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Surveyor grade 2 Solved paper Part 1

Surveyor grade 2 Solved paper Kerala water authority 

1. In order to determine the additional details such as boundaries of fields houses and other properties, path ways are determined, the surveying preferred is :

Cadastral Survey.

2. 9 Km represented by 1.8 cm, what is the scale?


3. The ration of the shrunk length to the true length is known as :

Shrinkage factor.

4. The outlet in which the discharge is affected by the fluctuations in the water level of the distributing channel while the fluctuations in the water level of the field channel do not have any effect on its discharge is called:

Semi module outlet.

5. The raised portion on the canal side of the service road for the safety of the vehicles running on it is known as :


6. The points selected on the main survey line where it is necessary to run auxiliary lines locate the interior details when they are distant from the main lines:

Subsidiary stations.

7. 1 furlong = …………..yard.

220 yard.

8. The offsets are called short when they are less than:


9. The horizon mirror and index mirrors in an optical square placed at an angle of:

45 to each other

10. Which type needle is used in the prismatic compass?

Broad form type

12. Find the value of the declination if the magnetic bearing of the sun at noon is 184o :

4o E

13. The method used for establishing instrument station only is:


14. The intersection method is commonly employed for locating points where:

The distant and inaccessible points.

15. If a wooded are obstruct the chain line then it is crossed by the:

Random line.

16. If the temperature is increased the sensitivity will be:


17. The correction of curvature is always:


18. Contour lines cross ridge lines are at:


19. The operation of leveling to determining the elevation of points some distance apart or to establish bench marks is called:

Differential leveling

20. The difference between the volume calculated by the Trapezoidal formula and that computed by the Prismoidal formula is called:

Prismoidal correction

21. The process of grinding clay with water and making it plastic is known as :


22. The lime which is composed of about 95% of calcium oxide is:

Fat lime

23. The compressive strength of perforated brick should not be less than:


24. The finer the material bulking of the sand will be:


25. The specific surface area of a Portland cement shall not be less than:

2250 cm2/g

26. The compressive strength of cement at the end of 7 days should not be less than:

115 Kg/cm2

27. The normal consistency of Portland Cement is about:


28. The thin layer of sap between sapwood and inner bark is known as :

Cambium layer

29. The defect is formed due to improper sawing of timber is:

Diagonal grain

30. The nominal mix correspond to M25 grade is:


31. Which obtained by cutting a triangular portion of the brick such that half a header and half a stretcher on the adjoining cut faces is:

King closer

32. The arrangement of brick is similar to English bond is:

Dutch bond

33. The dam consists of a number of a piers dividing the space to be dammed into a number of spans is called:

Buttress dam.

34. The lower half portion of the arch between the crown and skewback is :


35. The inclined member of a stair which supports the end of steps is known as :


36. The vertical member which is employed to subdivide a window or door opening vertically is called:


37. The edge of a gable running between the eaves and ridge is known as :


38. The upper end of the queen posts are kept in position by means of a horizontal member known as :

Straining beam

39. The method of dimensioning where a number of dimension of the same direction have a common datum feature is:

Parallel dimensioning

40. For DPC at pinch level the commonly adopted material is :

Cement concrete

41. The process of turning the telescope over its supporting axis through 180o in vertical plane is known as : (a)Plunging (b) Reversing (c) Transiting (d) Any of the above.

Ans: Any of the above

42. The horizontal axis is also called:

Transverse axis.

43. The line passing through the centres of curvature of the faces of lens is known as :

Principle axis

44. ________ angles are also called azimuths from back lines.

Direct Angle

45. To run a straight line between two points which are neither intervisible nor visible from any intermediate point is termed as:

Random line

46. A graph showing variations of a discharge with time at a particular point of a stream is known as :


47. Algebraic sum of deflection angles should be equal to:


48. In traversing the direction of magnetic meridian is established at each traverse stations independently the method is known as :

Free needle method

49. The distance measured parallel to the lines perpendicular to the meridian is called:


50. The coordinate of any point with respect to a common origin are known as _____ of the points.

Independent coordinates


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