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Kerala PSC Junior Instructor (Surveyor) Industrial Training solved Paper 2017

Junior Instructor (Surveyor) Industrial Training Solved paper 2017
Category code: 015/16
Date of Exam: 24/01/2017

1. Number of hectares in a square kilometre:
(a) 1
(b) 10
(c) 100
(d) 10000

2. A stone masonry of finely dressed stone laid in cement or lime are known as:
(a) Ashlar masonry
(b) Coursed rubble masonry
(c) Rubble masonry
(d) Random rubble masonry

3. Cooling of molten lava on or inside the earth surface during the volcanic eruption is:
(a) Sedimentary rock
(b) Metamorphic rock
(c) Stratified rock
(d) Igneous rock

4. For opening exceeding 0.5 sqm but not exceeding 3 sqm:
(a) No deduction is made
(b) Deduction is made for both faces
(c) Deduction is made for one face
(d) None of the above

5. The whole circle bearing of 327° 24l in terms of quadrantal bearing would be:
(a) N 32° 36l E
(b) N 32° 36lW
(c) N 57° 24lW
(d) S 57° 24lW

6. Which statement is correct?
(a) Frog is the depression on top face of brick
(b) Queen closer is portion of brick obtained by cutting brick across the length
(c) Bat is obtained by cutting the brick along the length
(d) Perpend is the horizontal joint in masonry

7, Which statement is correct?
(a) Sand stone is metamorphic rock
(b) Laterite is sedimentary rock
(c) Basalt is sedimentary rock
(d) Granite is igneous rock

8. Painting co-efficient of flush door is:
(a) One time one surface area
(b) Two times one surface area
(c) 2.25 times one surface area
(d) 3 times one surface area

9. An invar tape is made of:
(a) Nickel and steel
(b) Nickel and copper
(c) steel and aluminium
(d) Copper and aluminium

10. The projecting ornamental course near the top of wall is:
(a) Corbel
(b) Cornice
(c) Jamb
(d) Copping

11. Vicat apparatus is used to determine all the following except:
(a) Initial setting time
(b) Final setting time
(c) Fineness of cement
(d) Consistency of cement

12. Density of steel is:
(a) 1 quintal per cum
(b) 78.5 quintal per cum
(c) 7850 quintal per cum
(d) 1000 kg per cum

13. Sum of measured interior angle of a closed traverse, when number of sides of the traverse in should be:
(a) (2n-4)x90°
(b) 180°
(c) 360°
(d) (2n+4)x90°

14. Bond in which each course comprises of alternate header and stretcher is:
(a) English bond
(b) Flemish bond
(c) Stretcher bond
(d) Header bond

15. Full strength of concrete is achieved after:
(a) 28 days
 (b) 21 days
(c) 14 days
(d) 7 days
16. Unit weight of 10 mm dia steel bar is:
(a) 0.1 kg per m
(b) 0.22 kg per m
(c) 0.39 kg per m
(d) 0.62 kg per m

17. In a traverse the deflection angle is the difference between:
(a) Included angle and 90°
(b) Included angle and 270°
(c) Included angle and 180
(d) Included angle and 360°
18. Inner surface of arch is ca1led:
(a) Extrados
(b) Spandrels
(c) Haunch
(d) Soffit

19. Separation of water from fresh concrete is:
(a) Hydration
(b) Curing
(c) Bleeding
(d) Segregation

20. Volume of trapezoidal footing having base area, A1, top area A2 and mid area Am and height H is:
(a) H/2[A1+A2+4Am]
(b) H/6[A1+A2+4Am]
(c) H/6[A1+A2- 4Am]
(d) H/2[A1+A2- 4Am]

21. One Nautical mile in metres is:
(a) 1562
(b) 1582
(c) 1652
(d) 1852

22. The vertical member of wood or metal supporting handrail is:
(a) Newel post
(b) Stringer
(c) Baluster
(d) Riser

23. Efflorescence is caused by:
(a) Presence of alkaline salt
(b) Low silica content of brick
(c) High pH value of water
(d) All the above

24. Mix proportion for DPC 2.5 cm cement concrete is:
(a) 1:1.5:3
(b) 1:2:4
(c) 1:2
(d) 1:3

25. The cross hairs in a telescope are fitted:
(a) At the centre of telescope
(b) In front of eye piece
(c) In the objective glass
(d) At the optical centre of eye piece

Answers: 1.C, 2.A, 3.D, 4.C, 5.B, 6.A, 7.D, 8 No Answer 9.A, 10.B, 11.C, 12.B, 13.A, 14.B, 15.A, 16.D, 17.C, 18.D,  9.C, 20.B, 21.D, 22.C, 23.D, 24.B, 25.B,


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