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Kerala PSC HSST Economics Junior Solved Paper 2018

Kerala PSC HSST Economics Junior Solved Paper 2018
Question Code : 012/2018  
Category Code: 338/2017
Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior)-Economics
Medium of Question: English 
Date of Test : 22/01/2018

76. Which is the term used to refer the relationship between human beings and their physical environment ?
(A) Human physiology (√)
(B) Human ecology
(C) Human environment 
(D) None of these

77. The standard of living is often measured by
(A) Real GDP per capita (√)
(B) Real GDP
(C) Real GDP population 
(D) Real GDP plus depreciation

78. The Gini Coefficient measures
(A) Income inequality (√)
(B) Inflation
(C) Unemployment 
(D) Economic growth

79. The year in which Burgress and Park developed their theory of urban ecology
(A) 1925 (√)
(B) 1935
(C) 1915 
(D) none of these

80. The movement of people from central cities to smaller communities in the surrounding areas is known as
(A) Reverse migration 
(B) Under urbanization
(C) Suburbanisation (√)
(D) Over-urbanisation

81. The gendering of World Politics is seen in which areas ?
(A) Prostitution and human trafficking
(B) Civil wars and refugee flows
(C) Trade and development
(D) All the options given above are correct(√)

82. The period of the business cycle in which real GDP is increasing is called the :
(A) expansion (√)
(B) peak
(C) recession 
(D) depression

83. A type of unemployment in which workers are in between jobs or are searching for new and better jobs is called
(A) Frictional unemployment (√)
(B) Cyclical unemployment
(C) Structural unemployment 
(D) Turnover
84. Which of the following is a "loser" from unexpected inflation ?
(A) Workers with COLAs
(B) people who own treasury Bills(√) 
(C) the middle class
(D) people who own homes and have fixed rate martgages

85. The largest transfer in the federal budget is :
(A) defense 
(B) education
(C) Social security (√)
(D) Welfare

86. The Philips curve describes the relationship between :
(A) the federal budget deficit and the trade deficit
 (B) savings and investment
(C) the unemployment rate and the inflation rate(√) 
(D) marginal taxes rates and tax revenuesA 13 012/2018

87. According to the monetarists, in the long-run, the Phillips curve is
(A) vertical 
(B) horizontal(√)
(C) downward sloping 
(D) upward-sloping

88. Who has given the concept of urban fringe ?
(A) M.N. Srinivas(√)
 (B) K.M. Kapadia
(C) S.C. Dube 
(D) None of these

89. Who introduced the concept of Gesellschalt ?
(A) George Simmel
 (B) Durkheim
(C) Tonnies (√)
(D) None of these

90. What is "double burden" ?
(A) It refers to the disproportionate share of housework done by women
(B) It dates to the 17th century
(C) It is rooted in gendered conceptions of the distinction between public and private life
(D) All of the options given above are correct(√)

91. What is the gendered division of labour ?
(A) It is based on gender-structured conceptions of appropriate work(√)
(B) It has led to an increase in women's consumption worldwide.
(C) It negates the 'double burden'
(D) none of the answers given are correct
92. What is the impact of globalization ?
(A) It has created new areas of women's advancement
(B) It has led to new challenges and dangers for women
(C) It has not changed the fundamental inequality of gender-relationships in the world enough
(D) all of the options given above are correct(√)

93. Who developed concentric-zone theory of city ?
(A) Louis Wirth 
(B) E. Burgess(√)
(C) M.N. Srinivas 
(D) M.S.A. Rao

94. Which of the following is a stage within the 'product life cycle' ?
(A) Maturity (√)
(B) Profitability
(C) Abandonment 
(D) Regeneration

95. An organisation's equal opportunities policy should be concerned with which of the following ?
(A) Age discrimination (√)
(B) Opportunity cost
(C) Globalisation of supply 
(D) the balanced scorecard

96. Which of the following describes an economic market that is controlled by two main suppliers ?
(A) Monopoly 
(B) Price discrimination
(C) Duopoly (√)
(D) Perfect competition

97. Which of the following explains how a Public sector organization obtains its Funds ?
(A) from direct and indirect taxes(√)
(B) from money invested by shareholders
(C) from donations made by the public
(D) from sales in overseas markets

98. 'Dynamic inefficiency' in the context of a model of economic growth means
(A) the economy's output per unit labour is below its steady-state value(√)
(B) the economy's unemployment rate is too high
(C) the economy's steady state is not at the golden-rule steady-state
(D) none of the answers are correct

99. 'Capital Widening' refers to that part of investment needed to
(A) increase the capital per unit effective labour ratio
(B) replace capital that has depreciate
(C) equip new units of effective workers at the same capital per unit effective labour ratio
(D) all of the above(√)

100. A 'PEST' analysis is conducted on which of the following of an organisation's environments ?
(A) Internal environment 
(B) Market environment
(C) Historical environment 
(D) Macro environment(√)


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