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Kerala PSC electrician technical grade 2 previous question paper part 4

 Kerala PSC electrician technical grade 2 in MILMA previous question paper part 4

Category No. 061/19,412/19,506/19,542/19, 543/19,196/19, 209/19,326/19

Medium of Question- ENGLISH 

Date of Test: 30/09/2020

 76. What is the purpose to conduct blocked rotor test in a three phase induction motor ?

A) To determine the full load copper loss(√)

B) To determine the mechanical and iron loss

C) To determine the total equivalent resistance of the rotor winding

D) To determine the torque of the induction motor

77. A solar module is made up of large number of

A) Solar array

B) Solar cells(√)

C) Solar panels

D) PV system

78. Which liquid do you use for cleaning the commutator of a DC generator ?

A) Carbon tetra chloride(√)

B) Kerosene

C) Iodine

D) Petrol mixed with oil

79. The depth of laying underground cable from the ground surface for 11 KV HT cable is

A) 0.7 m

B) 0.9 m(√)

C) 1.1 m

D) 0.1 m

80. If two phases of the supply are interchanged, what will happen to a three phase induction motor?

A) The motor rotates in reverse direction(√)

B) The motor windings will burn

C) The motor will run slowly

D) The motor will not run

81. Which force is required to move the pointer from zero position in an indicating instrument ?

A) Controlling force

B) Deflecting force(√)

C) Air friction damping

D) Eddy current damping

82. Which source of measuring error is caused by the effect of magnetic fields?

A) Device error

B) Human error

C) Influence error(√)

D) Switching error

83. Which type of instrument is used with air friction damping?

A) Moving coil instrument

B) Moving iron instrument(√)

C) Induction type instrument

D) Dynamo meter type instrument

84. Why damping force is required in a moving coil instrument?

A) Makes the needle movement faster

B) Helps the deflecting force to act fast

C) Brings the needle to its zero position

D) Arrests the needle to its zero position(√)

85. What is the typical efficiency range of a transformer?

A) 85 to 90%

B) 80 to 85%

C) 92 to 99%(√)

D) 90 to 95%

86. What is the relationship between primary and secondary currents of a transformer?

A) Comparison of primary voltage and secondary voltage

B) Comparison of the primary and secondary ampere turns(√)

C) Comparison of the primary supply frequency and secondary supply frequency

D) Comparison of input power and output power

87. What is the secondary induced EMF in a transformer?

Correct answer: B

88. What is the working principle of autotransformer?

A) Mutual induction

B) Faradays laws of electrolysis

C) Flemings left hand rule

D) Self-induction(√)

89. Which condition is correct for parallel operation of transformer?

A) The same voltage ratio

B) Input voltage must be same

C) The same percentage impedance

D) All the above(√)

90. Which method of cooling is generally adopted for low capacity distribution transformer up to 100 KVA ?

A) Air blast method

B) Natural air method(√)

C) Oil blast method

D) Forced oil and water cooled method

91. What is the unit of luminous intensity?

A) Luminous flux

B) Candela(√)

C) Lumen

D) Lux

92. What is the operating temperature of tungsten filament lamp?

A) 2300°C(√)

B) 2000°C

C) 2700°C

D) 2500°

93. Which material is used to make the discharge tube of MA type HPMV lamp?

A) Quartz tube

B) Copper tube

C) Borosilicate tube(√)

D) Steel tube

94. Which type of motor is used in food mixer?

A) Repulsion motor

B) Universal motor(√)

C) Split phase motor

D) Shaded pole motor

95. What is the purpose of sole plate in electric kettle?

A) Acts as a balancing weight

B) Acts as an insulator for element

C) Protect the kettle base from damage

D) Keep the element in close contact with container(√)

96. Which one is a semi-conductor material?

A) Copper

B) Silicon(√)

C) Mica

D) Aluminium

97. What is the method to increase the conductivity in a semi-conductor?

A) Heating 

B) Hammering

C) Doping (√)

D) Cutting

98. Which type of semi-conductor the free electrons are majority?

A) P-type 

B) PN-type

C) NP-type 

D) N-type(√)

99. What is the main application of SCR?

A) Amplifier 

B) Oscillators

C) Multi vibrators 

D) Speed control of motors(√)

100. Which doping material is used to make P- type Semi-conductor?

A) Boron (√)

B) Arsenic

C) Antimony 

D) Phosphorous


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