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Kerala PSC LD typist previous Question paper Part 4

Kerala PSC LD typist/Clerk Typist / Typist Clerk exam Solved Paper 2017 Part 4 

Exam Date: 09/03/2017

76. The first line of a new paragraph appearing at the end of a page is called
(a) Tailpieces
(b)Orphan line
(c)Widow line(p)

77. The instruction for typing a word scored off in a manuscript is indicated by
(a) del

78. Thumb wheels are also called
(a) Push button
(b)Cylinder knobs(p)
(c)Pinion wheel
(d)Feed rolls

79. Expansion of ‘EMD’ in Tender Notice
(a) Earned Money Deposit
(b)Earnest Money Deposit(p)
(c)Earnest Money Demanded
(d)None of the above

80. Splitting up of words at the end of lines is termed
(a) Syllabification(p)

81. Which one of the following is an output device?
(a) Printer (p)

82. ASCII stands for
(a) American Standard Code for Information Interchange(p)
(b)American Secured Code for Information Interchange
(c)American Special Code for Information Interchange
(d)American Standard Code for Interchange Information

83. Which one of the following is not an antivirus software?
(a) Avira
(d)Trojan Horse(p)

84. Which of the following shortcut key is used for saving a document in MS Word?
(a) Ctrl+O
(c)Ctrl+S (p)

85. The file extension of a power point presentation
(a) .xls

86. Any crime that involves a computer and a network is called
(a) Cyber addiction
(b)Cyber ethics
(c)Cyber crime(p)
(d)None of the aboveboard

87. Which are the tabs available in page setup dialog box of MS Word?
(a) Margins Tab, Column Tab, Page break Tab
(b)Margin Tab, Paper Tab, Layout Tab(p)
(c)Font Tab, Paragraph Tab, Styles Tab
(d)Insert Tab, Paper Tab, Layout Tab

88. The default worksheets of a workbook in MS Excel 2007 is
(a) 4

89. In excel, the intersection of row and column is known as
(a) Cell(p)

90. Choose the odd one
(a) Linux
(d)MS Office(p)

91. Which one of the following is not a super computer?

92. Total number of rows in MS Excel 2003
(a) 65536(p)

93. A special text that printed at the top of each page is known as
(a) Footer

94. Which of the following is not available in Page Layout Tab of MS Word 2007?
(a) Margins
(d)Document views(p)

95. Which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?
(a) General

96. In MS Powerpoint the ‘Slide Orientation’ button can be found in the
(a) Design Tab(p)
(b)Animations Tab
(c)View Tab
(d)Home Tab

97. The shortcut key used to insert a hyper link in MS Word is
(a) Ctrl+K (p)

98. Which one of the following is not a web browser?
(a) Internet Explorer
(b)Mozilla Firefox

99. A computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area is called
(a) WAN
(d)None of the above

100. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word screen?
(a) Tab stop
(b)Left indent
(c)Center indent(p)
(d)Right indent

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