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Civil excise officer (trainee) Excise department solved Paper

Civil excise officer (trainee) Excise department Previous solved Question paper part 1

1. Where do Jarawa tribe live?
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Andaman and Nicobar Islands(p)
 (C) Lakshadweep
 (D) None

2. How many types of emergencies are in the Indian Constitution?
 (A) 4
 (B) 2
 (D) 6

3. Who is the chairman of Planning Commission of India?
 (A) Prime Minister of India(p)
 (B) President of India
 (C) Governor, RBI
 (D) Finance Minister of India

4. In which year the partition of Bengal was cancelled?
 (A) 1905
 (B) 1909
 (C) 1921
 (D) 1911(p)

5. What should be given to an athlete for instant energy?
 (A) Vitamin
 (B) Carbohydrates(p)
 (C) Protein
 (D) Fat

6. Which tree is called "wonder tree"?
 (A) Coconut
 (B) Mango
 (C) Neem(p)
 (D) Jack Fruit

(7). A Terabyte is equal to:
 (A) 1024 kilobytes
 (B) 1014 Megabytes
 (C) 1010 Gigabytes
 (D) 1024 Gigabytes(p)

8. Venganoor is the birthplace of:
 (A) Ayya Vaikundar
 (B) Chattambi Swami
 (C) Ayyankali(p)
 (D) Pandit Karuppan

9. Who won Saraswati Samman 2012?
 (A) Amrita Pritam
 (B) Sugathakumari(p)
 (C) Dr.M.Leelavathi
 (D) Dr. Sashi Tharoor

10. Which animal is the mascot of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)?
 (A) Giant Panda(p)
 (B) Tiger
 (C )Bear
 (D) Lion

11. Name India's first dedicated navigation satellite;
 (A) IRS-1A
 (B) IRS-lB
 (D) IRNSS-1A(p)

12. Who won Men's singles in French Open 2013?
 (A) Rafael Nadal(p)
 (B) Spaniard David
 (C)Pete Sampras
 (D) Bob Bryan

13. The year in which V.T. Bhattathiripad wrote his play Adukkalayil Ninnum Arangathekku:
 (D) 1946

14. Which of the following is a major wheat growing State?
 (A)Himachal Pradesh
 (B) Uttar Pradh(p)
 (C) West Bengal

15. Which was the first linguistic State in India?
 (A) Andhra Pradesh(p)
 (B) Kerala
 (C) Gujarat
 (D) Rajasthan

16. The members of the Rajya Sabha are elected for:
 (A) For life
 (B) Six years(p)
 (C) Four years
 (D) Five years

17. Total number of Nationalized Banks in India:
 (A) 14
 (B) 19
 (C) 20(p)

18. The statue of a dancing girl excavated from:
 (A) Lothal
 (B) Rupar
 (C) Surkotada
 (D) None of these(p)
 It was found in the "HR area" of Mohenjo-daro in 1926 by Ernest Mackay

19. The widely used antibiotic Penicillin, is produced by:
 (A) An algae
 (B) A fungus(p)
 (C) A bacterium
 (D) Synthetic means

20. Who won Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2012?
 (A) Pran Sikand(p)
 (B) Amitabh Bachan
 (C) Anupam ther
 (D) Bhupan Hazarika

21. Malayali Memorial, a memorandum submitted by people to Maharaja Sree Moolam Thirunal in:
 A) 1909
 (B) 1876
 (C) 1894
 (D) 1891(p)

22. Which of the following day is celebrated as Kargil Victory day?
 A) July 16
 (B) July 20
 (C) July 26(p)
 (D) July 31

23. Name of the following country is not included in the BRICS:
 (A) Brazil
 (B) Chile(p)
 (C) India
 (D) South Africa

24. World Environment Day is celebrated on:
 (A) April 21
 (B) May 1
 (C) June 1
 (D) June 5(p)

25. Tajmahal, is on the banks of the river:
 (A) Yamuna(p)
 (B) Kaveri
 (C) Ganga
 (D) Alakananda

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