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Kerala PSC HSST English Previous questions and answers part 2

Kerala PSC Higher secondary school teacher English Solved paper 
Paper Code: 32/2016/OL
Category Code: 377/2015
Exam: HSST English Jr SR
Date of Test 11-03-2016
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26:-An authority need not disclose information under S.8 of the Right to Information Act, 2005 if :
A:-it violates the legal right of any person
B:-it affects the process of investigation
C:-it causes loss or injury to any person
D:-it affects reputation of any person
 Answer:- Option-B

27:-The Committee that should be constituted by every employer of a workplace under S.4 of the Protection of
Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act is :
A:-Disciplinary Committee
B:-Anti-harassment Committee
C:-Anti-sexual Harassment Committee
D:-Internal Complaints Committee
 Answer:- Option-D

28:-Agenda 21 is an outcome of __________ .
A:-Rio Earth Summit 1992
B:-Kyoto Protocol
C:-World Development Report 2002D:-UN Declaration
 Answer:- Option-A

29:-Under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, the right to work is __________ .
A:-Fundamental right
B:-Legal right
C:-Not a legal right
D:-Political right
 Answer:- Option-B

30:-The contingency fund in a state is operated by __________ .
A:-Chief Minister
B:-Council of Ministers
D:-Prime Minister
 Answer:- Option-C

31:-In Canterbury Tales, Chaucer presents the Wife of Bath as a depiction of __________ .
 Answer:- Option-D

32:-Which text by Antonio Gramsci inspired Stuart Hall ?
A:-The Prison Diaries
B:-The Princess Diaries
C:-The Marxism Diaries
D:-The Motorcycle Diaries
 Answer:- Option-A

33:-Hester wore the 'scarlet letter' as :
A:-Religious Observance
B:-A Memento of her relationship with the Pastor
C:-A Mark of Sexual Transgression
D:-A Token of Dimmesdale's Guilt
 Answer:- Option-C

34:-What according to Coleridge is "essentially vital" and struggles "to idealize and unify" ?
A:-Secondary Imagination
B:-Primary Imagination
D:-None of these
 Answer:- Option-A

35:-What is a poem called whose first letters of each line spell out a word ?
 Answer:- Option-C

36:-"Death has a hundred hands and walks by a thousand ways", are the words of the Chorus in which play ?
B:-Oedipus at Colonus
C:-The Winter's Tale
D:-Murder in the Cathedral
 Answer:- Option-D

37:-What is the theme of "The Blessed Damozel" ?
B:-Undying Love
C:-Family Feud
 Answer:- Option-B

38:-Name the Shakespearean play with an epilogue :
A:-Twelfth Night
B:-Henry IVC:-Hamlet
D:-The Tempest
 Answer:- Option-D

39:-According to Edward Said, 'the orient' is portrayed in Western novels, media and art work as __________ .
A:-Too focused on historical facts and accurately portraying the experience of life in the region
B:-A place prone to liberal democracy and revolutionary feminism
C:-An accurate depiction of the modern day Middle East and Asia
D:-Lost in the past, prone to despotic rule and plagued by 'odd' cultural traditions
 Answer:- Option-D

40:-What did Sophia leave for Tom at the inn at Upton ?
A:-Her shawl
B:-Her muff
C:-Her stays
D:-Her petticoat
 Answer:- Option-B

41:-The subplot of Hayavadana is centred around __________ .
A:-The man with the horse's head
B:-The dolls
C:-The love triangle
D:-The Bhagavata
 Answer:- Option-A

42:-"Panopticism" is the title of a chapter in a well-known book by :
A:-Roman Jakobson
B:-Jacques Lacan
C:-Michel Foucault
D:-Jacques Derrida
 Answer:- Option-C

43:-When Act I of Waiting for Godot opens, Estragon is :
B:-Trying to pull his boot off
C:-Making castles in the dirt
D:-Staring off into space
 Answer:- Option-B

44:-The idea that people are weighed down by the roles they play is introduced by William Wordsworth in
Immortality Ode, based on the concept of __________ .
A:-Theatrum mundi
B:-Spiritus mundi
C:-Transit Gloria mundi
D:-Lectio brevior
 Answer:- Option-A

45:-Who was sent by Polonius to spy on Laertes in Paris ?
 Answer:- Option-C

46:-Who termed the present environmental crisis as a crisis of our imagination ?
A:-Lawrence Buell
B:-Henry Thoreau
C:-Richard Adams
D:-Aldo Leopold
 Answer:- Option-B

47:-During the Middle English period, many words were borrowed from __________ .
A:-Celtic and Norse
B:-Sanskrit and Pali
C:-Latin and French
D:-Greek and Latin
 Answer:- Option-C

48:-Wordsworth's primary concern in the Lyrical Ballads was __________ .A:-the language of poetry
B:-the subject matter of poetry
C:-the rejection of neoclassical principles
D:-to formulate a new genre of poetry
 Answer:- Option-A

49:-What aspect of the main character is mirrored in the structure of The Golden Note Book ?
A:-The complexity of her looks
B:-The simplicity of her looks
C:-The simplicity of her life
D:-The complexity of her life
 Answer:- Option-D

50:-According to Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest, what is the essence of romance ?
 Answer:- Option-C

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