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HSST botany previous question paper with answers

Higher secondary school teacher botany previous question paper 
Category  No.  449/2010
Exam Date: 13/04/2012

51. GFP stands for:
a. Green Fluorescent Protein
b. Gene Finger Printing
c. Grey Fluorescent Protein
d. Green Fluorescent Plants
Ans. (a)

52. Asafoetida is obtained from which part of Ferula asafetida:
a. Stem back
b. Leaf
c. Root
d. Fruit
Ans (c)

53. Study of pollen grains in honey:
a. Stenopalynology
b. Dendrocronology
c. Latropalynology
d. Melittopalynology
Ans. (d)

54. In Asteraceae, androecium is:
a. Monadelphous
b. Synandrous
c. Polyadelphous
d. Syngenesious
Ans. (d)

55. Method employed in the detection of proteins:
a. Northern
b. Southern
c. Western
d. PCR
Ans. (c)

56. Human genome project worked with:
d. Shotgun method
Ans. (d)

57. 9:7 is the F2 ratio in:
a. Inhibitory gene action
b. Supplementary gene action
c. Complementary gene action
d. Duplicate gene action
Ans. (c)

58. Cystoliths are:
a. CaCO3
b. CaNO3
c. CaNO2
d. CaSO4
Ans. (a)

59. Improving the genetic composition of a population is:
a. Euphenics
b. Euthenics
c. Eugenics
d. Euglenics
Ans. (c)

60. SWISPROT is a database for:
a. Nucleic acids
b. Proteins
c. Nucleotide
d. Genes
Ans. (b)

61. Highest number of chromosome reported in:
a. Elephant
b. Reflessia
c. Man
d. Ophioglossum
Ans. (d)

62. Oliogenes control:
a. Quantitative characters
b. Qualitative characters
c. Random genetic drift
d. Recombination
Ans. (a)

63. Protoplast fusion is technically known as:
a. Cloning
b. Asexual reproduction
c. Prasexual hybridization
d. None of these
Ans. (c)

64. Marine pteridophyte:
a. Pteris
b. Actinopteris
c. Angiopteris
d. None
Ans. (d)

65. Gift of old world to new world:
a. Maize
b. Wheat
c. Barley
d. Oat
Question removed

66. The first transgenic crop produced was:
a. Tobacco
b. Pea
c. Cotton
d. Flax
Ans. (a)

67. Organism used in coir‐pith composting:
a. Eudrilus enginae
b. Pleurotus sajar‐cayr
c. Rhizobium sp.
d. Agaricus campestris
Ans. (b)

68. Ogive is a:
a. Frequency polygon
b. Relative frequency map
c. Frequency curve
d. Cumulative frequency curve
Ans. (d)

69. Androgenic haploids were first produced by:
a. Steward and white
b. Guha and Maheswari
c. Reinert and Bajaj
d. Bourgin and Nitsch
Ans. (b)

70. Which of the following is an indirect gene transfer method:
a. Microinjection
b. Biolistics
c. Cosmid
d. Lipofection
Ans. (c)

71. DNA denaturation temperature in PCR:
a. 35‐37oC
b. 40‐60oC
c. 70‐75oC
d. 90‐98oC
Question removed

72. The technique used to solve parental dispute is:
a. DNA finger printing
b. Western blot
c. RIA
Ans. (a)

73. Sago is extracted from:
a. Cycas
b. Adiantum
c. Pinus
d. Nephrolepis
Ans. (a)

74. Infective protein particles:
a. Virus
b. Viroid
c. Prion
d. Intron
Ans. (c)

75. In human ABC blood group system is controlled by:
a. Pseudo alleles
b. Multiple alleles
c. Dominant allele
d. Recessive allele
Ans. (b)


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