Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Current Affairs Questions and answers February 2017

Current Affairs February 2017 Question and answers

1. Which is the first state to send postal ballots electronically to service voters?
Ans: Goa

2. Which neighboring country launched a 10 year plan to stop depending on India for importing vegetables?
Ans: Nepal

3. Who won the 2016-17 Under-19 Cooch Behar Cricket Trophy?
Ans: Bengal

4. Which Indian badminton player won the women's singles title in the 2017 Malaysia Masters
Grand Prix?
Ans: Saina Nehwal

5. Which town has been declared as the second capital of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Dharamsala

6. Who is the new Director of CBI?
Ans: Alok Kumar Verma

7. Who is the new Vice President of the United States?
Ans:  Mike Pence

8. Whose autobiography is 'The Art of the Deal'?
Ans: Donald Trump

9. ATM facility was recently launched in which Indian warship?
Ans: I.N.S. Vikramaditya

10. Who was the man of the series in the recently concluded ODI series between India and England?
Ans: Kedar Jadhav

11. Adama Barrow is the new President of which African country?
Ans: Gambia

12. Which noted scientist, often referred to as the 'Father of Indian Palynology' (study of pollen
grains), passed away recently?
Ans: Parmeshwaran Krishnan Kutty Nair ( P.K.K. Nair)

Dr. P.K.K. Nair is known for his contribution to the development of the science of Palynology in
India, a subject dealing with pollen grain. He is responsible for defining the modern concept of palynological science based on plant reproductive biology. He founded Environment Resources
Research Centre (ERRC) in thiruvananthapuram in 1991. He is also credited with the postulating the triphyletic theory of origin of flowering plants (angiosperms) and the development of a national database for airborne particulate materials (aerospora) for use in the study of human allergy.

13. Which movie, written and directed by Woody Harrelson, was shot in a single take and broadcast live to 500 theatres?
Ans: Lost in London

14. First passenger bus to run on biogas is to be launched in which city?
Ans: Kolkata

15. Which Indian scientist, popularly known as the 'Black Hole Man of India' passed away recently?
Ans:  Prof. Vishweshwara

Professor C.V. Vishveshwara is known for his pioneering work on black holes. In the 1970s, while at
University of Maryland, he was among the first to study 'black holes' even before they had been so named. His calculations succeeded in giving a graphical form to the signal that would be emitted by two merging black holes.

16. Name the Mohiniyattam exponent who was recently awarded the Kerala Tourism's Nishagandhi Puraskaram.
Ans: Bharati Shivaji

17. Which state organized human chain recently to support prohibition of liquor?
Ans: Bihar

18. Where was the 4 lakh square feet latest IT building, 'Jyothirmaya' inaugurated recently?
Ans: Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi

19. Who won the 2017 Desert T20 Challenge?
Ans: Afghanistan

 Desert T20 Challenge was a Twetny20 International cricket tournament held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Seven Associate Members of the ICC eligible for taking part in T20 International matches (Papua New Guniea did not participate) and Namibia participated in the tournament

20. Name the women's football league launched in India.
Answer:  Indian Women's League


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