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Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 model questions 2017 Part 3

Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 model questions 2017 Part 3

41. The most important person in a hospital is?
(a) Medical officer
(b) Patient
(c) Staff nurse
(d) Pharmacist

42. Photophobia means?
(a) Fear of light
(b) Fear of films
(c) Fear of heat
(d) Fear of camera

43. The following are the presumptive signs of pregnancy except?
(a) Amenorrhoea
(b) Hegar’sign
(c) Morning sickness
(d) Quickening

44. Infection rate is known as?
(a) Mortality rate
(b) Prevention rate
(c) Morbidity rate
(d) Incidence rate

45. Total weight gain in pregnancy
(a) 12 kg
 (b) 13 kg
(c) 14 kg
(d) 10 kg

46. Pacemaker of heart is?
(a) AV Node
(b) Atrial septum
(c) Bundle of HlS
(d) SA Node

47. Foetal movement is a positive sign of pregnancy felt .......... week on wards?
(a) 20
(b) 21
(c) 22
(d) 23

48. Right lung has?
(a) 2 lobes
(b) 3 lobes
(c) 4 lobs
(d) 1 lobe

49. The position of a patient who is recovering from general anaesthesia?
(a) Supine
(b) Semi fowler’s
(c) High fowler’s
(d) Side lying

50. The term ‘Euthanasia’ means?
(a) Suicide
(b) Murder
(c) Mercy killing
(d) Homicide

51. Most important method of preventing amoebic dysentry is?
(a) Fly control
(b) Sewage disposal
(c) Pasteurisation
(d) Mosquito control

52. Which is an endemic disease in the following?
(a) Typhoid
(b) Anthrax
(c) Plague
(d) Cholera

53. Main symptom of an acute attack of ulcerative colitis is?
(a) Vomiting
(b) Abdominal pain
(c) Diarrhoea
(d) Fever

54. Basic building blocks of nervous system is?
(a) Axons
(b) Neurons
(c) Cytons
(d) Dendrites

55. Neuroleptics are the drugs of choice to relieve symptom of?
(a) Psychosis
(b) Depression
(c) Hyperkinesis
(d) Narcotic Withdrawal

56. Blood clot in a blood vessel is termed as?
(a) Embolus
(b) Atheroma
(c) Arteroma
(d) Thrombus

57 Which is the normal female pelvis in 50 percent of mothers?
(a) Android
(b) Gynaecoid
(c) Anthropoid
(d) Plattypelloid

58. WHO Headquarters is at?
(a) Geneva
(b) Oslo
(c) Washington
(d) Stockholm

59. The feed given to the baby in the place of a breast feed is known as?
(a) Artificial feed
(b) Supplementary feed
(c) Complementary feed
(d) None of above

60. Antepartum means before?
(a) Death
(b) Hospitalization
(c) Delivery
(d) Operation

Answers:  41.(b), 42.(a), 43.(b), 44.(c), 45.(a), 46.(d), 47.(c), 48.(b), 49.(d), 50.(c), 51.(b), 52.(a), 53.(c), 54.(b), 55.(a), 56.(d), 57.(b), 58.(a), 59.(b), 60.(c)

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