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Kerala PSC electrician grade 2 solved question paper 2020

Kerala PSC electrician technical grade 2 previous question paper part 2


26. The unit of reluctance is

A) Ampere-turns 

B) Ampere turns/Weber (√)

C) Ampere turns/meter 

D) Ohm-meter

27. A material that is slightly repelled by a magnet is called

A) Magnetic 

B) Paramagnetic(√)

C) Diamagnetic 

D) Ferromagnetic

28. The phases angle between voltage and current in a pure inductive circuit is

A) 0 

B) 90 (√)

C) 60 

D) 180

29. Two capacitors of 5 Micro farad each are connected in parallel their total effective capacitance is

A) 10 micro farad 

B) 5 micro farad(√)

C) 2.5 micro farad 

D) 25 micro farad

30. Aluminium becomes super conductor at

A) 0°C 

B) 234.5°C 

C) –272.15C (√)

D) –27.215°C

31. Energy stored in an inductance is given by

A) ½L12 (√)

B) LI2 

C) 2LI2 

D) Zlt

32. The expansion of XLPE cable is

A) X- Line Power Electrical cable

B) Cross-line polythene enameled cable

C) Cross-linked polyethylene cable(√)

D) X-layers of polyethylene cable

33. Name the non-metal will conduct electricity.

A) Fiber 

B) Porelain

C) Graphite (√)


34. A depolarizer in a dry cell is

A) Zinc chloride

B) Carbon powder

C) Manganese dioxide(√)

D) Ammonium chloride

35. The material has a negative temperature coefficient of resistance is

A) Brass 

B) Copper

C) Carbon (√)

D) Aluminium

36. Electrochemical equivalent of aluminium is

A) 0.0936 (√)

B) 0.0104

C) 1.118 

D) 1.304

37. Three capacitors each of 100 Micro farad are connected in series across 100 v supply there equivalent capacitance is

A) 66.66 Micro farad

B) 300 Micro farad

C) 33.33 Micro farad(√)

D) 100 Micro farad

38. Which colour wire is recommended for earth connection as per lSI code ?

A) Red 

B) Green(√)

C) Black 

D) Blue

39. The maximum value of a sine wave AC voltage is 10 v, its rms value is

A) 0.637 

B) 0.707

C) 7.070 (√)

D) 1.414

40. The direction of flow of lines of force around a bar magnet is

A) Out of the South Pole into the North Pole

B) Out of the North Pole into the South Pole(√)

C) Equally out of either pole into the other

D) From one magnet to another only

41. From the following power plants which one has the least operating cost ?

A) Hydro-electric (√)

B) Solar

C) Thermal 

D) Nuclear

42. In DC shunt motor what is the relation between speed, flux and back EMF ?

Answer: Option C

43. The maximum permissible voltage drop in a 240 V network is 30%. What is the minimum acceptable voltage in any point of the network ?

A) 225.1 V 

B) 232.8 V (√)

C) 227 V 

D) 220 V

44. Which one of the following three phase motor is not self-starting ?

A) Synchronous motor(√)

B) Squirrel cage induction motor

C) Wound rotor motor

D) Double cage motor

45. The fuel used in nuclear generation power plants is

A) Methane 

B) Crude oil

C) Liquefied hydrogen 

D) Isotopes of uranium(√)

46. Removing the load from a DC series motor while working, what will happen to its speed ?

A) Will increase (√)

B) Will become zero

C) Will decrease 

D) Will remain constant

47. The width of a trench for laying a single cable should be a minimum of ______ cm.

A) 33 cm 

B) 32 cm 

C) 30 cm 

D) 35 cm(√)

48. The fractional slip (S) of an induction motor can be found by the formula

Answer: Option A

49. The sun makes energy in its inner core by a process called

A) Nuclear fission 

B) Chemical reaction

C) Nuclear fusion (√)

D) Photoelectric effect

50. In S.I. System what will be the unit of Torque of DC motor?

A) Newton-meter(√)

B) Joule

C) Newton-centimeter

D) Kilogram-meter

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