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Kerala PSC HSST Botany previous solved question papers

Kerala PSC higher secondary school teacher previous solved papers 
Category  No.  449/2010
Exam Date: 13/04/2012

1. Key enzyme in PCR:
a. Taq polymerase
b. EcoRI
c. Restriction endonuclease
d. Ligase
Ans. (a)

2. Rootless plant:
a. Rhizophora
b. Azolla
c. Salvinia
d. Grass
Ans. (c)

3. Diagrammatic representation of chromosome of an organism arranged according to
their size is called:
a. Genotype
b. Genome
c. Idiogram
d. Phenotype
Ans. (c)

4. Father of green revolution in India
a. Linnaeus
b. Haberlandt
c. K. Ramaih
d. M.S. Swaminathan
Ans. (d)

5. Which of the following is a petrocrop?
a. Jatropha
b. Fossil
c. Limestone
d. Crotalaria
Ans. (a)

6. Verticillaster inflorescence is found in:
a. Apiaceae
b. Lamiaceae
c. Rutaceae
d. Apocynaceae
Ans. (b)

7. Botanical database of plant specimens
b. Plant
c. Tropicos
d. Linux
Ans. (c)

8. The giant nature of salivary gland chromosome is due to:
a. Endomitosis
b. Mitosis
c. Amitosis
d. Meiosis
Ans. (a)

9. Palm oil obtained from:
a. Borassus flabellifer
b. Linum usitatissimum
c. Ricinus communis
d. Elaeis guinensis
Ans. (d)

10. Biological plastic:
a. Cellulose, hemicellulose, agarose
b. Cellulose, amylase, glactose
c. Cutin, lignin, suberin
d. Pectin, cutin, gelatin
Ans. (c)

11. Osmotic balancer in protoplast isolation:
a. Mannitol
b. Agar agar
c. Sodium alginate
d. None of the above
Ans. (a)

12. The induction of flowering by low temperature treatment is called:
a. Cryobiology
b. Photoperiodism
c. Vernalization
d. Silviculture
Ans. (c)

13. Ruminate endosperm is seen in the family:
a. Asclepiadaceae
b. Annonaceae
c. Acanthaceae
d. Alismataceae
Ans. (b)

14. Electrophoretic separation is based on:
a. Atomic weight
b. Charge
c. Polarity
d. Charge and polarity

15. The largest herbarium in the world is located at:
a. Geneva
b. New York
c. Kew
d. Paris
Ans. (d)

16. Greenhouse effect is caused by:
a. CO2
b. SO2
c. NO2
d. CO
Ans. (a)

17. Vincristin is extracted from
a. Catharanthus roseus
b. Ixora coccenia
c. Datura stramonium
d. Adathoda vasica
Ans. (a)

18. DNA fingerprinting involves:
a. RIA

19. In allopatric speciation, the initial barriers for gene flow is:
a. Behavioral
b. Post zygotic
c. Geographic
d. Ecological
Ans. (c)

20. An example to Transgenic plant:
a. BT cotton
b. Flavr Savr Tomato
c. Golden rice
d. All of these
Ans. (d)

21. An ocean oil spillage has been cleaned used bacteria. The process is:
a. Biocatalysis
b. Bioremediation
c. Southern blotting
d. Polymerization
Ans. (b)

22. Natural rubber is a:
a. Monoterpene
b. Diterpene
c. Polyglyceride
d. Polyterpene
Ans. (d)

23. A live viral vaccine
a. Pertussis
b. Typhoid
c. Poliomyelitis
d. Tetanus
Ans. (c)

24. In India for the first time the transgenic plants were introduced by the US company:
a. Celera genomics
b. Calgene
c. Indo American Hybrid Seeds
d. Monsanto
Ans. (d)

25. Blister blight of tea is caused by:
a. Aternaria solanii
b. Puccinia graminis
c. Exobasidium vexans
d. Mycoplasma
Ans. (c)


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