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Assistant professor in community medicine preveous question paper 2018

Assistant Professor in Community Medicine Provisional Answer Key 2017
Question Code:017/2018
Date of Test : 02/02/2018

51. A person with fever and history of travel to areas where there are one or more confirmed swine influenza A(H1N1) cases within 7 days is :
(A) Probable case (√)
(B) Suspect case
(C) Confirmed case
(D) Doubtful case

52. 80 year old Mahendaran comes to your OP with mild fever and sore throat during an epidemic of swine flu, action to be taken :
(A) Tested for H1N1 immediately and given oseltamivir
(B) Will be given oseltamivir without testing(√)
(C) No oseltamivir required will be symptomatically treated
(D) Start him on amantadine

53. A 3 year old female child was brought to the casualty with a H/o cough and fever 4 days. O/E weight of the child was 6 kg and RR=45/mt with fever. The child will be classified as :
(A) Pneumonia
(B) Severe pneumonia
(C) Very severe disease (√)

54. 2 and half year old Anusha has been found to be infected with whooping cough. Her mother comes to you for advice regarding her 2nd child who is only 25 days old. Advice to be given is :
(A) Nothing more is required if the mother has been fully vaccinated with DPT
(B) Hyperimmune globulin
(C) Erythromycin for kid(√)
(D) Hyperimmune globulin+ErythromycinA 9 017/2018

55. In an 8 month old child fast breathing is :
(A) Respiratory rate > 30/minute
(B) Respiratory rate > 40/minute
(C) Respiratory rate > 50/minute (√)
(D) Respiratory rate > 60/minute

56. 1% annual risk of infection in TB corresponds to :
(A) 100 new smear +ve TB/year for 1 lakh general population
(B) 50 new smear +ve TB/year for 1 lakh general population(√)
(C) 25 new smear +ve TB/year for 1 lakh general population
(D) 125 new smear +ve TB/year for 1 lakh general population

57. Pick the true statement about demographic transition :
(A) Animal model of growth is seen in stage 1(√)
(B) Population explosion is seen in stage 1
(C) High child dependency in stage 3
(D) In declining phase BR is more than death rate

58. Census in India is under the ministry of :
(A) HRD ministry
(B) Social welfare
(C) Home affairs (√)
(D) Labour ministry

59. A village in Andhra Pradesh has 20% population below 15 years and 10% above 65 years.
Total population of the village is 10,000. Total Dependency ratio of the community is :
(A) 34%
(B) 30%
(C) 43% (√)
(D) Cannot be calculated from data

60. A community has a population of 10,000. Children between 0-6 is 2000. Literate persons above 7 years are 6000. Effective literacy rate is :
(A) 45%
(B) 60%
(C) 75% (√)
(D) 90%

61. In a population which is growing at a very rapid phase the population will double in :
(A) 70-139 years
(B) 47-70 years
(C) 35-47 years (√)
(D) 15-20 years

62. The protocol that envisages prevention of depletion of ozone layer :
(A) Kentucky Protocol
(B) Melbourne Protocol
(C) Montreal Protocol (√)
(D) Kyoto Protocol

63. The total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organisation, product expressed as CO2 equivalent :
(A) Carbon foot print (√)
(B) Carbon credit
(C) Carbon accounting
(D) Carbon hole

64. The sustainable development goal associated with gender equality is :
(A) Goal 1
(B) Goal 3
(C) Goal 5 (√)
(D) Goal

65. The method of cleaning sand bed in rapid sand filter is :
(A) Cleaning
(B) Scraping
(C) Back washing (√)
(D) Back scraping

66. In determining the amount of bleaching powder required for a well using horrocks apparatus, it was found that blue colour was seen in the 3rd cup. Water in the well is 4550 litres. The amount of bleaching powder required is :
(A) 60 grams (√)
(B) 12 grams
(C) 120 grams
(D) 30 grams

67. Pick the true statement about measles vaccine :
(A) Vaccine loses 25% of potency when kept at 20 degrees for 1 hour
(B) Both vaccine and diluent must be frozen
(C) Best immunological response to measles vaccine is seen in children at 12 months(√)
(D) 2nd dose of measles vaccine should be introduced in a population with MCV1 coverage <50%

68. Pick the true statement about antigenic changes in influenza virus :
(A) Drift causes pandemics
(B) Shift is due to point mutation
(C) Shift is a gradual antigenic change over time
(D) Most antigenically stable among influenza viruses is Type C(√)

69. The vaccine used for prevention of rubella :
(A) SA 14-14-2
(B) RA27/3(√)
(C) A/California/7
(D) 17D vaccine

70. Rema aged 3 years presents to your OP with diarrhea of 2 days duration. She is drinking fluids. Her weight is 10 kg. Her requirements of ORS in the 1st 4 hours is :
(A) 300 ml
(B) 350 ml
(C) 500 ml
(D) 750 ml(√)

71. The dose of hepatitis B immunoglobulin to be given to a sexual contact of hepatitis B patient is :
(A) Not given, Give vaccine since sexual route
(B) 0.01 ml/kg
(C) 0.03 ml/kg
(D) 0.06 ml/kg(√)

72. The dose of Zinc to be given to child with diarrhea aged 9 months is :
(A) 10 mg for 5 days
(B) 10 mg for 14 days
(C) 20 mg for 5 days
(D) 20 mg for 14 days(√)

73. Hook worm infection may be regarded as a potential danger when Chandler’s index is :
(A) Below 150
(B) 150-200
(C) 200-250 (√)
(D) 250-300

74. The total osmolarity and concentration of sodium in low osmolarity ORS is :
(A) 250 m mol/ltr and 100 m mol/ltr
(B) 245 m mol/ltr and 50 m mol/ltr
(C) 311 m mol/ltr and 90 m mol/ltr
(D) 245 m mol/ltr and 75 m mol/ltr(√)

75. Children vaccinated with measles vaccine from a sub center developed abrupt onset of fever, vomiting and diarrhea 4 hours after immunization. During investigation of AEFI it was found that vaccine was used 5 hours after reconstitution. This can be classified as :
(A) Vaccine product related reaction
(B) Vaccine quality related reaction
(C) Immunisation error related(√)
(D) Immunization anxiety related


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