Thursday, April 27, 2017

Postman/mail guard expected model questions 2017

Postman/mail guard expected model questions 2017 

1. ------ he was ill, he attended the meeting.
(a) but
(b) still
(c) For
(d) Though(p)

2. Animals ----- plants need water.
(a) Both
(b) as well as(p)
(c) because
(d) as

3. ----- he was honest, his master trusted him.
(a) so
(b) If
(c) As(p)
(d) But

4. She is ------ Shy---- face the audience.
(b) as.... as
(c) so.... that
(d) both ..... and

5. you can ---- read----write something
(a) either ...... or(p)
(b) neither ....... nor
(c) too ..... to
(d) so.........that

6. Antonym: Agony
(a) pain
(b) Fear
(c) Joy(p)
(d) Cheat

7. Antonym: innocent
(a) Guilty(p)
(b) Pity
(c) Sin
(d) soft

8. Antonym: Friend
(a) Companion
(b) Foe(p)
(c) Lover
(d) Partner

9. The apple of one's eye means:
(a) Enemy
(b) Friend
(c) Very dear(p)
(d) An apple

10. A lion's share means:
(a) A major portion(p)
(b) Half
(c) Entirely
(d) Fully

11. 'Iron will' is:
(a) Will-power(p)
(b) Coward
(c) Fear
(d) Something made of iron

12. No roses without a -----
(a) Smell
(b) leaf
(c) Flower
(d) thorn(p)

13. Strike while the ----- is hot
(a) Silver
(b) gold
(c) iron(p)
(d) plastic

14. A friend in ---- is a friend indeed.
(a) danger
(b) need(p)
(c) indeed
(d) deed

15. The tree is known by its ------
(a) root
(b) bark
(c) leaves
(d) Fruit(p)

16. Do not count your ------ before they are hatched.
(a) hens
(b) eggs
(c) chickens(p)
(d) cocks

Choose the word which best expresses the same meaning

17. Recollect
(a) Forget
(b) Remember(p)
(c) Forgive
(d) Reward

18. Harass
(a) Annoy(p)
(b) Help
(c) Admit
(d) Assist

19. False
(a) True
(b) poor
(c) Frank
(d) untrue(p)

20. Combat
(a) War
(b) conflict
(c) Quarrel
(d) Fight(p)

21. Correctly spelt word.
(a) Foreign(p)
(b) Recieve
(c) Giraff
(d) Necesary

22. Correctly spelt word.
(a) Lightten
(b) Jealousy(p)
(c) Judgment
(d) Relese

23. Correctly spelt word.
(a) knowlege
(b) knockd
(c) Relive
(d) Believe(p)

24. She often ----- late.
(a) come
(b) comes(p)
(c) coming
(d) came

25. He ----- before the police came
(a) has escaped
(b) escape
(c) had escaped(p)
(d) escaped

26. He ------ next year
(a) Will come(p)
(b) Would come
(c) came
(d) has come

27. Plural form: Echo
(a) Echoses
(b) Echos
(c) Echoes(p)
(d) Echosis

28. Plural form: Foot
(a) Feet(p)
(b) Foots
(c) Footes
(d) Feets

29. Plural form: Medium
(a) Mediumses
(b) Media(p)
(c) Medias
(d) Mediumse

30 He is ---- able leader
(a) the
(b) an(p)
(c) a
(d) one

31. Richa plays ----- violin
(a) The(p)
(b) A
(c) An
(d) Of

32. Coffee is ---- popular drink
(a) the
(b) an
(c) a(p)
(d) of

33. ----- student should be obedient
(a) The
(b) An
(c) A(p)
(d) One

34. Choose the right gender :Lad
(a) Lady
(b) Woman
(c) Madam
(d) Lass(p)

35. Hind
(a) Deer(p)
(b) Bull
(c) Ox
(d) Dog

36. She glanced ------ him
(a) on
(b) at(p)
(c) in
(d) to

37. His house is ------ fire
(a) in
(b) at
(c) of
(d) on(p)

38. I am proud ----- you
(a) of (p)
(b) on
(c) for
(d) to

39.  This medicine is sure to ----- pain.
(a) loosen
(b) lesson
(c) lessen (p)
(d) lose

40. He is the ----- to the throne.
(a) hare
(b) hair
(c) here
(d) heir(p)


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