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Kerala PSC Staff Nurse exam solved paper

Kerala PSC Staff nurse grade 2 solved questions part 2
Question Paper Code: 91/2017/OL
Category Code: 173/2017
Exam: Jr Public Health Nurse II
Date of Test 14-11-2017
Department:  Health Municipal Common service
Alphacode A
26:-Following is a disease spread through the urine of rats
D:-Dengue fever
Answer: A

27:-Which of the following statement about rice is false?
A:-Milled raw rice contains low amount of vitamin B
B:-Husked raw rice is a poor source of calcium
C:-Hand pounded undermilled rice is a fair source of B vitamins
D:-Par boiling of rice causes loss of thiamine while milling
Answer: D

28:-At how many weeks of gestation, uterus reaches the level of umbilicus
A:-32 weeks
B:-20 weeks
C:-22 weeks
D:-12 weeksAnswer: C

29:-MDT is a treatment approach for which disease
Answer: B

30:-Mission Indradhanush is a programme related to
A:-Palliative care
B:-Antenatal care
D:-Mental health
Answer: C

31:-PAP smear is a simple test to predict the occurrence of __________ in females.
A:-Ovarian cancer
B:-Breast cancer
C:-Oral cancer
D:-Cervical cancer
Answer: D

32:-The relationship of foetal head and limb to it's trunk is ___________
Answer: A

33:-Anganwadis function under which central government programme
Answer: B
34:-What is the management of postpartum haemorrhage?
A:-Give oxytocic drug
B:-Start an IV infusuion
C:-Massage uterine fundus in circular motion
D:-All the above
Answer: D

35:-Which of the following is a description of a 3rd degree tear after delivery?
A:-2 cm long tear on right medio lateral area of vagina after labour
B:-A tear involving vaginal muscles
C:-A tear involving anal sphincter
D:-A tear extending into vaginal mucosa
Answer: C

36:-A child doubles it's birth weight at
A:-6 months
B:-8 months
C:-10 months
D:-12 months
Answer: A

37:-Photo therapy is used to treat __________ in newborns.
A:-Physiological jaundice
Answer: A

38:-For a poor anaemic woman which of the following foods may be added to her diet in plenty
A:-Milk and curds
B:-Green leafy vegetables
Answer: B

39:-Kidneys are composed of millions of functional units called ___________
B:-Rod cells
Answer: C

40:-Which day is observed as world TB Day?
A:-October 30
B:-September 29
C:-February 14
D:-March 24
Answer: D

41:-_________ is added to water to remove temporary hardness.
A:-Calcium hydroxide
B:-Ion exchange resins
C:-Sodium carbonate
D:-Calcium carbonate
Answer: A

42:-__________ is the best spacing method for a woman who has one child.
A:-Copper T
C:-Oral pills
Answer: A
43:-MTP act came into force in India in the year _____________.
Answer: A

44:-Which of the following statements about the rights of children in India is false?
A:-A child has the right for physical emotional and social development
B:-A child's right to survival begins from birth
C:-A child has the right to be protected against all sorts of abuse
D:-A child has the right to participate in any decision directly involving himself
Answer: B

45:-The causative agent of Diphtheria is ___________.
C:-Coryne bacterium
Answer: C

46:-Obesity is defined as a body mass index
A:-more than 30
B:-less than 18
C:-between 25 to 29
D:-From 20 to 25
Answer: A

47:-AIDS is transmitted by
A:-Bite of bed bugs
B:-Sitting on same bench with a patient
C:-Sexual contact with a patient
D:-Shaking hands with a patient
Answer: C

48:-The incubation period of influenza is
A:-1-2 days
B:-1-2 weeksC:-15-20 days
D:-1-6 months
Answer: A

49:-The following is a measure to control dengue fever epidemic in your locality
A:-washing hands before eating food
B:-drinking only boiled water
C:-remove all collections of water from old tyres, broken toys etc
D:-covering mouth and nose while in public places with a mask
Answer: C

50:-The following is an advice given to an ante natal woman
A:-Do not wear cotton garments
B:-Do not eat fruits in early pregnancy
C:-Do not take vitamin supplements
D:-Do not take over the counter medicines
Answer: D


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