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Kerala PSC Drug inspector Previous Question paper 2017

Kerala PSC Drug inspector solved papers 2017 Part 2
Date of exam: 01-03-2017

26. The schedule which mention the list of substances that should be sold by retail only on prescription of registered medical practitioner:
(a) Schedule H
(b) Schedule W
(c) Schedule M
(d) Schedule J

27. Chairman of DTAB:
(a) Director of Health Services
(b) Drug Cotnroller of India
(c) President, Pharmacy Council of India
(d) President, Medical Council of India

28. The purple coloured complex formed during the limit test for iron:
(a) Ferric thioglycolate
(b) Ferrous thioglycollate
(c) Thiopentone sodium
(d) Ferric thiocyanate

29. Centrally acting muscle relaxant:
(a) Dantrolene sodium
(b) D-Tubocurarine
(c) Dexamethonim
(d) Diazepam

30. Drug used in methanol poisoning:
(a) Fomepizole
(b) Disulfiram
(c) Rabiprazole
(d) Clotrimazole

31. Drug used in absence seizures:
(a) Phenobarbitone
(b) Carbamazepine
(c) Phenytoin
(d) Ethosuximide

32. Gutzeit apparatus is used to carry out:
(a) Limit test for iron
(b) Limit test for chloride
(c) Limit test for arsenic
(d) Assay of copper sulphate

33. Specific benzodiazepine antagonist:
(a) Mterazole
(b) Flumazenil
(c) Bemegride
(d) Flurazepam

34. Chaulmoogra oil is:
(a) Antiepileptic
(b) Tranquiliser
(c) Antileprotic
(d) Aromatic

35. Urinary acidifier shows expectorant activtiy:
(a) Ammonium chloride
(b) Potassium chloride
(c) Magnesium chloride
(d) Aluminium chloride

36. Dragendorffs test is used to detect:
(a) Glycosides
(b) Alkaloids
(c) Tannins
(d) Terpenoids

37. Hydrated magnesium silicate is:
(a) Alum
(b) Lactose
(c) Bentonite
(d) Talc
38. Cinchona is used as:
(a) Antispychotic
(b) Anthelmintic
(c) Hypolipidaemic
(d) Antimalarial

39. Reddish brown colour of calamine is due to:
(a) Zinc chloride
(b) Ferric chloride
(c) Ferric oxide
(d) Potassium permanganate

40. Lugols Solution contains:
(a) 5% W/v Iodine 10% w/v Potassium iodide
(b)10% W/v Iodine 20% w/v Potassium
(c) 20% Potassium iodide (d) Hydrogen peroxide 6%

41. Digitalis act by inhibiting:
(a) Na+K+ATPase
(b) H+K+ATPase
(c) Kininase II
(d) Protein kinase

42. Aldosterone antagonist:
(a) Frusemide
(b) Valsartan
(c) Acetazolamide
(d) Spiranolactone

43. Long term procainamide therapy can cause:
(a) Dry cough
(b) Alopecia
(c) Potural hypotension
(d) Systemic lupus erythematosus

44. Verapamil is a:
(a) Calcium channel blocker
(b) Potassium channel opener
(c) Angiotensin receptor antagonist
(d) Beta Blocker

45. Anthraquinone glycosides are detected by:
(a) Modified Borntragers test
(b) Legal test
(c) Vitali morin test
(d) Balget test

46. Antidote for cyanide poisoning:
(a) N-Acetyl cysteine
(b) Physostigmine
(c) Sodium nitrite
(d) Pralidoxime

47. Central sympatholytic used in hypertension:
(a) Prazocin (b) Nifedipine
(c) Propranolol
(d) Methyldopa

48. Mannitol is used as:
(a) Diuretic
(b) Antidiarrhoel
(c) Anti hypertensive
(d) Anti anxitey

49. Silk is obtained from:
(a) Ovis aeris
(b) Bombyx mori
(c) Gossypium hirsutum
(d) Cannabis sativa

50. Warfarin is:
(a) Hypoglycaemic
(b) Urinary antiseptic
(c) Oral anticoagulant
(d) In vitro anticoagulant

Answers: 26.a, 27.a, 28.b, 29.d, 30.a, 31.d, 32.c, 33.b, 34.c, 35.a, 36.b, 37.d, 38.d, 39.c, 40.a, 41.a, 42.d, 43.d, 44.a, 45.a, 46.c, 47.d, 48.a, 49.b, 50.c.

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