Friday, October 2, 2020

Kerala PSC University Assistant Ranked list 2020

Kerala PSC University Assistant ranked List 2020
Ranked List No. : 271/2020/ERXV 
Cat. No. : 215/2018 

Kerala PSC published ranked list for the post  assistant in universities of  Kerala. The following is the list of candidates for selection to the post of ASSISTANT on Rs. 13900 - 24040 /- (PR) in UNIVERSITIES IN KERALA, found suitable by the Commission and arranged in the order of merit based on the OMR Test held on 15/6/2019. This Ranked List is brought into force with effect from 28/9/2020 

1     544734     ALAISH P A 

2     542943     ARJUN P 

3     162624     DARSANA B S 

4     192403     RAHUL R 

5     172818     NITHIN V 

6     364993     SEBIN JOSE 

7     185823     SRIRAM H

8     704389     RANJITH V V 

9     353428     SREEJITH SASIDHARAN 

10   524451     AISWARYA A

The Ranked List shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of three years provided that the list will not continue to be in force if a new rankedlist is published after the expiry of minimum period of one year . Candidates from the Ranked List will be advised for appointment in accordance with the rules and orders regarding reservation and rotation as amended from time to time, if applicable, against vacancies reported to the Commission during the pendancy of the Ranked List. As the advice for appointment depends on the occurance of vacancies there is no gauarantee that all the candidates included in the Ranked List will secure appointment. The candidates remaining in the Ranked List at the time of cancellation will have no claim at all for appointment on the basis of the inclusion of their names in the Ranked List. 


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