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Kerala PSC HSST Botany previous questions

Kerala PSC Higher secondary school teacher botany previous question paper 
Category  No.  449/2010
Exam Date: 13/04/2012

76. Fossil fuels are:
a. Renewable resources
b. Non‐renewable resource
c. Inexhaustible resources
d. Non‐renewable and exhaustible resource
Ans. (d)

77. Parthenocarpy is induced by the hormone:
a. BAP
b. GA
c. IAA
d. ABA
Deleted Question

78. Asexual reproductive structure in Lichen is:
a. Apothecium
b. Soridia
c. Gonidia
d. Conidia
Ans. (b)

79. Natural anti‐transpirant:
a. CO2
b. CO
c. O2
d. Ozone
Ans. (a)

80. Cadmium poisoning leads to:
a. Minamata
b. Molting of teeth
c. Epilepsy
d. Itai‐Itai
Ans. (d)

81. The principal pigment in photosynthesis:
a. Chlorophyll a
b. Chlorophyll b
c. Carotene
d. Xanthophyll
Ans. (a)

82. National Botanical Garden is located at:
a. Mumbai
b. Lucknow
c. Delhi
d. Culcuta
Ans. (b)

83. The universal currency of free energy in biological system:
a. ATP
b. GTP
c. NAD+
Ans. (a)

84. Hormone involved in stomatal closure:
a. Gibberellic acid
b. Abscisic acid
c. IAA
d. Ethylene
Ans. (b)

85. Apospory means:
a. Formation of sporophyte from gametophyte
b. Amphimixis
c. Formation of gametophyte from sporophyte
d. Parthenospory
Ans. (c)

86. Fresh water algae:
a. Batrochospermum
b. Ulva
c. Sargassum
d. Laminaria
Ans. (a)

87. Suppression of gene expression in antisense RNA technology occurs at:
a. DNA level
b. RNA level
c. Protein Level
d. None of the above
Ans. (c)

88. The gene targeted in the production of Flavar Savr tomato:
a. Cry 1
b. Reverse transcriptase
c. Cry 2
d. Polygalacturonase
Ans. (d)

89. Apothecium is the fruit body:
a. Ascomycota
b. Basidiomycota
c. Mastigomycota
d. Zygomycota
Ans. (a)

90. Cybrids contain:
a. Nuclei of both parents and cytoplasm of one parent
b. Cytoplasm of both parents and nucleus of one parent
c. Cytoplasm and nuclei of both parents
d. Cryopreserved hybrids
Ans. (b)

91. A fungal toxin:
a. Glutamine
b. Smut
c. Ergotamine
d. HCN
Ans. (c)

92. Genetic disease can be rectified by:
a. Antibiotics
b. Vaccines
c. Monoclonal antibodies
d. Gene therapy
Ans. (d)

93. In tissue culture roots can be induced by:
a. Lowering concentration of cytokinin and higher concentration of auxin
b. Higher concentration of cytokinin and lower concentration of auxin
c. Both in equal proportion
d. Only auxin and no cytokinin
Ans. (a)

94. Endosperm is the useful part in:
a. Cotton
b. Peanut
c. Wheat
d. Cashew nut
Ans. (c)

95. Virus free clones can be obtained from:
a. Callus culture
b. Meristem culture
c. Haploid culture
d. Embryo culture
Ans. (b)

96. Father of Modern Botany:
a. Linnaeus
b. Theophrastus
c. Hooker
d. Aristotle
Ans. (a)

97. Carbohydrates are:
a. Polyalcohols
b. Hydroxy aldehydes
c. Hydroxy ketones
d. Polyhydroxy aldehydes or polyhydroxy ketones
Ans. (d)

98. Which of the following is a herbicide:
a. Ethylene
b. Methylene
c. 2,4,D
d. IBA
Ans. (c)

99. Eravikulam is a :
a. Tourist place
b. Bioreserve
c. National park
d. Sanctuary
Ans. (c)

100. Classification based on secondary metabolities is:
a. Cytotaxonomy
b. Chemotaxonomy
c. Experimental taxonomy
d. Phenetic taxonomy
Ans. (b)


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