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Kerala PSC electrician technical grade 2 previous question paper part 3

 Kerala PSC electrician technical grade 2 previous question paper part 3

Category No. 061/19,412/19,506/19,542/19, 543/19,196/19, 209/19,326/19

Medium of Question- ENGLISH 

Date of Test: 30/09/2020

51. What is the purpose of bedding in an underground cable ?

A) To increase the conductivity of the cable

B) To protect the metallic sheath from mechanical injury from armoring (√)

C) To hold the insulators on which conductors are fastened

D) To avoid moisture entering into the cable

52. Calculate the synchronous speed (N) of 5 HP, 8 pole/415 V/50 Hz, three phase squirrel cage induction motor

A) 960 rpm

B) 2750 rpm

C) 750 rpm(√)

D) 1000 rpm

53. In a steam power plant ________ is used to heat the feed water from the flue gas.

A) Super heater

B) Economizer(√)

C) Air pre heater

D) Boiler

54. While conducting a no-load test in a DC series motor, what consequences will occur ?

A) There will be a decreased field current with the result motor speed will be low

B) The motor will reach such a high speed that the centrifugal force may destroy the motor winding(√)

C) The armature current will increase abnormally and the fuse will blow

D) The motor will come to rest immediately due to low field current

55. Epoxy cable joint is used

A) Where heating of the cable is not permitted(√)

B) In temporary joint

C) In H.T. cable joints

D) In ‘T’ Joints only

56. The starter used for slip ring induction motor is

A) D.O.L. starter

B) Rotor resistance starter(√)

C) Star-delta starter

D) Automatic star-delta starter

57. In bio gas mixture ________ is the main constituent.

A) Methane(√)

B) Nitrogen

C) Hydrogen

D) Carbon-di-oxide

58. Regenerative or Hopkinson’s test may be conducted on DC machines on ___________ load.

A) No-load

B) Full-load(√)

C) Part-load

D) Over-load

59. Which of the following DC distribution system is the simplest and lowest in first cost?

A) Radial system(√)

B) Ring system

C) Inter connected system

D) Tree system

60. Which of the following speed is called the actual speed in a three phase induction motor ?

A) Rotor speed(√)

B) Starter speed

C) Speed of the rotating magnetic field

D) Speed of the flux produced in the rotor

61. Which one of the following is not a non-conventional (renewable) source of energy?

A) Tidal energy

B) Geothermal energy

C) Nuclear energy(√)

D) Wind energy

62. During rheostat breaking of DC series motors

A) Motor is reversed in direction

B) Motor is run as a generator(√)

C) Motor is run at high speed

D) Motor is run at reduced speed

63. ACSR conductors could be joined by using

A) Oval shaped sleeves

B) Straight sleeve and nut connector

C) Compression sleeves(√)

D) Universal P.G. clamp

64. How is the slip ring induction motor connected to the main?

A) Supply to stator winding, rotor winding shorted through resistance(√)

B) Supply to rotor winding, stator winding shorted

C) Rated voltage to stator winding, reduced voltage to rotor

D) Supply to both windings while starting, rotor winding disconnected after starting

65. Which one is used to generate power in geothermal station?

A) Heat in the atmosphere

B) Heat inside the earth(√)

C) Heat in the ionosphere

D) Heat of the sun

66. The no-volt coil is used as a protective device in a motor starter. What is its main function ?

A) Prevent opening the supply circuit when fluctuation occurs in the power system

B) Open the supply circuit on failure or reduction of voltage, and automatically reclose it on return of normal voltage

C) Open supply circuit upon failure or reduction of voltage and keep open until manually closed(√)

D) Control motor voltage and keep it at a safe value

67. Non-conductor of an overhead line, including service lines erected across a street shall at any part thereof, be at a height less than ___________ meters for high voltage lines.

A) 5.486 

B) 6.096(√)

C) 5.791

 D) 5.75

68. In the manual star-delta starter, the stop button connection is in series with the

A) Over-load relay contacts

B) No-volt coil(√)

C) No-volt coil and load relay contacts

D) No-volt coil and start button

69. Equipment used for pulverizing the coal is known as

A) Hopper 

B) Burner

C) Ball mill (√)

D) Stoker

70. ______________ is the formula for dynamically induced EMF.

A) BL sinθ volts 

B) BLV cosθ volts

C) BLV sinθ volts (√)

D) BLV volts

71. The depth of pole below the ground level on a normal soil should be

A) One fourth of the height of the pole

B) One fifth of the height of the pole

C) One sixth of the height of the pole(√)

D) One eighth of the height of the pole

72. When the three phase squirrel cage induction motor is started by star-delta starter, the starting current is reduced to

Correct Answer: D

73. Which of the following is conventional source of energy ?

A) Coal (√)

B) Solar

C) Wind 

D) Small-hydro

74. The terminal markings of a separately excited DC generator as per Indian standard is

A) A1, A2, E1, E2 (√)

B) A1, A2, F1, F2

C) Sh1, Sh2, A1, A2 

D) D1, D2, A1, A2

75. __________ is the factor which least affects the sag of a transmission line.

A) Weight of the conductor

B) Current through the conductor(√)

C) Atmospheric temperature

D) Ice deposition on the conductor


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