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Kerala PSC Civil excise officer previous question paper

Kerala PSC Civil excise officer (trainee) Excise department Previous solved Question paper part 3

51. Criticism of other religion _______ hatred and violence among Indians.
(A) dead end to
(B) one's conscience pricks one
(C) fan the flame of(p)
(D) bear fruit

52. If he went there,--------------
(A) he will meet her
(B) he would meet her
(C) he would have meet her(p)
(D) none of these

53. Raghu is --------------- boy in the class
(A) taller
(B) not tall
(C) one of the tall
(D) the tallest(p)

54. Have you ______ money on you?
(A) any(p)
(B) some
(C) sum
(D) none of these

55. The plural of the word goose is:
(B) goossess
(C) geese(p)
(D) gèase

56. Raju _______  in hospital for two weeks.
(A) has lied
(B) has been lying(p)
(C) lied
(D) had lied

57. Pick out the phrasal verb which means the word underlined:
The officer promised to examine my ear without delay.
(A) turn up
(B) look up
(C) look into(p)
(D) look out

58. A teen aged boy is informally called as;
(A) lad(p)
(B) lord
(C) bachelor
(D) youth

59. She cried for help when attacked by robbers.
(A) frantic
(B) fabricated
(C) frantice
(D) frantically(p)

60. The rule laid down the by-law are too rigid to observe. We need more ones.
(A) flexible(p)
(B) unrigid
(C) in rigid
(D) common

61. There ----------a new pair of scissors on the table.
(A) were
(B) are
(C) is(p)
(D) none of these

62. Choose the most acceptable sentence from the brackets:
(A) She is greedy although dishonest
(B) She is too greedy to dishonest
(C) She is such dishonest that greedy
(D) She is greedy as well as dishonest(p)

63. _______ Queen Victoria is a famous British Ship,
(A) A
(B) The(p)
(C) An
(D) Any

64. A beautiful girl is always of other girl's beauty.
(A) envy
(B) envied
(C) envyful
(D) envious(p)

65. To be indifferent _______ our work is a serious offence.
(A) to(p)
(B) with
(C) for
(D) about

66. Choose the word with correct spelling:
(A) monumant
(B) monument(p)
(C) monumont
(D) mounument

67. Pick out the reported form of the given sentence : "Don't sit here " he said to the boy.
(A) He said the boy don't sit there
(B) He advised the boy did not sit there
(C)He told the boy not to sit there(p)
(D) He told the boy doesn't sit there

68. The earth was:
(A) once thought to be flat(p)
(B) once flat to be
(C) thought once been flat
(D) once think to be flat

69. Pick out the correct tag question:
You will come for the party, -----------------?
(A) would you
(B) won't you(p)
(C)will you
(D) could you

70. Choose the one word for the words underlined:
Bhagath Singh's death for a noble cause is remembered by all Indians.
(A) death
(B) slaughter
(C) kill
(D) martyrdom (p)

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