A108216 A108262 A108351 A108364 A108543 A108681 A108730 A108862 A108966 A109339 A109439 A109763 A109782 A109926 A110063 A110232 A110392 A110632 A110915 A111073 A111278 A111343 A111386 A111570 A111774 A112004 A112110 A112159 A112193 A112330 A112418 A112521 A112566 A112891 A112937 A113298 A113492 A113529 A113610 A113777 A113882 A114324 A114407 A114531 A114718 A114848 A114890 A115301 A115378 A115389 A115392 A115522 A115599 A115877 A116119 A116635 A116757 A116782 A116905 A117054 A117120 A117369 A117371 A117604 A117781 A117934 A117981 A117996 A118774 A118815 A119018 A119077 A119137 A119512 A119573 A119594 A119615 A119821 A120054 A120344 A120630 A120665 A120683 A120715 A120907 A121542 A121854 A121961 A122080 A122233 A122268 A122488 A122511 A122766 A123160 A123329 A123675 A123689 A123723 A123777 A123793 A123881 A124484 A124862 A124889 A124953 A124968 A125042 A125207 A125895 A125974 A126106 A126271 A126539 A126543 A126601 A126816 A127074 A127389 A128017 A128100 A128144 A128472 A128636 A128867 A128889 A129102 A129162 A129213 A129408 A129422 A129652 A129841 A130011 A130036 A130337 A130502 A130582 A130671 A130740 A130751 A130935 A131020 A131040 A131478 A131559 A131694 A131873 A132158 A132396 A132406 A132557 A132882 A132994 A133100 A133240 A133337 A133404 A133419 A133440 A133716 A133875 A134010 A134111 A134314 A134409 A134922 A134971 A135284 A135494 A135511 A135660 A135950 A135952 A135966 A136189 A136326 A136432 A136658 A136788 

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Note 1.Inclusion of register numbers in this list is purely provisional. This inclusion does not confer any right on the candidate for inclusion in the Ranked list to be prepared on the basis of the Main Examination.

Note 2. The register number of candidates who have secured top mark in the OMR Test (Common preliminary Exam Tenth Level) are included in the list. Since identical Register Numbers were allotted in more than one phase of the examination, the candidates should take particular care to ascertain their result by ensuring the alphabet indicating the phase of examination, prefixed to their Register Numbers, as in the table above. 

Note 3. The candidates who have secured 51.2994 ( fifty one (point) two nine nine four ) Marks and above after standardisation in the Preliminary OMR test are included in the eligibility list. The minimum marks for various reservation communities have been lowered to ensure their adequate representation in the eligibility list. Candidates whose inclusion is due to the benefit of reservation to  ensure adequate representation, shall have to prove their claim by producing Community Certificate/ Non Creamy Layer Certificate at the time of One Time Registration Verification. If they are included in the list to be published after the final examinations. If they fail to prove their claim, their application will be summarily rejected. The marks of Differently abled candidates have also been lowered where ever necessary to ensure adequate representation. Such inclusion of Differently Abled candidates will also be subject to the production of valid documents in proof of their claim.


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