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Kerala PSC Electrician technical grade 2 in MILMA solved question paper 2020

Kerala PSC Electrician technical grade 2 in MILMA solved question paper 2020
Category No. 061/19,412/19,506/19,542/19, 543/19,196/19, 209/19,326/19
Medium of Question- ENGLISH 
Date of Test: 30/09/2020

1. The fusing factor of HRC fuse will be

A) 0.707 

B) 0.637 

C) 1.21 

D) 1.1 (√)

2. Resistance of 230 v 100 w incandescent lamp is

A) 2.3 ohm 

B) 529 ohm (√)

C) 4.3 ohm 

D) 625 ohm

3. Temperature coefficient of resistance is measured in

A) Ohm/°c (√)

B) Ohm2/0°c

C) Ohm –°c 

D) Ohm2 –0°c

4. Example of paramagnetic material is

A) Nickel 

B) Graphite

C) Air (√)

D) Steel

5. Working voltage of megger for testing domestic installations are

A) 200 v 

B) 230 v 

C) 500 v(√)

 D) 440 v

6. The power factor of purely resistive circuit is

A) Unity (√)

B) Zero 

C) Lagging

D) Leading

7. The capacitive reactance is measured in

A) Farad 

B) Ohm(√)

C) Ohm/Farad

D) Farad/ohm

8. Permalloy is an alloy containing

A) Nickel and iron(√)

B) Tin and lead

C) Nickel and chromium 

D) Nickel and copper

9. For a sinusoidal current crest factor is

A) 1.11 

B) 1.414 (√)

C) 4.44 

D) 0.637

10. The specific gravity of electrolyte in a fully charged lead acid battery is

A) 1.285(√)

 B) 1.100 

C) 1.175 

D) 2.585

11. The composition of tin and lead used in electrician solder are

A) 50%, 50% 

B) 60%, 40% (√)

C) 65%, 35% 

D) 90%, 10%

12. The material used as negative electrode in lithium cell is

A) Lithium 

B) Carbon 

C) Zinc 

D) Graphite(√)

13. The reciprocal of frequency is known as

A) Time period (√)

B) Amplitude

C) Time constant 

D) Reactance

14. The number of electrons in an aluminium atom is

A) 13 (√)

B) 18 

C) 29

 D) 43

15. The capacity of a lead acid battery is expressed in

A) Watt hour 

B) Ampere hour(√)

C) Volt-ampere 

D) Kilo watt hour

16. The unit of permeability is

A) Ampere-turns 

B) Weber/m2

C) No unit (√)

D) Tesla

17. Relative permittivity of vacuum is

A) 8.854 

B) 8.854 × 10–12 (√)

C) Unity 

D) Zero

18. The ohmmeter reading for a shorted capacitor is

A) Zero (√)

B) Infinity

C) Few mega ohms 

D) Few kilo ohms

19. The equivalent of one picofarad is

A) 1012F 

B) 1/1012 (√)

C) l0–9F

D) 1/106 F

20. A parallel circuit is used as divider for

A) Conductance 

B) Voltage

C) Power 

D) Current(√)

21. The electrical instrument used to measure current is

A) Galvanometer 

B) Ammeter(√)

C) Potentiometer 

D) Voltmeter

22. The maximum number of lighting points that can be connected in a circuit is

A) 5

 B) 10 (√)

C) 8 

D) 12

23. One B.O.T. unit is equal to

A) 746 w 

B) 735 w

C) 1000 wh (√)

D) 3000 wh

24. The minimum distance between two plates in plate earthing which are parallel should be

A) 8 m (√)

B) 5 m 

C) 12 m 

D) 3 m

25. AC single phase energy meter record the energy in the unit of

A) Kilo volt ampere

B) Kilo watt hour(√)

C) Kilo watt 

D) Volt-ampere


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