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kerala psc assistant dental surgeon exam model questions 2016

Kerala PSC assistant dental surgeon Previous questions part 3 2016
(51) Activator in developer solution is
A) Potassium Bromide
B) Sodium Sulfite
C) Sodium Carbonate
D) Hydroquinone
Answer: C

(52) In an X-ray tube, X-rays originate from
A) Tungsten Filament
B) Tungsten target
C) Focusing cup
D) Copper stem
Answer: B

(53) According to position and distance rule to reduce the occupational radiation exposure, operator should be away from source by a distance of
A) 6 feet
B) 4 feet
C) 5 feet
D) 8 feet
Answer: A

(54) X -ray beam can be restricted in size by using
A) Filter
B) Collimator
C) Intensifying screen
D) Grids
Answer: B

(55) The transformer used to heat the tungsten filament of an X-ray tube is
A) Step -up transformer
B) Auto transformer
C) Transducer
D) Step down transformer
Answer: D

(56) Standard intraoral periapical film size for adults is
A) Size 0
B) Size 1
C) Size 2
D) Size 4
Answer: C

(57) The SI unit of Radiation absorbed dose is
A) Rad
B) Rem
C) Sievert
D) Gray
Answer: D

(58) X -ray filters are most commonly made up of
A) Aluminium
B) Zinc
C) Lead
D) Tungsten
Answer: A

(59) Which of the following is most susceptible to radiation
A) Nerve
B) Blood forming tissue
C) Muscle
D) Brain
Answer: B

(60) Reflecting layer in an intensifying screen is made up of
A) Titanium Dioxide
B) Calcium Tungstate
C) Lithium Bromide
D) Lanthanum Oxybromide
Answer: A

(61) The four principal components of periodontium consists of ?
A) Gingiva, cementum , alveolar bone & oral mucosa
B) Gingiva , cementum , alveolar bone & periodontal ligament
C) Gingiva , cementum , periodontal ligament & connective tissue
D) Gingiva , alveolar bone , cementum & keratinizing mucosa
Answer: B

(62) The tooth surface which least accumulation of plaque is seen in ?
A) Facial
B) Mesial
C) Distal
D) Lingual
Answer: D

(63) 'Periodontal disease results from the elaboration of noxious products by the entire plaque flora' is the basic principle of ?
A) Non specific plaque hypothesis
B) Specific plaque hypothesis
C) Ecological plaque hypothesis
D) Socransky's hypothesis
Answer: A

(64) Organ systems & conditions possibly influenced by periodontal infection are all except
A) Reproductive system
B) Musculo- skeletal system
C) Cardiovascular system
D) Endocrine system
Answer: B

(65) Gingivitis confined to one or more inter dental spaces in a limited area is termed as?
A) Localized marginal gingivitis
B) Localized papillary gingivitis
C) Localized diffuse gingivitis
D) Diffuse gingivitis
Answer: B

(66) The functional unit referred to as dento-gingival unit consists of ?
A) Periodontal ligament fibers & gingival fibers
B) Sharpy's fibers & cementum
C) Junctional epithelium & gingival fibers
D) Cementum & gingival fibers
Answer: C

(67) The ingredient in tartar control tooth paste which has shown toreduce deposition of new calculus on teeth is ?
A) Pyrophosphates
B) Flourides
C) Polyvinyl chlorides
D) Silicones
Answer: A

(68) The interdental aid recommended for the area with no interdental papillae is ?
A) Dental floss
B) Super floss
C) Interproximal brush
D) Single tufted brush
Answer: D

(69) The protective inflammatory & immune process in response to plaque biofilm , resulting in tissue damage of the host is termed as ?
A) Autologous damage
B) Immune complex damage
C) Bystander damage
D) Reciprocal damage
Answer: C

(70) For patients with periodontal disease, the term 'target hygiene'refers to ?
A) teaching a sulcular brushing using vibratory motion
B) attaining an oral hygiene level with no plaque
C) attaining optimal gingival health with no bleeding
D) attaining optimal periodontal health with no disease
Answer: A

(71) Cutting through tissues and separating tissue planes is called
A) Curettage
B) Resection
C) Dissection
D) Secondary repair
Answer: C

(72) Transplantation of tissues or organs between different species is called
A) Xenogenic
B) Alloplastic
C) Autogenous
D) Allogenic
Answer: A

(73) Causes of Oro Antral communication
A) Maxillary Pre prosthetic surgery
B) Mandibular Pre Prosthetic surgery
C) Implant placement in Mandible
D) Option 2 and 3
Answer: A

(74) Stobie s technique is
A) Extraction of Mandibular incisors
B) Zygomatic arch elevation
C) Inferior Alveolar nerve block technique
D) Answer not in options
Answer: A

(75) Which of the following is a common component of dental forceps and elevators ?
A) Handle
B) Hinge
C) Shank
D) Blade
Answer: A


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