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Kerala PSC Assistant Dental Surgeon solved paper

Kerala PSC  Assistant Dental Surgeon solved paper 
(76) Surgical emphysema may be caused by
A) Use of high speed air turbine handpieces with the exhaust facing the surgical side
B) Increased intraoral pressure
C) Use of hydrogen peroxide in the surgical wound
D) All the above options
Answer: D

(77) Which is the most efficient fixation technique in fracture mandible central crossing the midline region ?
A) Mono cortical compression plating
B) Bi cortical compression plating
C) Lag screw
D) Use of 3 D plates
Answer: B

(78) Which of the following is NOT a function of Zygoma ?
A) Protection of globe and associated structures
B) Origination of masseter muscle
C) Transmission of part of the masticatory forces to the cranial base
D) Insertion of the temporalis muscle
Answer: D

(79) Port wine stain is
A) Capillary hemangioma
B) Capillary malformation
C) Congenital dermal vascular ectasia
D) Option 2 and 3
Answer: D

(80) Lincoln s highway is associated with
A) Head and neck infections
B) Spread of oral malignancy
C) Options 1 and 2
D) None of the above.
Answer: A

(81) mercury intoxication in dental office mainly results from
A) old amalgam scraps
B) ingestion of mercury
C) inhalation of mercury vapours
D) direct contact with mercury
Answer: C

(82) cold test can be best performed using
A) dichlorodifluoro methane
B) ethylchloride spray
C) carbon dioxide snow
D) ice stick
Answer: C

(83) guttapercha is best sterilized by
A) immersion in 5.25 % sodium hypochlorite
B) immersion in alcohol
C) dry heat
D) glass bead sterilizer
Answer: A

(84) dental cement that adhere chemically to tooth structure is
A) zinc phosphate
B) resin cements
C) calcium hydroxide
D) glass ionomer cements
Answer: D

(85) The proponent of acid etching was
A) dennis smith
B) michael buonocore
C) nakabayashi
D) fusayama
Answer: B

(86) bleaching in vital teeth is done using
A) walking bleach
B) sodium perborate
C) carbamyl peroxide
D) sodium hypochlorite
Answer: C

(87) affected dentin is
A) contaminated with bacteria
B) not invaded by bacteria
C) to be removed before restoration
D) known as secondary dentin
Answer: B

(88) dental composites can be light cured by
C) plasma arc
D) all of the above
Answer: D

(89) apex locators are used to
A) locate calcified canals
B) determine working length
C) to test pulp vitality
D) to locate peri apical lesions
Answer: B

(90) infected symptomatic root canals contain great numbers of
A) streptococci
B) actinomyces
C) lactobacilli
D) bacteriodes
Answer: C

(91) 18-8 Stainless steel alloy contains
A) 18% cobalt and 8% nickel
B) 18% nickel and 8% chromium
C) 18% chromium and 8% nickel
D) 18% cobalt and 8% chromium
Answer: C

(92) Glass Ionomer Cement used for luting is
A) Type I
B) Type II
C) Type III
D) None of the above
Answer: A

(93) Superelasticity in certain NiTi alloys is due to phase transition from
A) Ferrite to Austenite
B) Austenite to Martensite
C) Martensite to Austenite
D) Austenite to Ferrite
Answer: B

(94) Orthodontic pliers may corrode due to
A) Steam under Pressure Sterilization
B) Dry Heat Sterilization
C) Chemical Vapour Sterilization
D) None of the above
Answer: A

(95) Titanium brackets are used in patients allergic to
A) Chromium
B) Cobalt
C) Manganese
D) Nickel
Answer: D

(96) In Glass Bead Srerilization, the heat range should not exceed:
A) 150°C
B) 200°C
C) 250°C
D) 300°C
Answer: C

(97) Ideal Sterilization method for instruments that may be prone to corrosion or heat damage is
A) Dry Heat Sterilization
B) Chemical Vapour Sterilization
C) Glass Bead Sterilization
D) Ethylene oxide Sterilization
Answer: D

(98) Seperators used in fixed orthodontic appliances are
A) Passive components
B) Active components
C) Both active and passive component
D) None of the above
Answer: B

(99) During orthodontic treatment, there is proliferation of the interdental papillae.To increase the circulation and to prevent formation of pendulous fibrous areas, it is recommended to use :
A) a hard rubber interdental stimulator
B) a soft rubber interdental stimulator
C) a soft multitufted tooth brush
D) a hard multitufted tooth brush
Answer: B

(100) Elgiloy orthodontic wires are also called as
A) Cobalt Chromium
B) Beta-titanium
C) Nitinol
D) Coaxial archwires
Answer: A


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