Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Kerala PSC last grade servant kollam short list 2021

Kerala PSC Last grade servant Kollam short list 2021
(tenth level preliminary examination short list)
Category no: 548/2019
Date: 20/09/2021

Kerala psc has published last grade servant shot list from tenth level preliminary examination on 20/09/2021. The following is the eligibility list containing the register number of candidates who are found Provisionally eligible to appear for the Category wise Common Main Examination (Tenth Level).


Department : VARIOUS

Scale of Pay : Rs.16500-35700/

The list is finalised on the basis of the Common Preliminary Examination held on 20/02/2021, 25/02/2021, 06/03/2021, 13/03/2021 and 03/07/2021. The register number of Candidates who attended the OMR Test on the above dates are prefixed with the following alphabets for identification.

The register numbers in the following list are arranged in the numerical sequence with alphabets prefixed and the arrangement does not in anyway, indicate their respective score in the said test.

A100170 A100225 A100400 A100509 A100541 A100551 A100604 A100792 A100804 A100889 A100900 A101085 A101258 A101416 A101530 A101562 A101620 A101661 A101673 A101696 A101747 A101910 A101961 A102061 A102151 A102313 A102528 A102859 A103324 A103396 A103424 A103480 A103551 A103593 A103844 A103875 A103898 A103927 A104045 A104049 A104079 A104090 A104099 A104258 A104378 A104790 A104942 A104959 A104978 A104984 A104997 A105067 A105106  A105152 A105159 A105161 A105175 A105196 A105211 A105502 A105580 A105666 A105669 A105737 A105860 A105914 A105935 A106027 A106115 A106237 A106316 A106352 A106409 A106520 A106639 A106642 A106647 A106805 A106921 A106938 A106990 A107134 A107362 A107375 A107616 A107629 A107685 A107717 A107784 A107891 A107906 A107982 A108161 A108162 A108173 A108187 A108210 A108228 A108334 A108364 A108434 A108505 A108510 A108520 A108708 A108818 A108856 A108858 A108935 A108973 A109046 A109134 A109143 A109148 A109163 A109182 A109202 A109203 A109335 A109387 A109436 A109450 A109485 A109502 A109519 A110028 A110092 A110274 A110399 A110538 A110742 A110784 A110823 A111075 A111127 A111182 A111225 A111228 A111286 A111363 A111519 A111558 A111661 A111861 A111905 A111935 A112110 A112194 A112337 A112421 A112535 A112579 A112712 A112742 A112779 A112838 A112841 A112854 A112880 A112901 A112957 A112980 A113142 A113228 A113266 A113310 A113358 A113417 A113473 A113604 A113613 A113622 A113694 A113745 A113890 A113899 A113978 A114047 A114062 A114206 A114218 A114239 A114291 A114375 A114416 A114528 A114709 A114768 A114873 A114886 A114950 A114999 A115177 A115205 A115246 A115255 A115301 A115413 A115561 A115680 A115816 A115866 A115889 A115893 A116018 A116106 A116132 A116267 A116317 A116359 A116493 A116533 A116558 A116615 A116630 A116738 A116923 A116970 A117028 A117075 A117153 A117199 A117285 A117389 A117541 A117591 A117609 A117698

The candidates who have secured 16.369 ( sixteen (point) three six nine ) Marks and above after
standardisation in the Preliminary OMR test are included in the eligibility list. The minimum marks for inclusion in the list of candidates belonging to various reservation communities have been lowered to ensure their adequate representation in the eligibility list. Candidates whose inclusion is due to the benefit of reservation to ensure adequate representation, shall have to prove their claim by producing Community Certificate/Non Creamy Layer Certificate at the time of One Time Registration Verification. If they are included in the list to be published after the final examinations. If they fail to prove their claim, their application will be summarily rejected. The marks of Differently abled candidates have also been lowered where ever necessary to ensure adequate representation. Such inclusion of Differently Abled candidates will also be subject to the production of valid documents in proof of their claim.


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