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Kerala PSC LD typist/Clerk Typist solved paper Part 3

Kerala PSC LD typist/Clerk Typist / Typist Clerk exam Solved Paper 2017

Exam Date: 09/03/2017

51. Which of the following is not related with ribbon movement?
(a) Ribbon throw
(b)Step by step movement(p)
(c)Reverse movement
(d)Lengthwise movement

52. Where is the ribbon set on the typewriter?
(a) Spool (p)

53. For what purpose the line space disengaging lever used?
(a) Paper release
(b)Margin release
(c)Variable line spacing(p)
(d)None of the above

54. On pressing the back space key, the carriage moves towards
(a) One space left
(b)One space right(p)
(c)Half space left
(d)None of the above

55. Which part of the carriage helps in easy insertion of paper in the typewriter?
(a) Cylinder
(b)Margin stops
(c)Bail rolls
(d)Feed rolls(p)

56. Which of the following helps to type properly on a ruled paper?
(a) Line space lever
(b)Push button(p)
(c)Carriage release lever
(d)Cylinder knobs

57. The semicircular arrangement of type bars on the segment helps in
(a) Striking of type bars through the printing point(p)
(b)Typing capital letters
(c)Ribbon movement
(d)None of the above

58. Which among the following causes bad alignment while typing on a typewriter?
(a) Lack of uniform touch
(b)Faulty depression of shift keys
(c)Both (1) and (2)(p)
(d)None of the above

59. What connects the main spring with the carriage?
(a) Draw band(p)
(b)Dog block
(c)Ratchet wheel
(d)Carriage racks

60. Which part of the typewriter helps to avoid the contact of the paper with oily parts of the typewriter?
(a) Paper table(p)
(b)Bail scale
(c)Paper bail
(d)Key board

61. Which position of the ribbon indicator helps in stencil cutting?
(a) Black
(d)None of the above

62. What helps to rotate the cylinder of a typewriter while typing?
(a) Push button
(b)Thumb wheel(p)
(c)Ratchet wheel
(d)Carriage release lever

63. Platen is the other name of ____.
(a) Cylinder(p)
(b)Paper plate
(c)Tabulator bar
(d)Space bar

64. On which side of the keyboard is the shift lock key located?
(a) Left and right
(d)None of the above

65. In a business letter, the recipient’s address is typed on the ___.
(a) Left side before salutation(p)
(b)Bottom left side
(c)In the head address
(d)None of the above

66. Which finger is used to type the  letter ‘C’?
(a) Right index finger
(b)Right middle finger
(c)Left middle finger
(d)Left index finger(p)

67. While typing a statement margins are set
(a) 10 space at left and 5 space at right
(b)5 space at left and 10 space at right
(c)15 space at left and 10 space at right
(d)Equal margin at left and right(p)

68. ‘Dear Sirs’ is used as salutation in
(a) Official letter
(b)Business letter(p)
(c)Demi official letter

69. ‘By the order of the Governor’ is seen in
(a) Memorandum
(b)Govt. Official letter
(c)Govt. order(p)
(d)U O Note

70. A duplicator is used
(a) for taking one or more copies of a typed matter
(b)to cut a stencil
(c)to take many copies using carbon paper
(d)to take several copies using stencil paper(p)

71. ________ helps to give uniform margin on all sheets while typing.
(a) Paper shelf
(b)Paper guide(p)
(c)Paper bail
(d)Margin stops

72. The complimentary close ‘yours sincerely’ is generally used in
(a) Official letter
(b)Business letter
(c)Personal letter
(d)D.O. letter(p)

73. Master key in English typewriter is
(a) Q
(c)N (p)

74. The universal keyboard is also known as
(a) ASDF Keyboard
(b)LKJ Keyboard
(c)QWERTY Keyboard(p)
(d)Caligraph Keyboard

75. Choose the odd one out
(a) Foolscap

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