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Kerala PSC University assistant solved paper 2016

Kerala PSC university assistant solved paper  2016
Exam date: 24/05/2016
Category Code: 42/2016

26. Which is the most effective test to determine AIDS?
a) Lipid profile test
b) Angiograph
c) Western blot test(√)
d) MRI scan

27. What is manufactured using Bessemer process?
a) Steel(√)
b) Gold
c) Zinc
d) Silver

28. What is oil of Vitriol?
a) Sodium chloride
b) Nitric acid
c) Sulphuric acid(√)
d) Hydrochloric acid

29. The transformer works on which principle:
a) Electrostatic force
b) Magnetostatic force
c) Snell’s law
d) Electromagnetic induction(√)

30. What is the Name of the pigment which helps animal to see in dim light?
a) Rhodopsin(√)
b) Haemoglobin
c) Photopsin
d) Chromatin

31. Who is the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India?
a) P. Sadasivam
b) C. Sankara Narayanan
c) Raghuram Rajan
d) Ajith Dowal
Ans: Shaktikanta Das (since 12 December 2018)

32. World's largest Bird Statue is built in Jatayu Nature Park. In which place of Kerala, it is built?
a) Chennamangalam
b) Kothamangalam
c) Kaipamangalam
d) Chatayamangalam(√)

33. Which country was defeated by India to win her Seventh Crown in SAF Games?
a) Pakistan
b) Afghanistan (√)
c) Kasakistan
d) Kirgistan
34. Present Jnanspeed winner Raghuveer Chaudhari is a popular writer in ____
a) Marathi
b) Gujarati(√)
c) Bengali
d) Telugu

35. Who among the following was appointed as CEO of NITI AYOG?
a) Amithabh Bachan
b) Saniya Mirza
c) Amithabh Kanth(√)
d) Arun Jaitly

36. Who got the Dr. Sukumar Azhikode Thatwamasi Endowment' for this year?
a) Dr. T.M. Thomas Issac(√)
b) V.S Achuthanandhan
c) Ramesh Chennithala
d) V.M Sudheeran

37. 'Miss World' Miriya Lalguna Roso belongs to which the following country?
a) Spain(√)
b) France
c) Indonesia
d) Japan

38. Who scored 1009 runs in one innings, in the Bhandari Trophy under-16 Inter School Cricket?
a) Praveen Dhanvade
b) Prakash Dhanvade
c) Pratheesh Dhanvade
d) Pranav Dhanvade(√)

39. Which of the following work won the 'Odakkuzhal Award' to S. Joseph?
a) Manushyanu Oru Aamugham
b) Chandranodoppam(√)
c) Chakkarappandhal
d) Unnikuttante Lokam

40. Recently dead Mufti Muhammed Sayyid was the Chief Minister of _____ State
a) Delhi
b) Assam
c) Jammu-Kashmir(√)
d) Mizoram

41. What is a Republic?
a) In a democracy the head of the state is nominated one
b) The government is directly elected by the people
c) The head of the state is herditary and legislative is constituted by the representatives people
d) In a democracy, the head of the state is either directly or indirectly elected by the people (√)

42. What is the total length of NH49 (Kochi to Dhanushkodi)?
a) 500 km
b) 550 km
c) 600 km
d) 440 km(√)
43. Who was the Chairman of Nehru Committee Report?
a) Jawaharlal Nehru
b) Motilal Nehru(√)
c) Arun Nehru
d) None

44. Who was the first martyr in First Indian Independence War 1857?
a) Jhansi Rani
b) Mangal Pande(√)
c) Savarkar
d) None

45. Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous Chicago Speech in:
a) 1872 January 12
b) 1893 September 11(√)
c) 1882 October 2
d) 1867 November 1

46. Which is the tree generally grown for forestation?
a) Mango tree
b) Coconut tree
c) Banniyan
d) Teak(√)

47. In which river Bhakra Nangal Dam is situated?
a) Sutlej(√)
b) Godavari
c) Narmada
d) Krishna

48. Which was the first linguistic state in independent India?
a) Karnataka
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh(√)
d) None of these

49. The literacy rate of India is:
a) 61%
b) 75%(√)
c) 80%
d) 50%

50. What is the official name of India?
a) Democratic State of India
b) Republic of India(√)
c) Socialist State of India
d) Socialist Secular India


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