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Kerala PSC HSST English Previous questions and answers Part 4

Kerala PSC Higher secondary school teacher English previous questions part 4
Paper Code: 32/2016/OL
Category Code: 377/2015
Exam: HSST English Jr SR
Date of Test 11-03-2016
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76:-The author of Nation and Narration is :
A:-Edward Said
B:-Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
C:-Frantz Fanon
D:-Homi Bhabha Answer:- Option-D

77:-__________ refers to word formation.
 Answer:- Option-A

78:-Who amongst the following belongs to the group of radical feminists ?
A:-Helene Cixous
B:-Monique Wittig
C:-Simone de Beauvoir
D:-Luce Irigaray
 Answer:- Option-B

79:-What is "the beast" in Lord of the Flies ?
A:-The pig
B:-The boar's head
C:-The parachutist
D:-The skull
 Answer:- Option-C

80:-In which figure of speech is there a play on the various meanings of a word ?
C:-Transferred Epithet
 Answer:- Option-D

81:-The essay "Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" was written by __________ .
A:-Adrienne Rich
B:-Judith Butler
C:-Diana Fuss
D:-Annamarie Jagose
 Answer:- Option-A

82:-"The pitfalls of national consciousness" is an essay by __________ .
A:-Benedict Anderson
B:-Benita Parry
C:-Frantz Fanon
D:-Partha Chatterjee
 Answer:- Option-C

83:-Who defined Postmodern as "incredulity towards metanarratives" ?
A:-Jacques Lacan
B:-Gilles Deleuze
C:-Jean Baudrillard
D:-Jean-Francois Lyotard
 Answer:- Option-D

84:-In his study of metaphor and metonymy, Roman Jakobson borrowed Saussure's "syntagm versus paradigm"
which stands for __________ and __________ respectively.
A:-Particular and General
B:-Separation and Connection
C:-Selection and Combination
D:-None of these
 Answer:- Option-C

85:-Which of the following poets has written a poem on a tree in their garden house at Baugmaree ?
A:-Sarojini Naidu
B:-Toru Dutt
C:-Meena Alexander
D:-Kamala Das
 Answer:- Option-B

86:-Who supports Women's Rights in Sons and Lovers ?
A:-Mrs. Morel
D:-Clara Dawes
 Answer:- Option-A

87:-For the Elizabethan audience, the Duchess of Malfi marrying her steward, Antonio, was a triple offence. Which
of the following is not one ?
A:-She was a widow marrying a second time
B:-She married on her own outside the Church
C:-She married beneath her status in disregard of 'degree'
D:-She married against the wishes of her brothers who almost acted like her guardians
 Answer:- Option-B

88:-Where does young Catherine leave Thrushcross Grange for the first time to ?
A:-Wuthering Heights
B:-The nearby village
C:-The fairy caves at Penistone Crags
 Answer:- Option-C

89:-How does John Donne describe the death of virtuous people in "A Valediction : Forbidding Mourning" ?
 Answer:- Option-B

90:-What was the preliminary version of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man known as ?
A:-Stephen Hero
B:-Bloom's Blunder
C:-A Day in the life of Stephen Dedalus
D:-The Dead
 Answer:- Option-A

91:-Who is the author of the two major works An Introduction to Language and Language ?
A:-Leonard Bloomfield
B:-Bernard Bloch
C:-Noam Chomsky
D:-Ferdinand de Saussure
 Answer:- Option-A

92:-Where does The Glass Menagerie take place ?
B:-New York
D:-St. Louis
 Answer:- Option-D

93:-The meaning of the term 'episteme' is __________ .
 Answer:- Option-A

94:-Which of the following is not a form of new Historicist criticism ?
A:-Genealogy of Patriarchal Discourse
B:-Archaeology of Social Constructs
C:-Poststructural recovery of authorial intent
D:-Cultural Materialism
 Answer:- Option-C

95:-According to Ralph Emerson, what do great works of art teach us ?
A:-Truly great works of art inspire everyone
B:-There are few true geniuses in the world
C:-Art is a matter of personal taste
D:-Obey your spontaneous impression
 Answer:- Option-D

96:-Who called Francis Bacon, "the wisest, the brightest and the meanest of mankind" ?A:-Dr. Johnson
B:-Ben Jonson
C:-Alexander Pope
D:-John Dryden
 Answer:- Option-C

97:-Whom does "an embarrassed peacock, quite unused to its plumes" refer to ?
A:-Toru Dutt
B:-Sarojini Naidu
C:-Emily Bronte
D:-Emily Dickinson
 Answer:- Option-D

98:-What does Caroline see her youngest son's affliction as in The Sound and the Fury ?
A:-As a blessing
B:-As God's will
C:-As part of life
D:-As a curse on the family
 Answer:- Option-D

99:-The period in The Bluest Eye corresponds to __________ .
A:-the Vietnam war and the violence against the poor
B:-World War II and the Nazi regime's ideas of beauty
C:-the Reconstruction era and the legacy of slavery
D:-Reagan's racism and his war against America's black poor
 Answer:- Option-B

100:-The winner of Nobel Prize for Literature in 2014 is __________ .
A:-Richard Flanagan
B:-Patrick Modiano
C:-Alice Munro
D:-Elanor Catton
 Answer:- Option-B
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