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Kerala PSC Assistant professor community medicine answer key 2018

Assistant Professor in Community Medicine Provisional Answer Key 2017
Question Code:017/2018
Date of Test : 02/02/2018

26. A mother devolved chicken pox 1 day after delivery of a male baby. Immediate action to be taken:
(A) Give VZIG to baby(√)
(B) No need of treatment
(C) No VZIG give Acyclovir to the baby
(D) Immediately give vaccine and VZIG to the baby

27. Pick the false statement about Ebola infection :
(A) Dead bodies possess a risk of transmission to others
(B) Fruit bats are reservoirs
(C) Fomites can transmit infection
(D) Caused by Orthopox virus(√)

28. A child exposed to a case of measles can be protected by :
(A) Cannot be protected with measles vaccine but requires immunoglobulin
(B) Can be protected if given vaccine within 72 hours(√)
(C) Can be protected if given vaccine within 96 hours
(D) Should be given ribavirin within 48 hours

29. Raft shaped eggs are associated with :
(A) Anopheles
(B) Culex (√)
(C) Aedes
(D) Mansonia

30. The agent used for space spraying :
(A) Pyrethrum (√)
(B) Malathion
(C) Abate
(D) Lindane

31. The effluent generated from the hospital should have a BOD of less than :
(A) 30 mg/L (√)
(B) 60 mg/L
(C) 100 mg/L
(D) 200 mg/L

32. As per the biomedical waste management rules 2016, Government of India discarded medicines should put in :
(A) Yellow Container (√)
(B) Black Container
(C) Blue Container
(D) Red Container

33. The father of public health :
(A) John Snow
(B) Louis Pasteur
(C) Small pox
 (D) Cholera(√)

34. Father of antiseptic surgery :
(A) Louis Pasteur
(B) John Snow
(C) Joseph Lister(√)
 (D) Ignas Semmelweis

35. In the emblem of WHO the staff and the serpent shown is :
(A) Staff of Auscualpius (√)
(B) Cadeucius Staff
(C) Staff of Aaron
(D) Staff of hygea

36. The gross income generated from within the country and also the net income generated from abroad is called as :
(A) Gross Domestic Product
(B) Gross National Income(√)
(C) Purchase Power Parity in Dollars

37. Ideal bed turnover interval for optimum use of health resources and avoiding MRSA is :
(A) Slightly positive (√)
(B) Largely positive
(C) Slightly negative
(D) Largely negative

38. In a malaria survey in Orissa among 50,000 population, 10,000 slides were examined for malaria. 250 came as positive. Pick the true statement :
(A) It is a high API area and ABER is adequate(√)
(B) It is a high API area but ABER is inadequate
(C) Low API but ABER is inadequate
(D) API and ABER are 100 and 10%

39. The drug of choice for plasmodium falciparum malaria for north eastern states is :
(A) Chlorquine
(B) Quinine
(C) Artemesinin - Sulfadoxine/Pyrimethamine
(D) Artemether - Lumefantrine(√)

40. As per the national framework for malaria elimination in India, category 1 state is :
(A) States/UT with 0 indigenous cases
(B) States/UT with API<1 and all districts with API<1(√)
(C) States/UT with API<1 but some districts with API>1
(D) States/UT with API>1

41. Percentage of persons examined showing microfilaria in their blood or manifestation or both :
(A) Microfilaria rate
(B) Filarial endemicity rate(√)
(C) Microfilarial density
(D) Average infestation rate

42. The dose of equine rabies immunoglobulin to be given to a person with a weight of 50 kg :
(A) 2000 IU (√)
(B) 2500 IU
(C) 1000 IU
(D) 3000 IU

43. Clinical surveillance period for multi bacillary leprosy after treatment is :
(A) At least every 6 months for 2 years
(B) At least every 6 months for 5 years
(C) At least every year for 2 years
(D) At least every year for 5 years(√)

44. All are indirect methods of demography except :
(A) Life table
(B) Sisterhood methods
(C) Hazard models
(D) Census(√)

45. The equivalent number of years in full health that a newborn can expect to live based on current rates of ill health and mortality is :
(A) HALE (√)

46. The rate in which denominator is not midyear population :
(A) Proportional mortality rate (√)
(B) Specific death rate
(C) Crude death rate
(D) Crude Marriage rate

47. The bias which occurs when patients who have died or recovered will be erroneously excluded, skewing the results towards individuals who are average could be best explained as :
(A) Berkesonian bias
(B) Misclassification bias
(C) Lead time bias
(D) Neyman bias(√)

48. MMR of India is 47/100000 live births. In this MMR is expressed as :
(A) Rate
(B) Ratio (√)
(C) Proportion
(D) Special rate

49. A group of non-diseased doctors were followed up for development of lung cancer. After 20 years investigator noted that number of study subjects in the cohort developed Peripheral vascular disease (PVD). He did a case control study by taking cases as those with PVD and controls from the same cohort. This is :
(A) It is not an acceptable design as the intended design was a cohort
(B) It is a block design cohort
(C) It is a cross over design
(D) It is a nested design(√)

50. In a prospective study of omega 3 fatty acid and colon cancer, of the 8000 given omega 3 fatty acid 8 developed colon cancer and among 6000 not given omega 3 fatty acid 6 developed colon cancer. What is the interpretation ?
(A) Omega 3 fatty acid is protective in colon cancer
(B) Omega 3 fatty acid has no association with colon cancer(√)
(C) The study is insufficient to provide any conclusion
(D) Omega 3 fatty acid is harmful


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