Monday, November 4, 2013

Kerala psc LD clerk frequently asked questions

Kerala psc LD clerk frequently asked questions and answers

1. First Chief Minister of Kerala?
(A)Achutha Menon
(B)R. Sankar
(C) E.M. Sankaran Namboothiripad
(D)C.H. Muhammad Koya

2. Who was the first opposition leader of Kerala legislative assembly?
(A)P.T. Chacko
(B)K.M. George
(C) K. Karunakaran
(D) A.K. Gopalan

3. The district in Kerala through which maximum number of the rivers flow?
(A) Kasargode
(B) Alappuzha
(D) Kottayam

4. Who is known as Kerala Gandhi?
(A)Sree Narayana Guru
(C)Ghan Abdul Ghafarghan
(D)K. Kelappan

5. Which District in Kerala has the largest number of Grama Panchayat?

6. Which is the largest river in Kerala?

7. ISOBARS connect points of equal :

8. The District which has no forests in Kerala is :

9. The head quarters of Wayanad district is :
(D)Boys town

10. _______ city is called " Venice of East "

11. Malabar Cements Factory is in :

12. Which are the nations signed in the �Panchaseel�?
(A)India and Bangladesh
(B)India and Pakistan
(C)India and China
(D)India and Bhutan

13. The first summit of ‘NAM’?
(A) Belgrade

14. The study about cancer is?
(C) Jerantology

15. World Human Right Day?
(A)December 10
(B)January 10
(C)November 10
(D) October 10

16. The first Indian woman athlete to win gold medal in Asiad?
(A)P.T. Usha
(B)Kamalijith Sandu
(C) M.D. Valsamma
(D)None of these

17.  Father of Political Science?
(A)Karl Marx
(B) Adam Smith

18.  First woman chief election commissioner of India?
(A)V.S. Ramadevi
(B)Sujeta Kripalani
(C)Vijayalakshmi Pandit
(D)Fathima Beevi

19. The first five year plan was started in?
(A) 1954

20. Communist manifesto written by?
(C)Adam Smith
(D)Karl Marx


1. (C) E.M. Sankaran Namboothiripad
2. (A)P.T. Chacko
3. (A) Kasargode
4. (D)K. Kelappan
5. (B)Malappuram
6. (A)Periyar
7. (C)Pressure
8. (C)Alappuzha
9. (A)Kalpetta
10. (A)Alappuzha
11. (C)Walayar
12. (C)India and China
13. (A) Belgrade
14. (A)Oncology
15. (A)December 10
16. (B)Kamalijith Sandu
17. (C)Aristotle
18. (A)V.S. Ramadevi
19. (C)1951

20. (D)Karl Marx


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