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RCC staff nurse exam model questions 2014

RCC staff nurse exam model questions 2014

1. Menstruation is inhibited by
Ans: progesterone

2. Epinephrine is secreted by
Ans: adrenal medulla

3. Shick test is done in
Ans: Diphtheria

4. Ascites due to liver cirrhosis is managed with the diuretic drug
Ans: Spironolactone

5. A drug used to reduce blood ammonia level to prevent hepatic encephalopathy
Ans: Lactulose

6. The most reliable physical assessment indicator of low oxygen in the blood
Ans: cyanosis of the oral mucosa or conjunctiva

7. Trendelenburg positon is not used in
Ans: Dyspnea

8. The anti tuberculosis drug that can damage the eighth cranial nerve
Ans: streptomycin

9. An antiplatlet drug given to patient with myocardial infraction
Ans: Aspirin

10. Insertion of a catheter into the renal pelvis by a percutaneous puncture is
Ans: nephrostomy

11. Tab.Digoxin should not be given when patient has
Ans: Bradycardia

12. A disease that can arise form normal bacterial flora, especially after prolonged antibiotic therapy
Ans: candidiasis

13. Blood transfusion reaction is
Ans: cytotoxic hypersensitivity

14. Blood flow in the upper extremity is assessed by;
Ans: Allen’s Test

15. Physical regulation of the body temperature by the loss of heat is
Ans: Thermolysis

16. The most common deficiency seen in alcoholics
Ans: Thiamine

17. A safe method of open the airway of an unconscious patient with suspected spinal cord injury
Ans: Jaw thrust method

18. ICN adopted the code of ethics in the year
Ans: 1973

19. Drugs used to decrease gastric motility are
Ans: anticholinergics

20. Koplik’s spots are seen in
Ans: rubeola

21. Kala azar is transmitted by
Ans: sand fly

22. An artificial method of giving fluid and nutrients through a tube passed the stomach through an opening in the abdominal wall is
Ans: gatrostomy feeding

23. A Foleys catheter operates by the principle of
Ans: osmosis

24. Temperature of water used for Sitz bath is
Ans: 110-115F

25. A suitable position of the patient for giving glycerin enema is
Ans: left lateral

26. Sewage purification takes place by the action of
Ans: anaerobic and aerobic organisms

27. The quantity of bleaching powder required to disinfect a well is
Ans: 5gm for 1000litres of water

28. When a patient develops decreased response to a drug requiring increased dosage to achieve the therapeutic effect is
Ans: Tolerance

29. Metabolic acidosis is corrected by giving
Ans: sodium bicarbonate

30. Screening and case finding methods to halt the progression of disease is focused under
Ans: Secondary prevention

31. The speech centre in the brain is
Ans: broca’s area

32. A peripheral vasodilator drug used to treat peripheral vascular occlusive disease
Ans: trental

33. An antidote used against organo phosphorous poisoning is
Ans: atropine

34. Inflammation of the veins and formation of a clot is
Ans: thrombophlebitis

35. Fertilization takes place in the ________ part of fallopian tube
Ans: ampula

36. Failure of menstrual blood to come out from genital tract is
Ans: Cryptomerrhoea

37. Timing of insertion of intrauterine device is
Ans: within 10 days of the beginning of menstruation

38. The nurse’s priority when caring for a 10 month old infant with meningitis is
Ans: maintaining adequate airway

39. The hormone responsible for the development of the ovum during the menstrual cycle
Ans: Follicle stimulating hormone(FSH)

40. The best TB control strategy under RNTCP is

41. After gastrectomy, the patient has to continue a drug life long is
Ans:Vit B12

42. Commonest causative organism of gas gangrene
Ans: clostridium

43. Hallmark finding in the ECG of acute MI include
Ans: Elevating of ST segment in the leads overlying the area of infant

44. The cardiac anomaly that produces a left to right shunt
Ans: ASD

45. The principal factor that causes vaginal PH to be acidic is
Ans: the action of the doderlein bacillus

46. Baby friendly hospital initiative is aimed at promoting
Ans: breast feeding

47. One of the best indicators of a nation’s health is
Ans: infant mortality rate

48. An exaggerated pathological fear of specific type of stimuli or situation
Ans: phobia

49. One of the major drug therapies for bipolar disorder is
Ans: lithium carbonate

50. Typical sign of trachea esophageal fistula is

Ans: continuous drooling of saliva


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