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Kerala PSC HSST mathematics solved paper 2017

Kerala PSC HSST Mathematics solved paper 2017 
Paper Code: 44/2017/OL
Category Code: 315/2015
Exam: HSST(Jr) Mathematics NCA
Date of Test 02-06-2017
Department: Higher Secondary Education
HSST Mathematics detailed syllabus: Click here

1:-Who wrote the book namely 'Kristhu sahasra namam' ?
A:-Pambadi John Joseph
B:-Chattampi Swamikal
C:-C. Kesavan
D:-Chavara Kuriakkose Elias Achan
 Answer:- Option-C

2:-Silvassa is the capital city of
A:-Daman and Diu
C:-Dadra Nagar Haveli
 Answer:- Option-C

3:-Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the founders of popular mobile app namely
D:-Google chrome
 Answer:- Option-A

4:-Who among the following was the leader of 'Rajadhani March' of 1939 ?
A:-Akkamma Cheriyan
B:-T.M. Varghese
C:-Vakkam Abdulkhadar Maulavi
D:-A.K. Gopalan
 Answer:- Option-A

5:-'Chenthuruni' wildlife sanctuary is in _______ district of Kerala.
 Answer:- Option-C

6:-Which was the main centre of Kallumala Samaram of 1915 led by Ayyankali ?
 Answer:- Option-B

7:-'Yudh Abhyas 2016' is the joint military training exercise between India and
 Answer:- Option-D

8:-'Changampuzha; Nakshathrangalude Snehabhajanam' is the book written by
A:-K.P. Appan
B:-M.K. Sanu
C:-M. Leelavathi
D:-N. Krishnapillai
 Answer:- Option-B

9:-'Oneirology' is the study ofA:-Dreams
B:-Beauty of human
 Answer:- Option-A

10:-'Thiruvithamkoor Rashtreeya Mahasabha' was founded under the leadership of
A:-Dr. Velukkutty Arayan
B:-T.K. Madhavan
C:-Pandit Karuppan
D:-G.P. Pillai
 Answer:- Option-A

11:-'He who has a taste for every sort of knowledge and who is curious to learn and is never satisfied may be justly
termed a philosopher', was quoted by
A:-Rousseau in 'Emile'
B:-John Dewey in 'Freedom and Culture'
C:-Plato in 'The Republic'
D:-Aristotle in 'Aristotle on Education'
 Answer:- Option-C

12:-Role playing is developed by using
A:-Micro teaching
B:-Simulation technique
C:-Interaction analysis
D:-All the above
 Answer:- Option-B

13:-Anecdotal record techniques is used in
D:-None of these
 Answer:- Option-B

14:-Good teachers are known not for the fund of knowledge they possess but for their
A:-Astute sense of wit and wisdom
B:-Awe-inspiring personality
C:-Warm and close relationship with their students
D:-Enviable teaching methodology
 Answer:- Option-D

15:-To raise the standard of education, it is necessary
A:-To evaluate students continuously
B:-To give high salary to teachers
C:-To revise curriculum
D:-To make good school building
 Answer:- Option-A

16:-A survey design that collects consensus opinions of Panel of experts and the judgement is known as
A:-Historical method
B:-Case study method
C:-Delphi technique
D:-Interview method
 Answer:- Option-C

17:-If you find someone else publishes work similar to yours before your project is completed, what could you do ?
A:-There is nothing you can do so do not mention it in your study
B:-Completely revamp your ideas so you are not replicating it in your study
C:-Acknowledge it in your report and evaluate the study
D:-Present report after making some changes in your hypothesis and aims
 Answer:- Option-C

18:-A technique of building up a list or a sample of a special population by using an initial set of members as
informants is called
A:-Quota sampling
B:-Snowball sampling
C:-Convenience samplingD:-Purposive sampling
 Answer:- Option-B

19:-From research viewpoint seminars, conferences, symposia, workshops etc. whether national or international
are the finest forums for
A:-Scientific interaction among professionals
B:-Social interaction among like-minded individuals
C:-Gathering latest knowledge on a research problem
D:-Locating, research problems in a field of knowledge
 Answer:- Option-D

20:-The methods of statistics which is used to derive conclusion about the characteristics of the whole with the help
of data is called
A:-Derivative statistics
B:-Descriptive statistics
C:-Narrative statistics
D:-None of them
 Answer:- Option-A

21:-Which article of the constitution is known as necessary evil ?
A:-Article 17
B:-Article 15
C:-Article 32
D:-Article 22
 Answer:- Option-D

22:-Which amendment of the constitution lowered voting age from 21 to 18 ?
 Answer:- Option-C

23:-When a constitution amendment bill is sent to the president of India, he
A:-has to sign it
B:-may return it for reconsideration
C:-may veto it
D:-may refer it to Supreme Court for advice
 Answer:- Option-A

24:-How can a member of the U.P.S.C. be removed from service ?
A:-only by the president of India
B:-only by impeachment
C:-on reaching the age of 60 (sixty)
D:-none of the above
 Answer:- Option-A

25:-Parliament can legislate in which of the following ?
A:-actionable wrongs
B:-bankruptcy and insolvency
C:-trust and trustees
D:-all of the above
 Answer:- Option-D


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