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Kerala PSC Junior Instructor Surveyor Solved Paper January 2017

Junior Instructor (Surveyor) Industrial Training Solved paper 2017
Category code: 015/16
Date of Exam: 24/01/2017

51. A sextant can measure angle up to:
(a) 60° 
(b) 90° 
(c) 120° 
(d) 180°

52. Brass is an alloy of:
(a) Copper and zinc
(b) Zinc and lead
(c) Lead and tin
(d) Tin and silvers

53. During sieve analysis of Portland Cement, the sieve used is :
(a) No.3 
(b) No.5
(c) No.7 
(d) No.9

54. The limiting force of friction is :
(a) Frictional force acting when the body is just about to move
(b) Value of frictional force which stops the movement of body
(c) The value of frictional force which cannot exceed under a situation
(d) Frictional force acting on a body when it is in motion

55.Which of the statement is correct?
(a) Height of instrument method is more tedious
(b) Rise and fall method is rapid
(c) All checks are made in height of instrument method
(d) None of the above

56. Galvanizing is done with a thin layer of :
(a) Copper 
(b) Zinc
(c) Lead 
(d) Cadmium

57. Weight of RCC Member is generally taken as:
(a) 200 kg per cum
(b) 1800 kg per cum
(c) 2200 kg per cum
(d) 2500 kg Per cum

58. Ties : strut is:
(a) Pier: Purlin
(b) Angle : tee
(c) Tension : Compression
(d) Roller support : hinge

59. At magnetic pole the dip of magnetic needle is:
(a) 0 
(b) 45 
(c) 90 
(d) 180

60. PVC stands for :
(a) Plastic Very Compact
(b) Poly Vinyl Chloride
(c) Polythene Vinyl Chloride
(d) Phosphorous Vanadiurn Carbide

61.Which type of vibrator is generally used?
(a) Needle 
(b) Surface
(c) Screen 
(d) Form

62. Unit of strain is:
(a) Nmm 
(b) N/mm
(c) N/mm2 
(d) Dimensionless

63. Which of the following is the largest size of drawing sheet?
(a) A0 
(b) A1 
(c) A2 
(d) A3

64. Alumina is:
(a) A12SO4 
(b) SiO2
(c) A12SO3 
(d) Al2O3

65. Finer the cement:
(a) more the surface area
(b) more is the separation of water at the top of concrete
(c) reaction with water gets retarded
(d) less is the shrinkage and cracking of concrete

66. Hooks law states that:
(a) Stress proportional to 1/strain
(b) Stress proportional to strain 2
(c) Stress is proportional to strain
(d) None of the above

67. Bench mark is established by:
(a) Spirit leveling
(b) Trigonometric leveling
(c) Hypsometry

(d) Barometric leveling

68. Which metal has highest melting point?
(a) Tin 
(b) Tungsten
(c) Copper 
(d) Lead

69. A Theodolite may be used for:
(a) Laying of horizontal angle
(b) Locating Points on a line
(c) Determining differencc in elevation
(d) All the above

70. Bleaching powder is:
(a) Lime
(b) Chloride of lime
(c) Hypo chloride of lime
(d) Slaked lime

71. A closed contour line with one or more higher value inside represents:
(a) A valley 
(b) A hill
(c) A pond 
(d) A well

72. Point of contra flexure occur in:
(a) Continuous beam
(b) Cantilever beam
(c) Simply supported beam
(d) All types of beams

73. The equatorial radius of earth:
(a) 6378 
(b) 6356 
(c) 6344 
(d) 6327

74. Which of the following is expensive?
(a) Zinc paint
(b) Aluminium paint
(c) Cellulose paint
(d) Spirit varnish

75. The line of collimation is the imaginari straight line joining:
(a) Eye piece to object glass
(b) Diaphragm to eye piece and its continuation
(c) Parallel to horizontal axis 
(d) Perpendicular to the axis of telescope

Answers: 51.C, 52.A, 53.D, 54.A, 55.D, 56.B, 57.D, 58.C, 59.C, 60.B, 61.A, 62.D, 63.A, 64.D, 65.A, 66.C, 67.A, 68.B, 69.D, 70.C, 71.B, 72.A, 73.A, 74.C, 75.B


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