Monday, October 17, 2016

Beverages corporation ld clerk previous questions

Beverages corporation lower division clerk previous questions part 1

1. Which is the Head quarters of Kerala Forest Research Station
a) Palode
b) Peechi(√)
c) Lakkidy
d) Munnar

2. The famous folk dance 'Padayani' is originated at:
a) Kadammanitta(√)
b) Chovva •
c) Bekal
d) Cherhuruthy

3. The first Malayalee who got"Padmavibhushan'
a) Vallathole Narayana Menon
b) V.K. Krishna Menon (√)
c) V.R. Krishna lyer
d) A. K. Gopalan

4. The Lion Safari Park in Kerala is situated at:
a) Silent Valley National Park
b) Thekkady
c) Peppara
d) Marakkunnam Island (√)

5. The Kerala Kalamandalam was established in the year:
a) 1930(√)
b) 1830
c) 1950
d) 1925

6. National University of Advanced Legal Studies is at:
a) 8angalore
b) Kochi(√)
c) Delhi
d) Chennai

7. The Kerala villages selected by UNDP for local self tourism development
a) Aranmula and Kumbalangy(√)
b) Peerumedu and Munnar
c) Mannarkkad and Malampuzha
d) Kovalam and Veli

8.'Galasa' programme is associated with:
a) art
b) culture
c) Agriculture(√)
d) Literature

9. In which year 'Kudumbasree Programme’ was started:
a) 1982
b) 1998(√)
c) 2000
d) 2005

10. Which is latest wild life sanctuary in Kerala?
a) Eravikulam
b) Silent Valley
c) Periyar
d) Malabar(√)

11. The instrument used for measuring the density or relative density of liquids:
a) Hydrometer(√)
b) Hygrometer
c) Multimeter
d) Fathometer

12. Nuclides with the same atomic number, but different mass number are called:
a) Isotopes(√)
b) Isotones
c) Isobar
d) lsosteres

13. The techniques of estimating the age of the remains of a once-living organization
a) Uranium dating
b) Nuclear fusion
c) Transmutation
d) Carbon dating(√)

14. Solid carbon dioxide is known as:
a)Dry ice(√)
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Soda water
d) Solid carbon

15. The disorder characterized by the absence of melanin:
a) Hemophilia
b) Fabry's disease
c) Albinism(√)
d) Anemia

16. Thomas cup is associated with:
a) Badminton(√)
b) Cricket
c) Snooker
d) Chess

17. Who designed the new symbol for Indian Rupees?
a) Ramesh Varma
b) G.U.Sreekumar
c) D. Ramkumar
d) D. Udayakumar(√)

18 Right to Education Act (RTA) has become a legally enforceable law from:
a) Since independence
b) 1 April2010(√)
c) 1 January 2010
d) 26 January 1950

19. Pankaj Advani is associated with:
a) Politics
b) Film
c) Culture
d) Sports(√)

20. Who won 2010 ICC World Twentyl20 Cricket championship?
a) India
b) England(√)
c) Sri Lanka
d) Australia

21. Next Solar eclipse is likely to occur in the year:
a) 2020(√)
b) 3043
c) 3020
d) 2989

22. Kirit Parikh Committee was set up to review:
a) Petroleum pricing(√)
b) Parliamentary affairs
c) Telecommunications
d) Centre-State relations

23. M. F. Husain the famous Indian painter accepted the citizenship of:
a) Qatar(√)
b) K. S. A.
c) U.K.
d) U. S. A .

24. Oscar Award 2010 for the best actor was awarded to:
a) ChristopherWalts
b) James Cameron
c) Jeff Bridges(√)
d) Nicolas Cage

25. The place known as 'Ground Zero' is in:
a) Antarctica
b) Moon
c) U.S.A. (√)


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