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kerala psc confidential assistant previous solved paper

kerala psc confidential assistant grade II computed related questions

 1. In Word, the mailing list is known as the:
  (a) SHEET
  (b) DATA SOURCE(√)
  (c) SOURCE

 2. Which of the following is a graphic solution for word processors?
  (a) Word Art
  (b) Drop Cap
  (c) Clip Art(√)
  (d) None of these

 3. To get "symbol "dialog box, click on the ........ menu and choose symbol.
  (a) Insert(√)
  (b) Format
  (c) View
  (d) Page Layout

 4. The number of main spring used in a Typewriter?
 (a) Three
 (b) Two
 (c) One(√)
 (d) Five

 5. The Key F12 opens for:
 (a) Save dialogue box
 (b) Open dialogue box
 (c) Close dialogue box
 (d) Save as dialogue box (√)

 6. How many ways you can save a document?
 (a) 5
 (b) 3(√)
 (c) 4
 (d) 2

7. Bold, Italics, Regular are known as:
 (a) Text effects
 (b) Word Art
 (c) Font Styles(√)
 (d) Drop Cap

 8. What is the default left margin in Word 2003 document?

 (a) 1.25(√)
 (b) 1.5
 (c) 1
  (d) 2

 9. The short cut Key Ctrl+I is used to:
 (a) Insert line break
 (b) Applies Italic to selected text(√)
 (c) Increase font size
 (d) None of these

 10. Why Drop Cap are used in document?
 (a) To drop all the text in lower case
 (b) To drop all the capital letters
 (c) To automatically begin each paragraph with capital letter
 (d) To begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter(√)

 11. Carriage rests on the .........
 (a) Pinion wheel(√)
 (b) Ratchet wheel
 (c) Type basket
 (d) Segment

 12. From which menu you can insert Header &  Footer in Word 2003?
 (a) Insert Menu
 (b) Edit Menu
 (c) Format Menu
 (d) View Menu(√)

 13. Auto correct was originally designed to replace ............... words as you type.
 (a) Misspelled(√)
 (b) Grammatically incorrect
 (c) Numerical Mistake
 (d) None of these

 14. The file type indicates the file is a Word document:
 (a) .TXT
 (b)  .XLT
 (c) .DOC(√)
 (d) .WRD

 15. In the dog block of a typewriter, there are ......... dogs.
 (a) Four
 (b) Three
 (c) Six
 (d) Two(√)
 16. A word processor would most likely be used to:
 (a) Type a biography(√)
 (b) Maintain an Inventory
 (c) Play games
 (d) Keep an account of money spent 

 17. Which of the following is used to create news paper column?
 (a) Format Cells
 (b) Format Columns(√)
(c) Insert Symbol
 (d) Format Tab

 18. .......... helps to format a document automatically.
 (a) Auto correct  
 (b) Auto complete
 (c) Auto sum
 (d) Auto format(√)

 19. Ctrl+Z stands for:
 (a) Increase font size
 (b) Decrease font size
 (c) Undo the last action(√)
 (d) Open a document

20. Minimum Zoom percentage supported by MS Word is:
 (a) 20%
 (b) 15%
 (c) 5%
 (d) 10%(√)

 21. The task of changing appearance of a document is:
 (a) Formatting(√)
 (b) Editing
 (c) Proofing
 (d) Numbering

 22. If you wish to print in wide format, Which page orientation you will select?
 (a) Horizontal
 (b) Portrait
 (c) Landscape(√)
 (d) Vertical

 23. Which input device is not suitable to work with MS Word?
 (a) Keyboard
 (b) Mouse
 (c) Light Pen
 (d) Joystick(√)

 24. What do you mean by vertical separation between columns?
 (a) Gutter
 (b) Orientation 
 (c) Margin(√)
 (d) Index

 25....... are areas in the top and bottom margins of each page in a document.
 (a) Footnote & Endnote
 (b) Header &Footer(√)
 (c) Spacing &Numbering
 (d) None of these

 26. Keys are arranged in rows in a Typewriter.
 (a) Five
 (b) Two
 (c) Three
 (d) Four(√)
 27. To change selected text to all capital letters, click change case button and then click
 (a) Large size
 (b) Caps lock
 (c) Uppercase(√)
 (d) Lowercase

 28. Ctrl+A can be used to select ;
 (a) A paragraph
 (b) A sentence
 (c) A word
 (d) Entire document(√)

 29. Which is called the permanent memory built into a computer?
 (a) RAM
 (b) ROM(√)
 (c) CPU
 (d) None of these

 30. The computer abbreviation KB usually stands for:
 (a) Key Bite
 (b) Key Binary
 (c) Key Block
 (d) Kilo Byte (√)


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