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Kerala PSC Confidential Assistant Grade 2 statewide short list 2021

Kerala PSC Confidential Assistant  Grade 2 statewide short list 2021

(Tenth level preliminary examination)

Cat. No. 099/2020

 The following is the eligibility list containing the register number of candidates who are found Provisionally eligible to appear for the Category wise Common Main Examination (Tenth Level).


Scale of pay: Rs.10480-18300


The list is finalised on the basis of the Common Preliminary Examination held on 20/02/2021, 25/02/2021, 06/03/2021, 13/03/2021 and 03/07/2021.

The register number of Candidates who attended the OMR Test on the above dates are prefixed with the following alphabets for identification.

Phase Alphabet Prefixed

I Phase A

II Phase B

III Phase C

IV Phase D

The register numbers in the following list are arranged in the numerical sequence with alphabets prefixed and the arrangement does not in anyway, indicate their respective score in the said test.

A100011 A100225 A100440 A100710 A100717 A101969 A102798 A102923 A104239 A104834 A107551 A107645 A108152 A108893 A110827 A111760 A113305 A114895 A115898 A115942 A116129 A116310 A116527 A117116 A117983 A118876 A119873 A120258 A120977 A121165 A121541 A123545 A124736 A124876 A125207 A126834 A127591 A128717 A129514 A130328 A131086 A134240 A135188 A136438 A137583 A141535 A159415 A165269 A165349 A165640 A168687 A169234 A172543 A173165 A173715 A174799 A176652 A177200 A178781 A178969 A180572 A181289 A182310 A182826 A184711 A185292 A185986 A186270 A186881 A186897 A187011 A188278 A194003 A194316 A209703 A213336 A214834 A214960 A216796 A216840 A220204 A223207 A223269 A224654 A224807 A224894 A230126 A230220 A230689 A231283 A232827 A235313 A235600 A235608 A236747 A236966 A239574 A241443 A243312 A243705 A243907 A244086 A256178 A260156 A265610 A266206 A266476 A268110 A276007 A278203 A284721 A287818 A288881 A289403 A295013 A295020 A297893 A297976 A300065 A302277 A304429 A306438 A306629 A308151 A309965 A314839 A315766 A317330 A322408 A332705 A332765 A332872 A333975 A335181 A336216 A338458 A339015 A339197 A339998 A340359 A340702 A342948 A343383 A344545 A345238 A346014 A346329 A346341 A347095 A347319 A347985 A349853 A349864 A357603 A366611 A367811 A369126 A371085 A371387 A372243 A374327 A374478 A375364 A376108 A378251 A379034 A380197 A382780 A386059 A386443 A387000 A388177 A389360 A389500 A389958 A401021 A401207 A402110 A404096 A405144 A405698 A406592 A408289 A409288 A414256 A415171 A415576 A416647 A418170 A433402 A435440 A435611 A435903 A435915 A435946 A436117 A437949 A438235 A439260 A439637 A440255 A440736 A440779 A441001 A441265 A441298 A441424 A441856 A442641 A442987 A443018 A443766 A443804 A444471 A446096 A446327 A447417 A448018 A448665 A449915 A449973 A450386 A450588 A450782 A451573 A454233 A454738 A454783 A455250 A455430 A455550 A455677 A464315 A464517 A475002 A475275 A477085 A478551 A478557 A479698 A482389 A488465 A488717 A489200 A489285 A490718 A495759 A496277 A496788 A497009 A498480 A499109 A499619 A500498 A514017 A515916 A518460 A519371 A522808 A530874

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Note 1.Inclusion of register numbers in this list is purely provisional. This inclusion does not confer any right on the candidate for inclusion in the Ranked list to be prepared on the basis of the Main  examination.

Note 2. The register number of candidates who have secured top mark in the OMR Test (Common preliminary Exam Tenth Level) are included in the list. Since identical Register Numbers were allotted in more than one phase of the examination, the candidates should take particular care to ascertain their result by ensuring the alphabet indicating the phase of examination, prefixed to their Register Numbers, as in the table above.

Note 3. The candidates who have secured 62.973 ( sixty two (point) nine seven three ) Marks and above after standardisation in the Preliminary OMR test are included in the eligibility list. The minimum marks for inclusion in the list of candidates belonging to various reservation communities have been lowered to ensure their adequate representation in the eligibility list. Candidates whose inclusion is due to the benefit of reservation to ensure adequate representation, shall have to prove their claim by producing Community Certificate/Non Creamy Layer Certificate at the time of One Time Registration Verification. If they are included in the list to be published after the final examinations. If they fail to prove their claim, their application will be summarily rejected. The marks of Differently abled candidates have also been lowered where ever necessary to ensure adequate representation. Such inclusion of Differently Abled candidates will also be subject to the production of valid documents in proof of their claim.

Note 4. The marks secured in the Common Preliminary Examination 10th level by the candidate will be considered only for ascertaining the eligibility to appear for the final exam and will not be considered for the purpose of final ranking and shall not have any relevance while preparing the Rank List for the post.

Note 5. If any of the documents produced by any candidate is found defective the Commission reserves the right for rejection of their candidature at any stage of selection as per rule.

Note 6. According to the existing procedure, revaluation of Answer Script is not allowed. But Answer Scripts will be rechecked if the candidates apply in the prescribed form available free of cost from the Enquiry Sections of the various Offices of the Commission or its photocopy, or downloaded and printed in A 4 size paper from the Commission`s website or photocopied along with prescribed fee of Rs. 85/- (Rupees Eighty Five Only) under the Head of Account "0051 - PSC - 105 State PSC 99 -Examination Fee". Such applications should reach the Deputy Secretary (Examinations)-III, Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695004 on or before 04/10/2021 ie., within 15 (Fifteen) days from the date on which this Eligibility List is uploaded in the website of the Commission. Applications submitted in any other manner will not be considered. The candidates can avail only one chance for rechecking after the Approval of Eligibility List within the time limit fixed above. Rechecking of answer scripts invalidated due to any defects will not be considered. Application for Rechecking received after the stipulated time will not be entertained and Fee once remitted will not be refunded. Candidates who have submitted the application for rechecking of the OMR answer scripts will be informed of their results through profile message only. Such message can be viewed by logging on to their `One Time Regisration` profile using their User ID and Password.

Note 7. Candidates who wish to obtain a photocopy of their OMR Answer Sheets (Part A & Part B) relating to the above examination shall remit a Fee of Rs.335/- (Rupees Three Hundred and thirty five only) in any of the Treasuries in the State (Head of Account: 0051 - PSC - 800 - State PSC -99-Other Receipts). The duly filled in application in the prescribed form available from the official website of the Commission along with the original chalan should be submitted to the Deputy Secretary (Examinations)-III, Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram- 695004. Such applications should reach the Deputy Secretary (Examinations III, Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695004 on or before 04/10/2021 ie., within 15 (Fifteen). days from the date on which this Eligibility List is uploaded in the website of the Commission. A copy of an answer sheet will be issued only once to a candidate. Copies of OMR answer sheets invalidated due to any defect will not be issued. Candidates are prohibited from applying for copy of an answer sheet which is not their own, and legal proceedings will be initiated against those who do so. Applications received after the prescribed date will not be entertained and fees once remitted will not be refunded. 

Note 8. Candidates whose Register Numbers are invalidated are advised to refer to the invalidation Notifications.ERXIV(!)3619/2021/EW


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