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Kerala PSC HSST English Solved Paper part 3

Kerala PSC Higher secondary school teacher English Solved paper part 3
Paper Code: 32/2016/OL
Category Code: 377/2015
Exam: HSST English Jr SR
Date of Test 11-03-2016
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51:-What is meant by 'language transfer' ?
A:-The carry over of rules of the Second language syntax, phonology, or semantic system to the mother tongue in question
B:-The carry over of rules of the mother tongue syntax, phonology, or semantic system to the Second language in question
C:-The vocabulary and sentence structure transferred haphazardly during Second language acquisition from any other language accessed by the learner
D:-Knowledge generated in the development of a learner on account of other domains of knowledge
 Answer:- Option-C

52:-What is considered as the central principle of literary criticism in Sanskrit Literature ?
 Answer:- Option-D

53:-Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub ?
 Answer:- Option-B

54:-The Grecian Urn is called "cold pastoral" because :
A:-it has remained unchanged till now
B:-it is mysterious
C:-it is made of marble
D:-all of these
 Answer:- Option-D

55:-In which section of The Waste Land does Tiresias appear ?
A:-What the Thunder Said
B:-A Game of Chess
C:-The Fire Sermon
D:-The Burial of the Dead
 Answer:- Option-C

56:-"Shakespeare approximates the remote and familiarizes the wonderful". Whose words are these ?
A:-Samuel Johnson
B:-John Dryden
C:-William Wordsworth
D:-Samuel Coleridge
 Answer:- Option-A

57:-The term for describing someone's death as "someone is no more" or that "someone has breathed his/her last"
is __________ .
 Answer:- Option-D

58:-What does Noam Chomsky's theory of language development emphasize ?
A:-Children's cognitive abilities
B:-Learning and conditioning principles
C:-Innate structures and biological mechanisms
D:-The language support system provided by parents
 Answer:- Option-C

59:-Shelly used which stanza form in "Ode to the West Wind" ?
A:-Rime Royal
B:-Terza Rima
C:-Ottava Rima
D:-Spenserian Stanza
 Answer:- Option-B

60:-From which poem is the line, "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity" taken
from ?
A:-The Waste Land
B:-Tintern Abbey
C:-The Second Coming
D:-Prayer for My Daughter
 Answer:- Option-C

61:-The term 'Peripeteia' means __________ .
A:-Constancy in the fortune of the hero
B:-Change in the fortune of the hero from bad to good
C:-Fluctuations occurring in the fortunes of the hero
D:-Change in the fortune of the hero from good to bad
 Answer:- Option-C

62:-Who is the native chief who leads the revolt against Brutus Jones in Emperor Jones ?
 Answer:- Option-A

63:-'Spenser writ no language'. Who said this ?
B:-Dr. Johnson
C:-Ben Jonson
D:-Matthew Arnold
 Answer:- Option-C

64:-The theme of "Dejection : An Ode" is :
A:-unhappy marriage
B:-loss of poetic imagination
C:-broken friendship
D:-inability to bear defeat
 Answer:- Option-B

65:-The poem in which Yeats uses the famous "stone metaphor" is __________ .
A:-Among School Children
B:-Second Coming
C:-Sailing to Byzantium
D:-Eastern 1916
 Answer:- Option-D

66:-In which essay did Matthew Arnold regarded poetry as "a criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such
criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty" ?
A:-Culture and Anarchy
B:-Essays in Criticism
C:-The Study of Poetry
D:-Literature and Dogma
 Answer:- Option-C

67:-Who in "My Last Duchess" is said to have made the Duchess' painting ?
A:-George Vasari
B:-Fra Pandolf
C:-Duke of Ferrari
D:-Not mentioned
 Answer:- Option-B

68:-What poison did Claudius pour into the ear of Hamlet's father to kill him ?
 Answer:- Option-A

69:-What was the original title of Pride and Prejudice ?
A:-'Last Impressions'
B:-'False Impressions'
C:-'First Impressions'
D:-'True Impressions'
 Answer:- Option-C

70:-Harold Nicholson described which poet as 'Very yellow and glum. Perfect manners' ?
A:-E.E. Cummings
B:-T.S. Eliot
C:-John Greenleaf Whittier
D:-Walt Whitman
 Answer:- Option-B

71:-What are the two levels of language referred to by the term 'duality' ?
A:-Morphology and Syntax
B:-Structure and Use
C:-Sound and Meaning
D:-Phonetics and Phonology
 Answer:- Option-C

72:-Which influential American poet was born in Long Island in 1819 ?
A:-Emily Dickinson
B:-Paul Dunbar
C:-John Greenleaf Whittier
D:-Walt Whitman
 Answer:- Option-D

73:-In "Archetypes of Literature" Northrope Frye equates 'autumn' to __________ .
 Answer:- Option-B

74:-What does Michael do for a living in The Mayor of Casterbridge ?
A:-An auctioneer
B:-A sailor
C:-A turnip-hoer
D:-A hay-trusser
 Answer:- Option-D

75:-"Ecriture" means __________ .
 Answer:- Option-B

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