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Kerala PSC HSST Botany previous questions

Higher secondary school teacher previous question paper 
Category  No.  449/2010
Exam Date: 13/04/2012

26. Auxospores are produced by:
a. Volvox
b. Spirogyra
c. Diatoms
d. Oedogonium
Ans. (c)

27. Lectins are:
a. Lipids
b. Protein binding carbohydrate
c. Fatty acids
d. Carbohydrates binding proteins
Ans. (b)

28. Name an enzyme which is active at 90oC
a. Taq polymerase
b. DNA polymerase
c. RNA polymerase
d. Helicase
Ans. (a)

29. Amphibians of plant kingdom:
a. Algae
b. Lichens
c. Bryophytes
d. Gymnosperms
Ans. (c)

30. Olericulture deals with:
a. Flowers
b. Vegetables
c. Mushroom
d. Fruits
Ans. (b)

31. Annual rings are related with:
a. Dendrocronology
b. Palynology
c. Palentology
d. Cryology
Ans. (a)

32. Haematoxylene is a:
a. Basic stain
b. Nuclear stain
c. Acid stain
d. Mordant
Deleted Question

33. In nullisomic condition chromosome number is:
a. 2n‐2
b. 2n+2
c. 2n‐1
d. 2n+1
Ans. (a)

34. Which among the following acts as termination codon?
a. AUG
b. UAG
c. GUG
d. ATG
Ans. (b)

35. Energy star is used in:
a. Trusted site
b. E‐waste
c. Green computing
d. CD
Ans. (c)

36. Auxanometer is used to measure:
a. Plant growth
b. Intensity of sound
c. Water potential
d. Osmosis
Ans. (a)

37. Jeevani is
a. Name of an ethnomedicine
b. Carminative
c. A wee
d. Oil seed crop
Ans. (a)

38. Rules of botanical nomenclature are compiled in:
Ans. (b)

39. Father of plant tissue culture:
a. Haberlandt
b. Maheswari
c. Linnaeus
d. Hanning
Ans. (a)

40. Stele with leaf gap and branch gap:
a. Cladosiphonic
b. Phyllosiphonic
c. Amphiphloic
d. Protostele
Ans. (b)

41. The chemical constituent of the seed coat in synthetic seed:
a. Calcium chloride
b. Calcium alginate
c. Sodium nitrate
d. Sodium alginate
Ans. (b)

42. Major source of sugar in India
a. Beetroot
b. Sugarcane
c. Dates
d. Sugar beet
Ans. (b)

43. Glyoxylate pathway is concerned with:
a. Synthesis of sucrose
b. Net synthesis of glucose from fatty acids
c. Synthesis of ATP
d. Synthesis of NADPH
Deleted Question

44. Contribution of Van Rheed:
a. Flora of Presidency of Madras
b. Genera Plantarum
c. Hortus Indicus Malabaricus
d. Species plantarum
Ans. (c)

45. The primary acceptor of CO2 in C3 pathway is:
a. PEP
b. RuBP
c. GDP
Ans. (b)

46. Vivipary is shown by:
a. Parasite
b. Mesophyte
c. Hydrophyte
d. Halophyte
Ans. (d)

47. Colchicine is extracted from:
a. Bixa orellana
b. Colchicum autumnale
c. Gloriosa superba
d. Nicotiana tabaccum
Ans. (b)

48. Major hot spot in Kerala:
a. Silent Valley
b. Eravikulum
c. Nilgiri
d. Muthumalai
Deleted Question

49. Phylogeny describes:
a. Morphological similarity
b. Geographic distribution
c. Evolutionary history
d. Reproductive compatibility
Ans. (c)

50. Central dogma of molecular biology:
a. DNA
b. RNA
c. Insulin
d. Golden rice
Deleted Question


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