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Kerala PSC secretariat assistant previous solved paper 2015

Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Solved Paper 2015
1) Which is the hardest material ever known in the Universe?
(A) Platinum
(B) Graphite
(C) Diamond (√)
(D) Marble

2) Which instrument regulates the resistance or current in a circuit?
(A) Volta cell
(B) Rheostat(√)
(C) Generator
(D) Sonometre

3) The scientist who formulated the "Germ theory of disease" is:
(A) Louis Pasteur(√)
(B) Lamarck
(C) Hugo Denies
(D) Griger Mandel

4) In which atmospheric level ozone gas is seen?
(A) Mesosphere
(B) Lithosphere
(C) Stratosphere(√)
(D) Ionosphere

5) Which is the relay centre in our brain?
(A) Pituitary gland
(B) Thalamus(√)
(C) Spinal cord
(D) Meninges

6) Methane gas is invented by the scientist:
(A) Alexandro Volta(√)
(B) Alexander Fleming
(C) John Dalton
(D) Thomas Alwa Edison

7) Which of the following units is usually used to denote the intensity of pollution?
(A) Milligrams
(B) Nanograms
(C) Parts per million(√)
(D) Kilogram

8) Nitrogen fixing bacteria lives in the root tumours of pea plants is called:
(A) Rhizome
(B) Rhizobium(√)
(C) E.coli
(D) Streptoencrus

9) Which of the following chemicals is used in fire extinguishers?
(A) Sodium bicarbonate(√)
(B) Sodium nitrate
(C) Potassium bicarbonate
(D) Sodium chloride
10) Which phenomenon of light is behind the rainbow?
(A) Diffraction
(B) Scattering
(C) Reflection
(D) Radiation
No answer

11) What is the full form of 'NITI’ in NITI Aayog?
(A) National Integration and Transforming India
(B) National Institution for Transforming India(√)
(C) National Institution for Transporting India
(D) National Institute for Technology of India

12) Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2014?
(A) Alice Munro
(B) Herta Muller
(C) Patrick Modiano (√)
(D) Mo Yan

13) Who is the new President of Sri Lanka?
(A) Mahindra Rajapaksa
(B) Chandrika Kumaratunga
(C) Ranil Wickremasinghe
(D) Maithripala Sirisena(√)

14) In which year 'Bharat Ratna’, the highest civilian award in India was instituted?
(A) 1952
(B) 1954(√)
(C) 1956
(D) 1964

15) Who is the present Governor of Kerala?
(A) P. Sadasivam(√)
(B) R.L. Bhatia
(C) Nikhil Kumar
(D) Sheela Dikshit

16)  Which work of Subhash Chandra won Kendra Sahitya Academy Award 2014?
(A) Ghatikarangal Nilaykunna Samayam
(B) Bloody Mary
(C) Parudeesa Nashtam
(D) Manushyanu Oru Aamukham(√)

17) On which day 'Mangalyan' was launched from Sriharikotta?
(A) 5 November 2012
(B) 5 November 2013(√)
(C) 24 January 2014
(D) 24 September 2014

18) Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
(A) H.S. Brahma
(B) V.S. Sambath
(C) S.Y. Quraishi
(D) Navin Chawla
No Answer: Om Prakash Rawat since 23 January 2018
19) Headquarters of KILA is at:
(A) Kozhiltode
(B) Kottayam
(C) Thrissur(√)
(D) Ernakulam

20) The final match of FIFA World Cup 2014 was between:
(A) Germany and Argentina(√)
(B) Argentina and Brazil
(C) Germany and Netherland
(D) Germany and Brazil

21) Which is the oldest mountain range in India?
(A) Aravalli(√)
(B) Western Ghats
(C) Eastern Ghats
(D) Himalayas

22) Which river was considered as sacred by the Vedic Aryans?
(A) Sindhu
(B) Ganga
(C) Saraswathi(√)
(D) Brahmaputra

23) Who wrote the famous book Poverty and Un-British Rule in India?
(A) R.P. butt
(B) Dadabhai Naoroji(√)
(C) M.G. Ranade
(D) Gopalakrishna Gokhale

24) What was the original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi?
(A) Kesab Chandra Sen
(B) Narendranath Dutta
(C) Mulshankar(√)
(D) Mohan Roy

25) Who among the following English men described the 1857 Revolt was a 'National Rising?
(A) T.R. Holmes
(B) James Mill
(C) Benjamin Disraeli(√)
(D) Sir James Outram


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