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Kerala PSC junior instructor surveyor Industrial training Solved paper 2017

Junior Instructor (Surveyor) Industrial Training Solved paper 2017
Category code: 015/16
Date of Exam: 24/01/2017

26. Half turn stair is one which has its direction changed for:
(a) 45°
(b) 90°
(c) 180°
(d) 360°

27. Initial setting time of quick setting cement is:
(a) 5 minutes
(b) 10 minutes
(c) 30 minutes
(d) 50 minutes

28. Number of rise in a stair will be:
(a) 1 less than number of tread
(b) 1 more than number of tread
(c) Equal to number of tread
(d) Depends on height of stair

29. The leveling of instrument is done so that:
(a) Line of collimation is truly horizontal
(b) Line of sight is truly horizontal
(c) Optical axis is truly vertical
(d) Vertical axis is truly vertical

30. Roof formed by four sloping side in four direction is:
(a) Hip roof
(b) Gable roof
(c) Lean to roof
d) Deck roof

31. Bulking of sand is caused by:
(a) Clay content
(b) Surface moisture
(c) Air voids
(d) Viscosity

32. Rate of lead and lift in the case of excavation of earth is for:
(a) 30 m lead and 1.5 m lift
(b) 30 m lift and 1.5 m lead
(c) 10 m lead and 1 m lift
(d) 1 m lift and 10 m lead

33. If contour lines are equally spaced, they indicate:
(a) Steep slope
(b) Uniform slope
(c) Depression

(d) Plain ground

34. The slump recommended for concrete work for foundation in mm is:
(a) 25-50 
(b) 25-75
(c) 50-75 
(d) 75-125

35. Water absorption for First Class brick in 24 Hours immersion in water should not exceed:
(a) 5% 
(b) 10% 
(c) 15% 
(d) 20%

36. The volume of cement in a 50 kg bag in litres is:
(a) 25 
(b) 34.7 
(c) 44.7 
(d) 50

37. The instrument used for measurement of area on a contour map is:
(a) Area meter 
(b) Clinometer
(c) Planimeter 
(d) Graphometer

38. Dado is generally provided in:
(a) Bathroom 
(b) Balcony
(c) Verandah 
(d) Dining hall

39. The maximum Percentage of ingredient of cement is:
(a) Alumina 
(b) Silica
(c) Lime 
(d) Iron oxide

40. For steel pipe work, the important dimension is:
(a) Length 
(b) Diameter
(c) Gauge 
(d) All the above

41. Which of the following is the  method of resection?
(a) Method of radiation
(b) Orientation by back sight
(c) Method of traverse
(d) Method of intersection

42. Pile foundations are provided on:
(a) Compact soil 
(b) Hard rock

(c) Soft rock 
(d) Water logged soil

43. Tensile strength of wood is:
(a) Maximum in direction parallel to grain
(b) Minimum in direction parallel to grain
(c) Maximum in direction perpendicular to grain
(d) Same in all direction

44. Which one is weak concrete?
(a) 1:2:4 
(b) 1:3:6
(c) 1:4:8 
(d) 1:5:10

45. Two forces, 6 kg and 8 kg act at right angle to each other. The resultant force will be:
(a) 10 
(b) 14 
(c) 28 
(d) 41

46. Which one has least area?
(e) Are 
(b) Acre
(c) Hectare 
(d) Square mile

47. Black cotton soil:
(a) Has high bearing capacity
(b) Gives bad appearance to building due to black colour
(c) Has negligible Permeability
(d) Undergoes large volumetric change with moisture

48. Turpentine oil is used in paints as:
(a) Base 
(b) Thinner
(c) Drier 
(d) Vehicle

49. The percentage of gypsum added to Portland cement during the manufacture is:
(a) 0.2% 
(b) 03-0.5%
(c) 2.5-3.5% 
(d) 10-15%

50. When a body moves round a fixed axis it will be:
(a) Translation motion
(b) Rotator motion
(c) Swinging motion
(d) Circular motion

Answers: 26.C, 27.A, 28.B, 29.D, 30.B, 31.B, 32.A, 33.B, 34.B, 35.D, 36.B, 37.C, 38.A, 39.C, 40.D, 41.B, 42.D, 43.A, 44.D, 45.A, 46.A, 47.D, 48.B, 49.C, 50.D


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